Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Regularly Scheduled "Never Hold Republicans Accountable" Train Is Leaving The Station

From The Washington Post:

Let history, not partisans, prosecute
A Trump truth tribunal is not the answer. Preserving presidential records is.

‘The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission,” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tweeted this month, about anti-maskers in the Trump administration. Days later, NPR ran a story about the possibility of a post-Trump truth and reconciliation commission. This is a terrible idea...

Because aren't Both Sides -- all sides -- really to blame here?

In the end, the strongest argument against either criminal trials or a truth tribunal, should Biden win, is that it would let the Democratic Party and every other institution that is not the Republican Party off the hook for driving the nation into a flaming cauldron. The left is keen to blame the right. But what the nation needs, pretty urgently, is self-reflection, not only from Republicans but also from establishment Democrats and progressives and liberals and journalists and educators and activists and social media companies and, honestly, everyone.

And The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof jumps right on board:
There are days when it sure seems like everyone in the mainstream media ,must have been passed-out-drunk during the entire Dubya Administration and the entire Obama Administration.  But I know Kristof was at least marginally aware of the Age of Dubya because 15 years ago he was writing about all the wholesale changes the press would have to undertake if they wanted to win back the trust of the public:

...the one thing Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the news media are not trustworthy...

 In short, the climate for freedom of the press in the U.S. feels more ominous than it has for decades. One appropriate response is to protest vociferously and seek the passage of a federal shield law for journalists. But it's also crucial for us to reflect on why this is happening now -- and a major reason, I think, is that we in the news media are widely perceived as arrogant, out of touch and untrustworthy.

And if bold steps were not taken immediately, some day soon...

Unless we can recover the public trust, our protests about reporters' going to jail will come across as self-serving whining. And we'll wake up one day to find ourselves on the wrong side of history.

Well congratulations Nick!  You have now officially arrived on the wrong side of history.

No Half Measures


Robt said...

Got to say,
The Honorable Sen Sasse who is touted as being one of the most educated GOP senators from the TV shows.

His Evangelical Catholic Confession he planned and produced like the Rush Limbaugh radio show but on the Phone.

Just picking one of his "criticisms he uncorked.

" Trump spends like a Drunken sailor". No, The senator has no idea about sailor's lives but he did learn the old "adage". Very smart.
* What Sen. Sasse omits over the Trump spending. That Sen. Sasse and each and every republican voted to give him that money to splurge like that drunken sailor.

Sasse went on to say, That he criticizes Trump for his insane spending and he was just as critical of President Obama for his wild liberal spending. So he is fair to (ready for it) Both sides.

As Sasse happens to be a senator of the state I reside. Sasse also omits another small personal fctor between his nauthy spending criticisms of both Trump and Obama.

Sasse made little innuendo snotty remarks but voted for every dime for Trump to spend.

Oppose to

His voting against every single spending and every single everything. Clear obstruction vote casting during Obama's years'.
So he voted for everything with Trump and voted to obstruct everything with Obama. Yet he tells us he was exactly the same in his position of spending and criticism of Trump and Obama. Oh, Sasse in his obstruction votes made sure here in his home state, the volume of Obama being a failure and the economy being sluggish a was loud and clear.
As Sasse Stood with the McConnell goal of making Obama fail.

Thaks for letting me get this off my aching typing finger tips.

Lit3Bolt said...

Fire Sale on Mob Wheelchairs and Walkers coming soon in 2021. We'll see haggard Bill Barr on an oxygen tank and a scooter, a straightjacketed and mask wearing Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's palsied and trembling hands, and Mike Pompeo's loving wife wiping the spittle and drool coming down his chin in the courtroom.

Because The System and Club will All Fall Down if even one nakedly corrupt Republican is held accountable for massacring their own citizens, rigging elections with Federalist Society lawyers and judges, stealing campaign funds for private use, insider trading during a plague, and openly inviting foreign interference in their own sovereign elections. White male hearts everywhere would flutter and spasm in arrhythmiatic fear if Trump or any of his Administration was hauled before a tribunal of judges at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

And so the media lies of Austerity Is Good and Both Sides Do It and Democrats Are Partisan, Republicans Are Reasonable and Dems Should Play Softball, But Repubs Should Play Hardball are already being trotted out and prepped for the incoming Biden Admin. They've seen the internal polling, and it is Not Good for the Fun Daddies that the media has enabled for the past five years. Mommy's coming home, and she's going to make us go to school and eat our vegetables and actually try to govern the country. That's not Fun at all, while Daddy gives us Cool and Easy Copy to CTRL Paste into columns everyday and lets us stay up late and read Tweets and Facebook.

Because the media doesn't want us to see the coffins, the lies, the blackmail, the grifting, the voter suppression, the disinformation, the utter indifference.

Instead, in a perverse reversal of #MeToo, when they see powerful white men held accountable, they don't think about any of that.

They just think: "That could be me."

"That could be me."

crweaver said...

...the one thing Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the news media are not trustworthy...

Because those who claim that the media is too deferential to power are exactly the same as those who claim that the media is controlled by Jews and Lizard People.

dave said...

ok never's an alternate strategy...let history AND the courts AND reconciliation conferences judge them. the object is simply this...prevention.

there are lot of trump-esque types out there ready to exploit the new world of hate, fear and greed. here is the surety...if we don't, they will. if we don't make trumpism toxic is will come back in about 10 minutes after trump leaves the stage. and another thought...the never trumpers don't want an end to hate and fear for greed..they just want to make it polite, quiet, genteel.

that's the way evolution works...the effective strategy persists...

so no, this doesn't sully the office of the re-dignifies it.

Unknown said...

They must prosecute everyone to the fullest extent of the law or were all going to die
they let Nixon get away with red baiting underneath Eisenhower with his friend Mr McCarthy Nixon went on to become one of the worst presidents ever they let the rat f****** under Nixon doing Watergate and a bunch of other things off the hook and Nixon off the hook and guess what Roger Stone still giving it to us four decades later

those same people created the Iran contrast scandal and then got us all that great yellow cake Intel that led to us invading Iraq those same people are involved with the Trump campaign

anyone who cannot see this pattern is just not paying attention The Republican party is a criminal enterprise and if you do not prosecute all of them they will commit crimes again

Robt said...

The lady in the facebook post photo above.

Is this the front side of the white haired lady at the John McCain Rally from 2008?

The one asking about the Arab? Finally, a front view.

Jado said...

A Truth and Reconciliation commission can never be permitted to come out, because the coverups and incompetence of the media would be on display for everyone to see. I would expect the following questions lobbed at DC reporters if a commission was active - "The Administration was covering this up the entire time, and you did nothing? You never reported it? Or did you honestly not know about it? Are you that terrible at YOUR JOB that you didn't know this was happening?"

Yeah, the choice between being incompetent and being corrupt cannot ever be foisted on the DC Media, or the whole house of delusional Objectivism might come crashing down.

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