Friday, September 18, 2020

The New, New, New Fascist Party Line

By and large the American Fascist Party has given up trying to defend their racist madman leader in public.  So instead, while either tacitly or explicitly conceding that Trump may well be a corrupt, lying, brain-fried sexual predator and white supremacist and Russian stooge who is visibly disintegrating before your eyes, they are now trying to...well...the Alert Reader will notice the theme.

From Nikki Haley, as she slips into the blocks to prepare to run in 2024:

From the odious Danielle Pletka in the Washington Post, who an innocent member of the general public may only know by her bio in the Washington Post as "a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute" (so respectable!) or as the creepy, robot-sounding lady in absurd glasses who for some reason has a reserved seat on Meet the Press, but the rest of us know as a former staffer to one of the most racist monsters in modern Senate history, the late Jesse Helms, and a former backer of Iraq War grifter Ahmed Chalabi and a huge fan of invading Iran and the co-host of a podcast with torture enthusiast Marc Thiessen.  Here is her (by now well-dragged) hot take on the 2020 race:

I can’t stand Trump. But Democrats may force me to vote for him.

...I fear that former vice president Joe Biden would be a figurehead president, incapable of focus or leadership, who would run a teleprompter presidency with the words drafted by his party’s hard-left ideologues. I fear that a Congress with Democrats controlling both houses — almost certainly ensured by a Biden victory in November — would begin an assault on the institutions of government that preserve the nation’s small “d” democracy. That could include the abolition of the filibuster, creating an executive-legislative monolith of unlimited political power; an increase in the number of Supreme Court seats to ensure a liberal supermajority; passage of devastating economic measures such as the Green New Deal; nationalized health care; the dismantling of U.S. borders and the introduction of socialist-inspired measures that will wreck an economy still recovering from the pandemic shutdown.

And here is The National Review delivering all the fear words -- Mexicans!  Deficits!  Late-Term Abortion!  Guns!  Karl Marx! -- that will reliably make wingnuts shit their britches. (no link because fuck 'em):

The Consequences of Biden

Whether he wants it or not, his election will move the country quite far to the left.

...Assuming Democrats keep control of the House — Republicans would need to pick up 20 seats, a tall order — and the Democrats control the Senate, a lot of sweeping, left-leaning legislation would be headed to the president’s desk. The Green New Deal. Taxpayer funding for late-term abortions. A shift away from school choice and charter schools. Certainly, an end to fracking on public lands, and perhaps a more sweeping set of restrictions, if not an outright nationwide ban...

...Biden told Beto O’Rourke during his endorsement ceremony, “You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort” — which certainly suggests Biden has no serious qualms about gun confiscation...

It is likely that migrants in Mexico and Central America would perceive Biden’s moves as a de facto amnesty policy...

If Biden is elected, you will see a serious push for statehood for Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia...

Finally, as the Trump administration has largely ignored the deficit and the debt for the past four years, Democrats have concluded that they won’t need to worry about them, either. But America is running out of “later” when it comes to entitlement programs...

Joe Biden may not be on the left wing of his party, but Biden’s election would strengthen and galvanize the left wing of his party and give them some control over some levers of real power in the federal government...The former vice president is ideologically, temperamentally, and politically not inclined to be a bulwark against his party’s left wing and those who openly embrace an overhaul of American life more in line with the socialism envisioned by Karl Marx.

Since running against the actual Joe Biden is pretty obviously a doomed strategy, the brain wizards of the American Fascist Party are mounting a last-ditch campaign against Imaginary Joe Biden who would will be a mere sockpuppet for the secret cabal of Soros-funded Bolsheviks just waiting to sweep to power and [checks notes] make sure all American's have access to decent health care and that something is done about gun violence, immigration and climate change.

As the song says, don't threaten me with a good time.

No Half Measures


bt1138 said...

It is telling that the latest thing is that's it's time to attack that dark-skinned woman that Biden brought in through the back door.

I'm surprised it took them this long to shoot at her - Probably they've decided that Biden is tougher than they thought he would be, although that's been obvious for a while.

So it's back to the well for another drink, and let's get back to bashing the Girls and the Negroes, one more time, once more, again, it worked last time didn't it?

Dark Phoenix (Nixa) said...

And ignoring that only one party has attempted the puppet President with the shadowy puppermasters... And it's not the Dems...

Unknown said...

"...Biden told Beto O’Rourke during his endorsement ceremony, “You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort” — which certainly suggests Biden has no serious qualms about gun confiscation..."

Don't tease me, dude. Gun confiscation pron is BEST pron...

Neo Tuxedo said...

the co-host of a podcast with torture enthusiast and obvious coprophage Marc Thiessen.

Fixed that for you. (Seriously, have you seen the pic he voluntarily allows to accompany his columns? Based solely on that, it's a toss-up whether he spews shit for a living and eats it as a hobby, or the other way around in reverse.)

Neo Tuxedo said...

Probably they've decided that Biden is tougher than they thought he would be, although that's been obvious for a while.

I'm not the only one who thinks it's more that they've not filed all the serial numbers off the stuff they had ready to go against Bernie, so the seams are showing so obviously that only the Infinitely Reprogrammable Meatsacks can miss them, and even they have to put some serious effort into it.

Robt said...

Biden if elected will move the country so far to the left that Fidel Castro and Mike Moore would not recognize it and become right wingers??

Biden will stop the GOP Russian Plutonium poisoning of our nation somewhat. But going liberal Like Thomas Jefferson is not my view of him. Moderate democrat who perhaps leans a bit on the right of things. Well Biden is a old moderate republican sort of guy with a few lib tendencies.
About four feet short of being a RINO.
Don't take this wrong. He will restore some norms and we will be left to accept the GOP exploitation of morals, ethics and law.
The further right the right wing goes, the more the Left wing seems to move in accordance with but only to stay to the left by the same margin.

From what I can tell. American is being ran like Putin does Russia but it is the American right wing Oligarchs that own the GOP who does the dirty.

Casbott said...

If only this propaganda was played to the Bernie or Bust crowd and the third party Greens.

Off topic but I occasionally try to talk sense into the "Dems are just as bad" crowd (a exercise in holding my temper) and I've noticed the one thing trust consistently did have some success was in mentioning the Supreme Court and the GOP being able to stack it. Several Bernie or Bust types did acknowledge that was theoretical a good reason to vote Dem.

Now with RBG's passing they may finally wake up and smell realpolitik.
IMHO This would be a good tactic to get the hard left to be Pragmatic for once.

Opinions? Comments?

Robt said...

Regards to SCOTUS and the R and the D difference.

It is tiresome hearing McConnell is the sole evil one. Every GOP Senator voted Mitch as leader. Each and everyone towed a 14 month long lock step line not only to block Obama's SCOTUS nominee but refuse to five the respect to Obama and a distinguished federal Court judge (Garland) the dignity to sit down and interview him. While their funded GOP groups could not find anything to demean Garland they still made innuendos of immorality fears of him.
He was unfit for the SCOTUS out of the GOP mouths but they would not remove him from the Court of which he sat?
That a bare majority of senators are to soley select a SCOTUS for life, That a bare minority of senators would have nothing to weigh in on legitimately by fiat.
If a SCOTUS had to have a percentage of the entire senate from both sidees of the asle to confirm. We may go without the seat filled for a while or they woul be forced to select judges of more legality minded than political partisan sided judges.
Recall the loud and obnoxious right wing over "judicial activist judges" and every one of them were considered moderate or liberal in their rulings of the law?
For them, not one GOP leaning judge could be partisan of judicial atavistic.
The partisan rhetoric propaganda fed to the zombies who feed off it as if it was human flesh to nourish their existence.
( RBG passing is sad. It means many things to so many. She was in the minority and had limited success with the likes of Alito or Thomas who just vote with the GOP platform at the moment.
But RBG's many close friends have come out saying, "it was her notion that Hillary as the first woman president could nominate her replacement and that is why she was hanging on. A political move for sure. She was concerned with an historical moment written for her legacy.
And now, her legacy might be Trump nominating Rudy G or Bill Barr for a lifetime seat with McConnell taking nominations from Putin and the Federalist Society.

All this media hype that McConnell might not have the votes to fill her seat is ridiculous. Trump might want Ivvanka on the court. In case he loses the election.
It will be used again as the Abortion chalice of the Christian Right to vote. GOP.

Never once have they ever opposed legal prostitution in Nevada. The state right to prostitution. Which the casinos require for business. But SCOTUS and Abortion!!!

Do Dems (if the gain control of senate) are bold enough to place additional justices on the courts and allow the scary name calling by the right of "stacking the court".
I think the Donald, McConnell and the GOP are capable of confirming a SCOTUS in a half an hour before they leave for recess.
maybe make great Trump history with confirming to the court during the Lame Duck session.
I mean they all know the SCOTUS scheduled their reviewing of legality of the ACA days after the election. You do not think that was a political action by the court?
Damn, they already heard and ruled on the ACA.

Unknown said...

Yes your right about some Bernie supporters which I am one but the difference between me and them .. we CANNOT allow drumpf 4 more was I disappointed bernie didn't get the nomination sure I was did the DNC do everything they could to stop it ..yes i.e Mike Bloomberg and having Obama telling the last candidates to drop out..but that's how the game is played..I WILL vote for Biden that's a given..but I'm thinking as you put it ..long term what can we look forward to with either DRUMPF or Biden...I like this countries chances a hell of a lot more with Biden cause drumpf is nothing but chaos and mayhem on a daily basis and we can't take more of that...

Hallbowski23 said...

They know their ideology is a dead end and they're on the verge of being obsolete. So now "Democracy is overrated! It's all about the three P's: Power, Privilege and Payouts! Thanks, corporate overlords and Mr. Putin!"

Robt said...

President Hoover, like President GW Bush and now Trump have brought this country to the brink the Wealthy in this country seem to want badly. As if it was handed down through their wealthy family inheritance wills. That Destroying all FDR just like repealing everything Obama.

Butm bribe and corrupt everything , use your wealth to brain wwash sumpathizers with feeding their hate and aiming their blame.
Use the religion to control voters as a group to elect republicans in the name of protecting the unborn when it is only their votes need to take over courts, law and government and replace the wealthy oligarchs above the law and back in control before FDR changed it all.
FDR had 5 terms in office to build and establish. The 8 year limit on presidents will prevent it from ever occurring again.

Realize, there may e GOPers that have { Susan Collin concerns" of pro life. It is not their goal. GOP House idiot Paul Ryan espoused out loud that the GOP's true Bible is the Ayn Rand book collection. Prosperity Gospel, ruled by wealthy tyrants.

If you haven't noticed, The GOP with its recent years of controlling House and Senate and the White House has not raised to the legislative floor for a vote,, Not one Abortion Ban or repeal of Roe V Wade. Not one.
Wealthy business priorities. They did do their failed ACA repeal for the industries. And now torn to their confirmed judgeless to be the loyal activist judges and overturn whet they could not legislate away.

There is no law that could stop a wealthy man from having his mistress abort his seeded child. There will be no inheritance bastard in his family. That is the bare truth,

As Sen. Warren once pointed out. The wealthy Wall Street drug users, as cocaine. never have the laws apply to them as it does to the working class and poor.

My "I Promise Not To Give Your Money To Rupert Murdoch" Fundraiser.

I am given to understand that the Lincoln Lads are trying to raise one million dollars to create content that would "mess wit...