Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Mayor of Shark City

As you know, "sharks" are a hoax invented by Democrats to make me look like a demented sociopath.

Smile, You Son Of A Bitch


bt1138 said...

Love that jacket.

Robt said...


Sharks were not made by democrats To dump on Trump.

Sharks were made by Liberal Hollywood so Democrats could use them to dump on Trump.

There is another theory on this.

Hunter Biden worked secretly in the Birisma lab. When late one night he spilled Guano with Pig poop. Which made COVID-19: : Which Hunter Biden brought back to the USA and stored in the Ping Pong Pizza Basement after HRC moved her pedophile ring to Mar A Lago. HUnter knew right away, Dad would need this to use against Trump. Upi see, It is how all those Islamos made sure Obama was born and raised in America to become president to destroy us.

By the way,
You know how the right alwats says the Liberal media is not talking (repeating) what FOX says?

Why isn't FOX reporting/ telling their viewers that the Covid-19 if contracted by a republican. (And Trump knows this)..
If a right winger contracts the Coronavirus and survives. In all prior cases. Those surviving republicans only recovered to find it turned them gay...!

Looks like the Log Cabin republicans are going to see increases in recruiting. and membership.