Thursday, January 02, 2020

If Chris Cillizza Was a Board Game

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duquesne_pdx said...

Further confirmation that we live in the worst timeline was not necessary.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean "If Chris Cillizza's worldview were translated into a board game." If Chris Cillizza himself were a board game he would be tic-tac-toe at best. Unless there's a simpler, stupider game I can't think of right now.

Anonymous said...

Please be The Onion, please, please, please

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

Where's the Electoral College, to invalidate whoever actually wins the game?

Be seeing you.

Kelly in Texas said...

Alternet (or Daily Kos) is calling out Chuck Todd. So you're not alone.
Chuck Todd now realizes he’s being used for propaganda. What happens next?

Written by Daily Kos January 2, 2020
At the website PressThink, Jay Rosen had a post-Christmas examination of Meet The Press host Chuck Todd’s startling new realization that, golly gee, it turns out that Republicans have been intentionally using his show and others to spread false information. Yes, Todd just realized that now. Yes, he is one of the top political “minds” in Washington, which ought to clarify just how boned we all are, as the nation’s political press continues to somehow degrade into something even worse and more vapid than the chummy gullibles that brought us the Iraq War.

I don’t have much to add to Rosen’s diagnosis, so go read that, but here’s a key point.

So what will they do now? My answer: they have no earthly idea. This is what I mean by an epistemological crisis. Chuck Todd has essentially said that on the right there is an incentive structure that compels Republican office holders to use their time on Meet the Press for the spread of disinformation. So do you keep inviting them on air to do just that? If so, then you break faith with the audience and create a massive problem in real time fact-checking. If not, then you just broke the show in half.

Whether we truly believe that Todd or any of the other hosts on any of the other shows have been previously mystified as to why Kellyanne Conway, Ted Cruz, the phalanx of House Republican Trump defenders, Trump himself, or the rest of the Republican Party moved into overt disinformation and propagandizing, with the networks’ willing help, is irrelevant. We have our suspicions, but it is irrelevant. The pertinent question is what happens to Meet the Press now that its host has confirmed, in his own mind and to the public, that Republican guests have been intentionally lying to the American public, relying on network and journalistic conventions to broadcast those lies with little or no pushback.

As Todd himself realizes (just now, allegedly), his show’s current format rewards lying over honest behavior. So what now?

There are a few possibilities, and all of them would require an integrity among the Sunday shows that I don’t think any of the Sunday shows have, or want. First, pervasive liars such as Conway and the vaporous White House press secretary do not need to be on the airwaves at all: There is no information they can convey to guests that cannot be accessed elsewhere and more accurately, and both have a proven record of repeatedly using media as disinformation outlets.

That's as much as I can put in here so you'll have to read the rest at the above link.

Robt said...

Enough of this Dr. Evil and his MAGA Juniors.

Time to send in Austin Powers.

Anonymous said...


"[...] we discussed the theme of the work: the dissolution of distinction between sides. We discussed the political connotations of this statement and amended the goal—rather than attempting to capture the opponent’s king, we would move our pieces to find the most agreeable arrangement"

Politics as aesthetics

steeve said...

Except I don't think Cillizza types have yet publicly admitted that trump is king of the republican party.

Jason said...

Waaaiiiittt a minute. Are these the same guys that made that civil war chess set that was advertised endlessly on the cable teevee way back in the 80's? Are the chess pieces made of fine pewter? Is this the Franklin Mint? That certificate of authenticity is going to come in handy when someone asks what it is. "Why it's a bonafide chess set my good man!", I'll say. I'm gonna buy me one as a keepsake and hand it down as a cherished heirloom for generations to come because there's nothing that warms the cockles of my heart more than to have a likeness of Mitch McConnell in my home.

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