Monday, December 09, 2019

Never Trust a Never Trumper -- The Saga Continues

"You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye." 
-- Hunter S. Thompson

What do I always say, kids?

That you can never trust a Never Trumper.

And why do I say it?

Because there is no such thing as a "former" hard-core Republican.

As I have written before, a causal, occasional Republican voter?  Sure.  They can kick the habit.  Over the course of many years I've voted for Republicans once or twice on down-ticket races or in board elections where I knew the person and they were extraordinarily well-qualified.  Hell, in my misspent youth I also voted for John Anderson, because Reagan was clearly dangerous, but Carter wasn't pure enough for my noble and rarefied political tastes.

But this it not so for the hard-core Republican.  Because until they join Ronald Reagan in Republican Heaven, they will always be junkies who, given the slightest opportunity to rationalize themselves into just one more little taste, will backslide right back into their bad habits every fucking time.

Which brings us to Jennifer Rubin today, who today decide it was time to take a few gratuitous potshots at Elizabeth Warren for earning a middle-class living over the course of the past 20 years:

This was J-Rub deciding that instead of doing actual work today, it would be more fun to glom onto her fellow WaPo employee's click-bait trash (for which he was ratio'd from here to Jupiter) --

-- and ride that along for awhile.

Nice work if you can get it. 

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Robt said...

Rubin is likened to the Maria Butina infiltration of one of the republican patriotic stronghold )socialistic) groups. Socialized I said. The NRA is a socialist organization that is granted a TAX exemption from the Government to take other people's money and use it for their own political agenda to force laws on other people.

Rubin is a phone call and a large salary contract away from replacing pam Bondi.

I will take her appropriate criticisms of the right wing as it applies. Just that there are plenty of very deserving and well versed actual folks on the left.

----To speak for the left............... If it helps the "independents". to get a grip on their voting mistakes or realizing that they got their tax breaks even though we had to borrow and send the country into deeper debt. They are all supposed to despise.
How their grand children will have to repay their tax breaks.

If it helps the independents lean toward voting in opposition of the rest of the serious harm Their Trump mistake is and continues to damage.

Then Tolerance is a virtue.

Unknown said...

"Because there is no such thing as a "former" hard-core Republican."

Looking at you, Stuart Stevens (see DG's prev post). As soon as someone like...say, Mitt Romney, throws his flaccid hat into the ring, you'll be back on the dark-money-treadmill gravy train doing everything you can to defeat ANY Democrat in favor of your polite, acceptable-to-the-"right"-people white-sheet Republicans.

Counting down....3...2...1...

Anonymous said...

This story goes to show just how far down the anti-competence rabbithole they have all gone. Dr. Warren, a leading expert on bankruptcy law, being invited to financial houses to talk about banckruptcy law, is automatically assumed to be a Snidely Whiplash conspiracy where Dr. Warren will show these middle managers and department heads the two simple tricks to cheat bankruptcy law.

That is not how it works.

These people and businesses are directly affected by bankruptcy, finance, risk and regulation. Dr. Warren is the leading expert on this. By all means, don't pay her money to talk about how what she knows affects you.

When I was on the state employees pension board, we talked to economists and financiers and lawyers; and since I was labor's rep, we also talked about outsourcing, supplychains, social and environmental justice regarding our investment portfolio. We, for example, would not invest in funds that made landmines, plutonium or used child labor. Because we were managing a pension fund worth a billion dollars, we needed to understand what we were doing, and how to best manage the fund as well as be citizens of the world. Crazy to talk with people who know how to do this stuff.

And that is not all. I have spoken about workers' rights on the job and labor law in boardrooms and HR conferences - not because I was showing them the workaround, but outlining and explaining how changes in labor law will affect them, and what they will need to do to comply to the new regs. Granted, I did not get paid 70 grand a year for 20 years for this, but I wasn't a nationally recognized authority, either.

Yrs, in solidarity,
From the Arctic socialist hellscape of brown cheese and waffles.