Monday, September 23, 2019

Where's Impeachable Waldo?

He's right there.

Can't possibly miss him.

Blind man could spot him on a moonless night.  

He's.  Right.  There.

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Neo Tuxedo said...

"STRONG BAD: Um, no, he's behind the box. {turns around and points to The Cheat} No, uh, he's not even behind the box, he's barely obscured by the box. {turns around and looks downwards; his hands becomes fists and he looks back up} Look, The Cheat is behind the freaking box!!

{Kids stop talking and the music soundtrack screeches to a halt accompanied by a record scratch. The Cheat jumps slightly. Strong Bad breathes heavily, then suddenly jumps to a position much closer to the viewer, and starts waving his arms}

STRONG BAD: {screaming} HE'S BEHIND THE BOX! {slides down, then gets even closer} I'LL KILL YA!! I'LL KILL ALL YOUR DOGS!!"

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