Tuesday, August 13, 2019

And The Plague Goes Merrily On

Here is a typical letter to the editor in my local paper from a typical local Republican crackpot braying that the real villains tearing the country apart are, of course, the Evil Democrats:
Toning down rhetoric

Regarding the article titled “Trump Words linked to More Hate Crimes.” Notice the headline of the article. Why didn’t we see “Obama linked to More Hate Crimes” when he caused riots by his ethnic and racial bias?

Why don’t we see “Democrats linked to More Hate Crimes” when their rhetoric of white supremacy, homophobia, Nazi, Islamophobia, etc. is unending.

Could it be that the media, both print and television, are so biased that everything progressive/socialist is “good” and everything that represents conservative values is “evil?”

The media which is primarily progressives and the elected Democrats rhetoric is incendiary and continues to stir up- hate and division. Ever since Trump was elected in 2016, it has been unending hate and allegations of wrongdoing or accusations of hateful rhetoric.

In reality, their rhetoric is the cause of Trump’s words responding to their hate. Unlike other meek Republicans, when the media and Democrats spew their hate, Trump responds. When the media keeps saying Trump needs to “tone down” his rhetoric, I suggest they “tone down” their rhetoric!

And here is America's Most Infamous Cyborg Sent From The Future To Destroy America, Hugh Hewitt, in the Washington Post braying that the real villains tearing the country apart are, of course the Evil Democrats.  As is the custom of the Beltway media, such obviously deranged claptrap is mist be served with a small side of Beltway Both Siderism to help it all go down, down, down a little smoother with the national audience (emphasis added):

The party of Robert F. Kennedy is gone

The aftermath of the El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, mass murders, both rooted in the malaise and bigotry of our online age on both the fringe left and right, did not summon forth a Kennedy. Every single Democrat missed his or her opportunity to step up, as RFK did, and instead stepped in it.

Indeed, almost all of the Democrats chose in this week following a weekend of horrors to pivot their main message of the campaign trail from “Trump and Russia” to “Trump and racism.” At least five of the Democratic candidates went so far as to brand President Donald Trump as a white supremacist.

This is repulsive rhetoric — the sort of speech intended to marginalize and exile. It is “basket of deplorable” on steroids, and it says to every Trump supporter: “You, too, are a white supremacist.”

I do not believe Trump is a racist, much less a white supremacist. I think the rhetoric of the Democratic candidates is incendiary and dangerous, and also politically self-destructive. It is so absurd as to be laughable but for its repetition.

But they do not wish to argue, debate and persuade. They wish to smear and exclude, and they have exploited this shock and fear to do so. They should turn back. They should follow the example of Bobby Kennedy, as should Trump. We could all listen to Kennedy’s plaintive words of 51 years ago to good effect.

And here is the very same Hugh Hewitt a couple of days later being handed yet another national media platform on Meet the Press for no explicable reason Of course, since a condition of employment for hosts of Meet the Press is the removal of their man yams by Comcast/NBC surgeons, Chuck Todd didn't dare ask Hewitt a single fucking question about the grotesque dump he had just take on the WaPo editorial page.  Instead good ol' Chuck just stepped out of the way so that Hewitt could use this national media platform to reassure the Dear Leader of his undying fealty:
HUGH HEWITT:  [Kamala Harris] is one of the big Democrats who did not call Donald Trump a white supremacist. I think that's smart because the vast majority of America does not believe and I do not believe the president is a white supremacist.
As I have been pointing out for decades, the GOP is rotten from the ippy-tippy top right down to grass roots.

There is nothing left of the Party of Lincoln worth saving.

Until the Beltway media starts throwing bags of money at me, I'm gonna go right on busking on this here blog.


Chief D said...

Obama caused riots? Refresh my memory. And I guess I missed all that Democratic white supremacist, homophobic, Nazi-loving, Islamophobic rhetoric.
These people really do live in their own reality.

wibble said...

It's not just that they live in their own little fractured world, though - it's that they are trying mightily to force the rest of us to live in it with them...


Tom Shefchik said...

And of course that sack of poop Hewitt lied. 59 percent of Americans in polls thought Trump’s decisions and behavior have encouraged white supremacist groups. Only 3 to 5 percent of Americans in those polls said that Trump has discouraged them.

Robt said...

When you have all of those Pigs wearing lipstick in that pen.

Best way to get rid of the daily deification.. Feed it to those that are willing to consume it.

How the economic collapse did not occur until january '09. Even though the Wall Street bail outs was voted on and signed By GW Bush. Time lines were liberal fantasies.
All they had to do was, market Wall Streets TEA Party and everyone is invited to be billionaires like them gala.
It is Obama's fault Farmers are being saturated with republican socialism for products they can no longer sell or grow. They deserve other peoples money to make up for their foreign profit losses.
Tariffs are paid by China.

But, The GOP got kavanaugh and Gorsuch.. Hurrah..!

These 2 Scotus along with the other real true American value republican justices. Are in place to carve the law to ensure real Americans like Jeffery Epstein will never again face liberals embarrassing his family for his business skills of operating a youth sex trafficking pedophile ring for those hard working true Americans sacrificing time from their families to run those businesses. How lonely they get at the top. Epstein saw this sacrifice and wanted to simply thank them for their service with his pedophile sex service so they would not feel so lonely anymore.

Eventually, they will figure out that Jefferson, Washing tom, Paul Revere with his bell ringing and the lot. Did not immigrate legally (through Ellis Island).

They are going to have to deport those decedents and make them come back legally.

They might embrace science and history to conclude Eskimos as a people immigrated to Alaska illegally too.