Wednesday, May 15, 2019

It Is Long Past Time... end the charade that the Right can be reasoned with, or that they will be satisfied with anything short of a Theocratic Nanny State.  From The New York Times:
Lawmakers Vote to Effectively Ban Abortion in Alabama
It is long past time for the Beltway media enablers of the Right's agenda -- the equivocators,  the Both Siderists -- be seen clearly as what they are: Quislings and collaborators in an escalating war between the Fascism and The Enlightenment.  From me, a year ago...

...we are still deep in the shadow of Ptolemaic Flat-Earth Punditry, where suffocating myths about our politics and our media are now held in place by nothing but the brute force of our wealthiest and most powerful institutions.  Dissent from the empty ritual and superstitious drivel of  the High and Holy Church Both Siderism will never be permitted from the pulpits of that church, and so dissidents are forced to take the long view and try as best we can with our naked eye and our crude instruments to record the characteristics of our political cosmos Tycho Brahe-style against the day when the Reality-centric Political Cosmology which those observations support finally up-ends the toxic Both Siderism Cosmology which is killing this country.

Which, as I mentioned, can get to be kind of tedious.

But every now and then a comet streaks across the sky --
The Abortion Memo

David Brooks

FEB. 1, 2018

To: Democratic Party Leaders
From: Imaginary Democratic Consultant
Re: Late-Term Abortions
Dear Democratic Leaders...
-- and suddenly everybody notices that something is drastically wrong with a system that keeps a blithering idiot like Mr. David Brooks employed and respectable as he waddles into the thresher blades over and over and over again, decade after decade.

It won't last long because, without a sufficiently robust and well-funded Liberal media infrastructure to sustain them, no Liberals critiques of the status quo -- no matter how exhaustive or irrefutable -- can prevail against the inexorable, corporate pressure of the High and Holy Church Both Siderism,

But while it lasts it is a sight to see.

Here, Erin Matson takes Mr. Brooks apart point by point (click through to Twitter to read all of it):

Here, Jamil Smith takes Mr. Brooks' ignorant, insulting piffle out behind the barn:
Andy Richter:
Jesse Lehrich:

Finally, it is long past time to not only admit the Left has been right about the Right all along,  but that unless the Left starts investing in the kind of long-term, structural support for its writers and thinkers and talkers that every third-tier wingnut lunatic can depend on, we are going to lose this war.

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dinthebeast said...

Why are right wingers so afraid of women?

The first written mention of abortion is from 1550 BC, and almost no-one besides the Catholics, not even evangelical Christians, gave a rat's ass about it until the right turned it into a campaign "wedge issue" and started lying their asses off about it in order to scare idiots into voting for them.

If the goddamn Republicans don't want a massive backlash from women like the one that kicked their asses last year, maybe trying to turn the country into "The Handmaid's Tale" isn't the best way to avoid one.

There was a group of women who came together in Chicago before the Roe decision who called themselves the Jane collective and they developed resources for women who needed abortions, and upon the realization that the abortionists they were referring women to weren't licensed doctors, they demanded to be trained by them themselves so they could perform the procedure for women who needed it without charging them $500 to $1,000 for it. They set the price at $100 because they figured that if they averaged $50 they could break even and continue to provide the service to the women who needed it and treat them with the dignity and respect they almost never got from the male abortionists.

They disbanded after the Roe decision because of the legal jeopardy they were in from operating without medical licenses and the fact that safe, legal, abortions were available elsewhere then.

People who know about them, and a few of the participants are now looking to their story for ways to go forward in this newly insanely restrictive legal climate.

Abortions will never go away. All restrictions will ever do is make poor women miserable and fuck up their lives, all for a bullshit campaign issue.

And as always, the men who caused the unintended pregnancies face no consequences whatsoever. If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament, clinics would be as common as Starbucks, and abortion pills would come in 32 flavors from vending machines in supermarkets.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

many smart wealthy people who love God tel me.

Jimmy Swaggart was seduced by a hooker paid for by the ACLU.

You are not allowed to speak of there human frailties they choose to indulge by their own free will.
They will tell you who and what and why to hate to purify their own sins.

RNC finance chairman Elliot Broidy was dragged into an affair with a kept witness because the Liberals in Hollywood forced him to become board with his life, wealth, wife, and children (family life) and family values. When he got his kept mistress (out of wedlock pregnant) the shame he would bring down on the Religious right and GOP was to much. So he hired Trump's attorney Cohen to pay and force his mistress to have an abortion. The troubles it would cause his family to have a bastard child sue for inheritance was too much.

God gave Falwell, Robertson and others wealth to condemn them into a living hell of corruption and deceit.
God showed them with Jim Jones's following how their evil dressed up in false Gods shall be written so if they care to read . As they do nto the Bible.

It is there for them to see.

I do not categorize all folks of faith like I do the Religious Right.

Taliban, ISIS Mormon, Evangelicals have so much in common and compete for control of others minds and spirits. It is not, "spreading the word". That they pursue.

I think you demonstrated it nicely here.

Where does it leave those that do not fall into all this God wants you to be a republican no matter what.
If Hitler was republican so shall thou, imperative.

In the natural science of things. World dominance always has an inherit natural matter and anti matter physics debacle.
Always portrayed for amusement by James Bond in the 007 saga.

Robt said...

Ala. Abortion law states "doctors) will see life in prison for providing Abortions.
If Wal Mart sees profit in it, they would have an abortion clinic right next to their eye care portion of their stores. Lobby GOP for it. And the GOP would legalize it.

So playing the GOP legal game. Someone who is not a doctor can.

Slap back that Vasectomies are abortions.

Explain how the RNC finance chair forcing his mistress to have abortion. To prevent a bastard child grow up to sue for inheritance.
How this financial burden is reason for abortion. For a certain class of wealth.

So the law includes if a woman leaves the state to have an abortion?

How does that infringe on Las Vegas law of, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"?
* Will this law allow the State of Ala. to legally forcibly by force. Hold. prevent and imprison any pregnant woman they SUSPECT may leave the state for an abortion?

Will pregnant women be allowed to move out of state for a job. Spouse transferred out of state.

But it is about over turning Roe V Wade.

GOP is very good at tearing things down. They are incapable of building things. At least for American citizens.
10 years of repeal and replace. They finally have majority of all government and they can only repeal. With no replace.
We are a money resource to corporations and thieves.

If corporations are people ?

Then bankruptcies and plant closures are abortions under Ala. law.

James Carroll said...

Driftglass my friend, I cannot believe you're incredible stoicism at this point. I'm about to burst I cannot take this arrogant ignorant MF any longer. Something must be done now.