Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Grandpa Joe Continues To Promise To Do Shots With Reagan Until Bipartisanship

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to run hard in the Beltway Bubble/David Brooks/Meet the Press/Joe Scarborough primary:

Of course, as we out here in the Real World know perfectly well (and as I may have mentioned once or twice or 5000 times over the past 14 years) our political climate has been irreversibly wrecked by the Republican Party for at least the next generation, at this point the very best we can hope for is to contain their madness and mitigate the damage they can do.  Which means the rest of us in the not-crazy majority need to start running hard against the entire Republican party as an entity and stop wasting our limited time and energy pretending that figuring out the Trump voter is some great mystery, and that once we crack their code and begin communicating with them in their native language something something "Bipartisanship!"

As we out here in the Real World know perfectly well here, there is no hope of salvaging the tens of millions of reprogrammable Republican meatbags who sincerely believe that people like you and me are Marxist nitwit social justice mobsters, climate charlatans and race hustlers who are completely divorced from reality.  That damage is done and it will be fucking up our politics for decades to come.

What the rest of us can do is demand that our candidates and our media stop insulting our intelligence and trying to curry favor with a nonexistent Center, gutless "independents" and a few dozen Never Trumpers by lying about what a dungheap of bigots and imbeciles the Republican Party actually is and how exactly it got that way.

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Robt said...

Not to set off the both sider centrist politician trap on my foot.

Biden has concerned me for his fond memories of the bipartisanship of yore he fondly remembers.

Now he saw close up while Obama's VP. For 8 years only to peak with Senate changing the SCOTUS seat number from 9 to 8.

Like Senator Lehey (a very fine democratic Senator) after GOP majority trampling of any norms to extremely expedite their (GOP) Judges agenda..
Knowing fully how they (the GOP) treated the Dems when they were in the minority of confirmations. GOP went ruthless and disregarded the existence of Democratic Senators. So GOP knew there might be pay back from the minority filibuster as they were now in the majority.

When Dems took back Senate, Lehey longing for norms and respect of the past, re implemented the filibuster and the Senator Blue chip approval for judges so the GOP minority could have a say. When GOP took Senate back, they siad fuck you Lahey.

My concern Biden would bend over for GOP. Like he has done in the past.

Biden likes to say as some do, he has republican friends he made over the years.
That friendship has left democratic voters losing out because Biden's bipartisanship that favored GOP.

Biden is very familiar with Congressional rules and has many connections.

The question is, Biden needs to tell me somehow, (smoke signal?). Will he give up his political wealth from winning. Over to the GOP for some sort of promise of decency?

Which Dem candidate can go full unitary president so we can finally cause the media to finally be correct by saying well, both sides do it (the it being a unitary president/ dictator).

Be a CEO president and fire Sen McConnell if he gets out of line and doesn;t be the company team player.

You know, crap like that.

Hal Rager said...

If McConnell succeeds to fill the Federal Judiciary with a majority of conservative, late 40s and early 50s judges, in 30 years our society will be unrecognizable.

joejimtree said...

Elizabeth Warren did it right today in her refusal to do a Fox town hall. Truth telling. Not pandering, not selling philosophy or values, no muck, no guck. Just reality. Not weaponized reality, nasty reality, name calling reality, just reality.

n1ck said...

Look, I’ll vote for Biden if he’s the nominee, God help us.

But, his comment should effectively disqualify him.

We don’t need a centrist Democrat who wants to work with the Republican Party. We need a Democrat who wants to fight the Republican Party at every opportunity, which is a requirement if we want to stop this country from being taken over by fascists and their right-wing authoritarian collaborators. And that isn’t hyperbole.

bowtiejack said...

Biden is the Ghost of Politics Past.
Trump is unfit to hold the office of President as he demonstrates on an almost daily basis.
But replacing him with a Biden?
Biden doesn't have the chops for the job.
Let me say that again.
Biden doesn't have the chops for the job.
At this point the Democrats need a take-no-prisoners wolverine.
Not an affable, trusting mark in a con game.

rapier said...

If Joe had been a member of the SD party in the Reichtag in 1933 he probably would have voted against the Enabling Act. So there's that.

n1ck said...


I see Biden's comment as enabling, as it's telling American voters that if we just remove Strongman Trump, everything will go back to a 70's-era political compromise and functioning that hasn't been possible since the 70's.

The problem isn't Strongman Trump. It's the Republican Party.

Strongman Trump is just (one of) the most Republican politicians that the country has ever seen.

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