Tuesday, April 23, 2019

On Writing

You know thing where you're writing with the ending in mind, but the words keep going where they want to go, and that ending keeps moving further away in the opposite direction?

That's happening a lot lately.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Robt said...

But Mitty now representing Utah. Can vote to lift sanctions on Russia. Vote for Corporations not to be burdened with paying taxes.

Taxes that pay for the national security like their border wall..

To lift sanctions on Russians that attacked America;s elections.

Vote to give the president super powers of declaring non emergencies, louder stronger non emergencies to appropriate money without the consent of Utah's Senator anymore.

Mitt gives them the ability to scold "Politicians" . When republicans do things that catch Utah folks in "punish the liberal net".

Giving Utahans someone else to blame other than Democrats and liberals.

Romney can represent the forgotten Mormon out there on the Mormon trail.

Who now can only legally have one underage wife.
Most of all. All those Utah MAGA voters can now get "Both sides" not just from the president. But the added pleasure of it coming from Mttence as well.

For the low, low cost of paying Romney and his family $170 K per year, Providing socialized full coverage healthcare to Mitt and his family, providing Mitt with a socialized liberal union pension (that I get to pay for too)..

Not to mention all the perks. Write law to help himself and his investments. Travel reimbursements.
In return, they receive the most articulate words from both sides of his mouth.

Meremark said...

You talking to me? You talking yo me?

You are talking to me.

Loony Liberal said...

This describes my lack of progress for my WsIP