Thursday, April 25, 2019

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

If you're looking for facile commentary about the blindingly obvious, Matthew Dowd -- ABC News' chief political analyst -- is definitely your guy!
Consider something else: Can you imagine what we would be saying if during the fight against Japan, a presidential campaign met with representatives of Hirohito and Tojo numerous times? What if an American presidential candidate welcomed help from Japan in the run-up to Pearl Harbor and spoke kindly and approvingly about Japan after the attack? And what if high-level campaign staffers met with key supporters of Japan, hid these meetings and conversations, and then lied about them? Americans would likely see this as nothing short of treason in 1941.

This appears to be precisely what happened in 2015 and 2016 between our adversary Russia and the Trump campaign as Russia systematically attacked our democracy...

But what really elevates Mr. Dowd's punditry -- what makes him such a value-added to the Beltway media -- is not merely the sheer triteness of his observations, but the nearly-comatose banality of his solutions.
 It is time we as Americans put things in context, unite across partisan lines against the common threat that Russia poses to our institutions and hold this president and his administration accountable for what they have and have not done in relation to Russia.
No, Mr. Dowd.

It is not time "we as Americans put things in context" and "unite across partisan lines".

It is time for Republicans to stop being traitors.


And since you fucking well know the Republican party is never going to spontaneously grow opposable thumbs and climb down out of the belligerent idiot tree, perhaps you would like to share your backup plan with the rest of us?

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Unknown said...

Who said "...the banality of evil somethingsomething"?

Robt said...

Aftter already let down by not being understood by the selected candidates he get back from FArmerdot com.

I hear Dowd submitted his lonely name into "Eharmmony.comm" for a soul mate.

A short list of candidates included.

Andrea Mitchell, Joe Scarborough, Tomi Loren amd Peggy Noonan.

Not content with his match ups. He may need to ask Trump what Porn star service (I mean Escort serve) he recommends..

Victor said...

"...opposable thumbs..."
" ... Idiot tree... "

I almost pissed myself!!! 😂

Unknown said...

Can you imagine if the Republican party had met with the North Vietnamese in 1968 and asked them to delay the peace talks so they could win the election for Nixon?

Hoo boy, that would have been some fireworks way back then when Republicans were honorable....