Saturday, April 06, 2019

How To Make $525K In Eight Weeks

Steve Schmidt:  Just say "Both Sides Do It".

Howard Schultz:  But what about...?

Schmidt:  Just say "Both Sides Do It".

Schultz:  But what if...?

Schmidt:  "Both Sides Do It".

Schultz:  But when...?

Schmidt:  Listen Howie.  I know this shit.  This is what I do for a living.  This is what you pay me for.  Under all circumstances, all conditions, irrespective of the facts, your answer is always, always, always  "Both Sides Do It".   This is holy Beltway writ.  Keep your head down and say the fucking words.  It never fails.  Got it?

Schultz:  OK.  If you say so.

Schmidt:  I say so.  Say "Both Sides Do It" 10,000 times and you'll be the next president of the United States.   Guaranteed.

And it was sorta working.

And then...

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jim said...

Love the stunned gaping frozen confusion when his fable bursts into flames.

WV 1st District DNC Delegate said...


bowtiejack said...

The rotten core at America's heart is the belief that having a lot of money (whether obtained through inheritance, fraud, grifting, theft, monopoly, corruption, dumb luck or, in the case of Howard Schultz, vertiginously overpriced coffee) equates with having wisdom, knowledge and good sense. Spoiler Alert Howard, it doesn't.

Potomacker said...

Will nobody be a yesman for this poor suffering person of wealth?

Robt said...

In America,

Any decent inheritance baby of equitable wealth can be president.

Suggestions for GOP primary hopefuls.
(because I am already tired of GOPers making all their brilliant suggestive advice(s) for Democratic candidate).

Run Paris Hilton, Run.

Her slogan, "that hot".

Martin Shkreli Could also primary challenge Trump on the promise< "only he can fix prescription drug prices".

And vow to pardon Charles Manson on Monday. Nominate Mason to the Attorneys General on Tuesday.

Unknown said...

The idea that this is "brutal", and not "par for the course" tells us all we need to know about the current state of affairs in the US. This is what should be considered standard interview procedure - questioning of fallacious assumptions and/or fables told by those in power, in a logical staightforward manner, and insisting on answers.

Why is this not shown by every single "journalist" on the TV? Why is their priority not the same as Ali's priorities? What could be different about their experience that makes their interviews pablum and puffballs, instead of insightful aggressive inquiries into the underlying philosophy of the political positions?

Oh, right...Corporate salaries and oversight of the "journalists". They all know better than to ask embarrassing questions that might inconvenience their corporate masters.

Lamestream media indeed...

Meremark said...

Here is a sorta balanced presentation of a thing that shows exactly the wide hatred of Rash Lamebrain and sequelii of him.

Two-part conclusion:
1. It has gone on unnoticed, unremarked, unnewsworthy.
2. Hate polarity might be something discovered not something fabricated.