Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Magic Dolphin Lady Lauds Speech Beamed In From Alternate Universe

And how did the Democrats do, Magic Dolphin Lady?

As we have noted before on this blog, MSNBC employee, ether-frolic enthusiast and professional Reagan trance-channeler, Peggy Noonan, has always been a big fan of  breezing on past any inconvenient factual realities that might encumber her beautiful mind and childlike, "Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans"  understanding of American politics and history.

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The Big Dee said...

Peggers is smoking her tampons again.

John said...

That should be, Ms. Noonan, "whom I see some are calling the straight jackets," not "who I see..."

Rodnchance said...

Thought that you might be interested to see/hear this podcast episode by LaVar Burton reading short fiction.
The Feb 5 2019 reading is 'Driftglass' by Samuel R. Delany


Loony Liberal said...

I can't help but wonder how "spirited" Peggy Noonan looks when a Democratic president gives a SOTU address.

tony in san diego said...

STRAIT jacket, Pegs. Did Trump write this for you?

John said...

I thought the same thing, and mentioned it to him on Twitter. If I remember correctly, he mentioned in his podcast that it was the short story that he grabbed the name Driftglass from. It's a good story, and read well by Levar Burton. I'm finishing up the interview now.

RUKidding said...

Dame Nooningtonhampshire takes a moment away from inhaling her latest bottle of gin to wax lyrical about the monster who caged marauding bown babies at our southern border, while entertaining Dachau survivors. Neato, keeno.

And then Dame Pegginton launches into a Mean Grrrl riff on - oh noes!!1! - that dreadful, lowbrow, lowlife TEENAGER, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, who should know better and should only be serving Dame Nooners in her local bodega, where Peggers could perhaps one day ask her a question about the state of the nation in order to report at length upon it in the NYT. How DARE this dusky-hued upstart sit in the People's House and pretend to be important. Only old White Honkies have that privilege.

R White said...

Dame Noonington is back to hallucinating again to those halcyon days spent sniffing the Gipper's stained jock strap while rewriting memos of gloom and doom for the addled-brain conservative "star" to phonetically pronounce.

Robt said...

A wise old sage named John Mayall once wrote a lyric that is almost exclusively for Nooners in this case.

"Don't ask me what I think of you. I may not give the answer that you want me too."

Nooners Tea parties for wealthy white privileged wayward girls without direction in life. Is so Passe in this day and age. As a true conservative, she locks herself in her basement of time. To preserve her imaginary vision of the Good old days on the plantation.

As long as she remains in this happy place of yore that merely exists in her mind. The present and future are lost to her.