Monday, October 01, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: Ross Douthat, Bret Stephens and the Worst Deuce Fan Fiction Ever

Mr. David Brooks may have taken a paid "book leave" from The New York Times for a quarter of the year off to pick up an extra paycheck on side, tooling around the country lecturing Americans on humility and Both Siderism --
New York Times columnist, author and public broadcasting commentator David Brooks is in Missoula to kick off the University of Montana's President's Lecture series. The conservative pundit spoke about Donald Trump and humility with Sally Mauk before the lecture.

"To me, humility is not thinking lowly of yourself," Brooks says. "My favorite definition is, 'it's radical self-awareness from a position of other-centeredness."
-- but he still cares deeply about the care and feeding of his elite Beltway audience.  Specifically, he cafes very much that they no be left going cold turkey for lack of regular doses of his brand of  "gliding above it all, casting blame equally in all directions except, of course, at his elite Beltway audience" journalism.

And so he left the keys to his Shitty Shitty Bang Bang vehicle with Bret Stephens --

-- who wrung out an entire column --
This Revolution, Too, Will Eat Its ChildrenWhat this frenzied national inquest means for our civic culture.
-- on the horrors of living in the post-Kavanaugh world --
In the post-Kavanaugh world, however, we have new editorial standards. The Gawker standards.
-- without once mentioning that, long before Republicans decided to ram the Kavanaugh nomination through come hell or high dudgeon, they had already turned up the music, clapped their hands over our mouths and dragged the county against its will into the post-Merrick Garland world.

Mr. Stephens also somehow forget that, just a couple of months ago, this was hiw very own sweeping Delphic pronouncements about how Democrats should behave.  
Just Confirm Kavanaugh

I refer to the decision of Senate Democrats to wage a tooth-and-nail battle to oppose Kavanaugh, an effort that is likely doomed to fail and equally likely to hurt Democratic chances in the fall. Who knew Chuck Schumer was so content with his job as as Senate minority leader?

Let’s count the ways in which the Democrats aren’t helping themselves...

For now, however, the first question Democrats ought to ask themselves is whether they really have political capital to waste on a losing battle...

Fierce opposition to Kavanaugh hurts Democrats...

Liberals always cry wolf...

But we haven't forgotten, Mr. Stephens.  We will never forget.

And then, before we can catch our breath, here comes this week's homily from Mr. Stephens' fellow New York Times employee -- Ross Cardinal Douthat -- who hilariously leads off with what may be the -- 

-- Worst. Deuce. Fan. Fiction. Ever.
An Age Divided by Sex

The Kavanaugh nightmare shows how the competing moralisms of conservatism and feminism are tearing us apart.

The Year of Our Lord 1982...

The ’70s were officially over, but their spirit still lived on...

The shadow of AIDS hadn’t yet fallen on the sexual revolution, the era’s teen movies offered unapologetic raunch...

Most contemporary discourse about the social revolutions of the 1960s and ’70s imagines a consistent “left” that created those revolutions and a consistent “right” that opposed them.

it was a world where a social revolution had ripped through American culture and radically de-moralized society, tearing down the old structures of suburban bourgeois Christian morality, replacing them with libertinism. With "if it feels good, do it" and the Playboy philosophy. With “Fear of Flying” for women and “Risky Business” and “Porky’s” for the boys...

Then comes the obligatory Bill Clinton name-check as required by the NYT Conservative Style Book the age of Bill Clinton...
Then, because he is the product of a privileged suburban life of Hamden Hall Country Day School and Harvard University (after which he was decanted directly into an editorship at The Atlantic and a column at The New York Times) and does not have the slightest fucking idea what the 70s or the 80s or urban life in American were actually like, Mr. Douthat shifts from the stilted language of the Wikipedia book-report (The Sexual Revolution: A Land of Contrasts) to a vocabulary with which he is much more comfortable:
To put this disagreement in terms familiar from 1980s movies...
yeah.  That happened.

And then, as you must have guessed by now, Mr. Douthat ties the whole, pompous, banjaxed mess up with a big Both Siderist bow --
Thus the puritanism of conservatism would be more admirable...

The puritanism of feminism, meanwhile, would be more realistic...

Instead of such a tempering of both worldviews, though, we seem to be headed in the opposite direction — toward a world where the parties are polarized by gender and the two moralistic programs, feminist and conservative...
-- and calls it a good day's work.

Funny old world.

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Yastreblyansky said...

does not have the slightest fucking idea what the 70s or the 80s or urban life in American were actually like

Honest to god Driftglass you know very well he went to a party at least once and almost got laid that time. Your deceptions fool no one.

Bruce.desertrat said...

Objection: cites evidence only in existence in a Ross Douthat column. It's entirely possible that the entire episode is merely constructed from fragments of hearsay and fevered imaginings

Robt said...

Coonservatism + is is all for sale. Everything and everbody is for sale, as long as I am doing the selling and making a profit. My marketing strategy has no bounds as religion to barbarianism to make the sale and profit.

"Thus the puritanism of conservatism would be more admirable..."

---For whom?
* The captive consumers Pharma imposed by law in which an American shall not buy any pharma from a Canadian pharmacy who buys those drugs at a lower price and sells them cheaper, But America cannot guarantee the quality of the drugs for Americans to buy them from pharmacies in Canada?

The puritanism of feminism, meanwhile, would be more realistic...

-- The divide and control.

Use law to control female bodies. Giving that power over to GOP Finance Chair Elliot Boidy. Whose personal wealth dictates and allows if he gets bored with his life. He may break the vows of marriage with a mistress. Get her pregnant. Pay for her too receive an Abortion on a Broidy demand.
You see, superior races are the ones who should decide what is and what isn't.

Brooks and his pals set a party. I come to his party. When I went upstairs to use the restroom. The likes of Brooks, Rush, shove me from behind into a room. The door was slammed right behind me by the FOX news. Americans for Prosperity pushed me to the bed.
The Koch brothers tried to hold me down. Sheldon Adelson turned up the stereo to muffle the struggle and yells for help.
But it was Citizens United and 5 conservative Supreme Court justices that put their hands over my mouth to keep me quiet (I thought they were going to sufficate me to death).
Until I broke awa, and got free.

The republican base said I wanted it because I was at the party.

The republican Senate said I had a serious story. Uet, it could have been a bunch of impersonators. You see, they know every entity accused in my story.
They have been there and been involved themselves many times before.
Besides, they have limited time to address my story.
Ot seems another party is planned and the Koch's the Adelsons and Brooks won't be there to do any shoving from behind, slamming closed a door, raising the music or holding their hands over the next citizen victims moth.

Meremark said...

DFuckingB in Rockies mountain heights could see the light in 'Dark Money' movie out this week.

Emergency Broadcast, alert me if he crosses the continental divide. Out, moral hazard, out!

Of course if he takes a position then he is unemployed @ Times; WalMart greeter guy.


Here's another thing I *flashed on* at the calendar page photo:
(knowing: I practice star gazing and I see lights; lights that spell; spell things I read )

● I compared astrology circles for judge K and Dr.Ford. Which method is as old as Egypt used to see insights in couple compatibilities and/or conflicts. Astrology methods are perfect solutes for 'he said/she said' contentions.

● Astrology sees: judge K lies. Doctor is good.

● I went on, asking the circles, 'when did they coincide?' Circles spotted May 19 and 22, 1982, denoting sexual confrontation, (Mars contra Venus).

● I looked those up and found May 22 was a Saturday, and picked it artfully.

● Later I saw the calendar pages. Again, here's one in the post. July is the wrong month. The assault was in May.

● interesting entries May 22. 'Timmy's Party.' (Same note July 1, too.) Where did Timmy live?

● Other late-coming news: Dr.Ford suggests it was a weekday rather than weekend. And she came early evening and expected that subgroup was going on to a bigger party later, after her curfew.

● Honesty in my Art allows fudging my specified date a little bit. I first backed the 22nd down to Friday the 21st. But I may just as assuredly say Thursday the 20th. Allowed fudge factor in a 48-hour contacts between their horoscopes, fatefilled 36 years later.

[n.b. everyone saying, 'she can't remember where or when.' I just told you. May 20-21, 1982, at Timmy's place. ]

● curious entry May 21: judge K is "GROUNDED" with a bracket line drawn across the following week and weekend, 29th, 30th, and Memorial Day Monday.
No activity entries, calendar blank during 'grounded' week. I call curious, but am undecided whether he came home drunk Thursday night (20th) or Friday (21st).

● Maybe the assault was Thursday night and the grapevine reached judge K's disciplinarian on Friday and they told him he was grounded.

● while grounded he has Timmy Party on Saturday, or not, he could remember.

● entries on 20th and 22nd show erasures of something underneath

What I want to know is was judge K upstairs when Blasey came in? How did he and Mark get upstairs? If they followed her up the stairs it shows stalking intent

But he definitely lied to senators.

Don't be jealous that the circles talk to me.

mu said...

"radical self-awareness from a position of other-centeredness"

'now i have assistants who read the online comments i get. i realized that reading them myself was too psychologically traumatic.'