Thursday, September 06, 2018

The Beltway Media Could Have Saved Millions

First, a lesson in How To Prove The Left Has Been Right About The Right All Long by radio person, "frequent television guest on Fox News's early morning show Fox and Friends" and associate editor at the Moonie Times. Larry O'Connor

You see, instead of dispatching phalanxes of Zeitgeist Action Team reporters to the great American Interior to figure out "WTF Trump voters?", the Beltway media could have saved itself millions in lodging, transportation and salary costs by just watching All in the Family reruns from 40 fucking years ago. 

Hell, on what they spent on Salena Zito per diems alone, they could have funded two, full-time health care policy reporters and still had enough left over to endow a Finley Peter Dunne chair at Columbia College.

Because the loutish, bigoted and aggressively ignorant nature of the Republican base has never been a mystery to anyone...

...except, apparently, the brain caste of the Republican party, Republican analysts, Republican pollsters, Republican ad-men, every Never Trump Republican now out pimping a book, every Conservative think tank, every Conservative media outlet and the entire Beltway political press corps.

Behold, a Tip Jar!

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Robt said...

But it is OK for all these political groups to be anonymous with their billionaire donors.

Because it might hurt the big donors feelings if we knew who they were.

Like which billionaire (or how many) are funding secretly the white supremacists.
Their anonymity is vital for them to be heard without repercussions by society.

I can tell you, it is not free speech. I just cannot tell you what it is.

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