Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hugh Hewitt Will Not Open The Pod Pay Doors

Because Hugh Hewitt (the Cyborg Sent From the Future to Destroy America) is incapable of processing basic human emotions, he is confused and frustrated that anyone would allow a credible charge of attempted rape leveled against Brett Kavanaugh (or multiple charges of perjury, or a completely rigged review process, or the theft of Merrick Garland's seat) to derail or slow down his appointment to the supreme court in any way.

The Right's mission is to so irrevocably pack the Supreme Court with Federalist Society-groomed wingnuts that the Right can go right on methodically destroying the fundamental rights and protections of workers, women, minorities, children, immigrants, the uninsured, the disabled and the political opposition  under the color of law decades after inexorable demographic changes renders them unable to win at the polls.

And Hugh Hewitt's prime directive is that nothing can be allowed to interfere with that mission.

Plus bonus Magic Ruralism (tm)!

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Robt said...

So postponing a vote to perform due diligence of a nominee like this should not happen.???

I guess in Hewitt's brain of diodes and capacitors. Judge Garland should already be on the bench?

Pipes leak and robots have glitches.

But wait until, " Fancy Bear " to hack into his programming. If you think Hewit-bot is fun to have around now. It can only cause more laughter and condemning amusement.

The fun it will be once the Hewitt receives his SCOTUS nomination. As angry as he was being passed over by GW Bush for Harriett Myers.

dinthebeast said...

I don't know if you saw the thread on Twitter in which this woman details why, according to her research on the subject, Dr. Ford is not likely to be making up her story. This is the article she wrote that she was referring to, which has links to all the relevant studies.

-Doug in Oakland

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