Monday, September 10, 2018

How Did Joe Scarborough Think This Would End?

For a couple of generations now, the Republican Party and Conservative media have worked hand-in-glove -- consciously, assiduously and at great expense -- to create an electoral coalition of people who hate the Gummint and blame the Gummint for their every hangnail and hangover.

And because hating the Gummint  has become the central organizing principle of Republican Party and the Conservative Movement, it is no wonder that coalition which they created would be composed of...

...Racists, who hate Gummint because dirty, Commie Libtards want take away their munnies and give them to brown people with Obamaphones!

...Homophobes, who hate Gummint because dirty, Commie Libtards want to make their kids gay and give them Gummint wedding cakes!

...Xenophobes, who hate Gummint because dirty, Commie Libtards want give their munnies to brown people and Commies Over There!

...Randites, who hate Gummint because dirty, Commie Libtard taxes and Obamacare are worse than Slavery, which really wasn't so bad when you think about it! 
...Misogynists, who hate Gummint because dirty, Commie Libtards let mouthy bitches run things instead of shutting them the fuck up like Jebus intended!

...Gun nuts, who hate Gummint and need to stockpile enough firepower to overthrow a country because one of these days those  dirty, Commie Libtard might gonna tell them they can't stockpile enough firepower to overthrow a country!

...Fundies, who hate Gummint when it's run by dirty, Commie Libtards who harvest baby parts to pay for gay wedding cakes and Obamaphonees because Jebus!

...Plutocrats, who hate Gummint because dirty, Commie Libtard keep telling them they can't own slaves, or burn all the coal in the world, or dump mercury into people's drinking water.

And how do we know this is true?  Other than the fact that it is plainly self-evident to anyone who is not being paid to lie and look the other way?

Because unlike America's elite political media, some of us actually pay attention when Republicans talk among themselves.  Like for instance, back in April of 2013 I watched the entire IntelligenceSquared debate on the proposition that "The GOP Must Seize the Center or Die" between Mickey Edwards and David Brooks (for the proposition) and Laura Ingraham and Ralph Reed (against the proposition) which I talk about in greater detail in this post from 2014.

And guess what?  It turns out the Movement's rank and file are exactly the same wretched hive of scum and villainy that Liberals have been telling you about for decades -- and the Conservative Brain Caste knows it.  Sure they dance around for awhile,  but eventually Mickey Edwards gets to the point:
The Republican Party we have today could disappear and be replaced by a range of its little subsets, all these other -- a Christian right party, a libertarian party, a no government, no tax party, a gun owner's party, a no gays and no immigrants party, each one with its own small niche of true believers...
And that is the conversation which no one on the Right is prepared to have at any level.

That is the reason that it doesn't matter how many tea leaves and goat entrails and academic papers David Brooks pores excitedly over to predict his Awesome Whig Tomorrow.

Because you can't make bricks without straw, and you can't make a political movement without people.  And the plain, cold, ugly truth of the matter is that the Right is really nothing but the sum of its parts.

And its parts are grotesque.

So, having spent tens of billions of dollars and 40 years building about 90% of Hedley Lamarr's Army of "...rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists!" and setting it loose on America --

-- how could anyone be surprised when, in 2016, along came a rich, racist, NRA-loving, xenophobic, misogynist con man who promised to make every dream the Republican base ever had come true, using the only vocabulary which  decades of Fox News and Hate Radio and Newt Gingrich Republican politics had trained them to trust?

He would take a giant, nuclear shit on dirty Commie Europe.

He would ban all Scary Muslims from entering the Land of the Free.

He would build a mile-high wall to keep the Mexicans out.

He would erase the Kenyan Usurper from history and roll back all the Obama giveaways of God Fearin' White American tax munnies to brown people and mouthy bitches and tree-huggers and queers.

Voter suppression?  Gerrymandering?  Rigged elections?  Who the fuck cares as long as the dirty, Commie Libtard threat is eliminated and Murrica is made White again!

Because there is going to be good-paying, Clean Coal Jobs for everyone, forever!

And massive tax cuts will make everyone rich!

And deregulating everything back to the Bronze Age will make everyone richer still!

And Tariffs and Tweets which will solve all trade problems and no companies will be allowed to leave anymore!

And dirty, Commie Libtard Obamacare will be wiped from the memory of man once and for all and replaced with...

In other words Trump pledged nothing more or less than to finally deliver on Reagan's promise by destroying the Evil Gummint from within.  To crack it open like a ripe melon, and hand out all those delicious ooey-gooey Gummint goodies that the dirty, Commie Libtard had been stealing from Decent White Christian Conservative Murricans and doling out to undeserving brown people and mouthy bitches and Mexicans and tree-huggers and queers.

Which leads to this very simple question:  How can the Beltway media continue to employ Conservatives like Joe Scarborough  -- who have always been wrong about everything -- and ignore us dirty, Commie Libtards who have been right about the Right all along?

Turns out...

If you read my Long Exegesis on Everything post over the weekend, you know that a New Big Lie designed specifically to shield Beltway goofs like Joe Scarborough and discount anything the Left has to say is already in place.  And Plank #1 of the New Big Lie is...
Surprise!  Donald Trump is not a real Republican.  Despite the fact that he rolled up historic victories in the Republican primaries, easily wiped out an entire field of better-qualified Republican contenders, was nominated by the Republican Party, won on the Republican ticket, and has made the Republican congress into his willing political bidet, somehow Donald Trump is not a real Republican.  This is a lie which Joe Scarborough is particularity fond of, having repeated on his teevee show, by my count, about seven million times over the past three years.   Joe Scarborough, who might as well have handed Trump a personal check for 100 million dollars for all the free air-time he gave him.
And how do we know this New Big Lie is up and running?

Because here is Joe Scarborough this morning, less than 48 hours after I posted my Long Exegesis on Everything...  (h/t my lovely wife over at Crooks & Liars):

JOE SCARBOROUGH: As Mika and I have said from the very beginning, one of those people it would annoy is Donald Trump who we've always said was a big government Democrat. He's proven that. You look at the debt. You look at the spending increases. There's nothing about him that is about small government conservativism. And, you know, and it's interesting that -- there are some Republicans who say I'm going to stay and fight the good fight. For me, the break, not with the party, but with Donald Trump, came with the Muslim ban back in December of 2015. You can add to that Donald Trump apologizing for neo-Nazis. You can add to that pretending, feigning ignorance over the Klan and David Duke. Polls that show 90% of Republicans that still support this guy. I do wonder how you justify staying with that party.
Blue Gal goes on to point out that however much Mr. Scarborough want's to pretend that he broke with Trump back in 2015...

...the record clearly shows that Mr. Scarborough went right on giving Trump a platform on his show at least six times after Trump's racist remarks.

And he and Mika visited Mar A Lago for a pre-inauguration New Year's Party in 2017.

And he met with Trump prior to his first address to Congress and may have helped draft the speech. Scarborough then "sat on the House floor during the speech except when he stood to applaud."

There is only one strategy which will put an end to the endless cycle of Republicans being allowed to destroy everything they touch and then deflect, deny and rebrand themselves out of any accountability for the ruin they inflict on humanity, only to regroup and come back twice as unhinged ans ten times as dangerous.

This time we absolutely must #BurnTheLifeboats

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