Thursday, August 30, 2018

Never Trumpers Episode I: The Phantom Premise

Now that the Never Trump Republicans are settling into profitable second careers writing and promoting exactly the same book, the next logical step in squeezing every possible pfennig out of this scam would be to take the most cynically exploitative page from the Star Wars franchise and re-release them early next year, all together in a collectible, boxed-set format.

And the one thing Never Trump Republicans do seem to have in abundance is an unerring instinct for cynical exploitation.

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Robt said...

It had to be a difficult decision to go with the GOPers wearing the , "fuck your feeling" T-shirt photo instead of the GOPer T-shirt that reads, "I's rather be a Russian than a Denocrat".

Both are " beyond the Palin". Just a hop, skip and a jump away from one another.

The Kraken said...

Which sh!t-eating grin is the better one in the fck your feelings vs. the better Russian than Democrat battle royale?

trgahan said...

I'm sure each has "The Republican Party Is Great Again Because We Tossed Out Trump and the Democrats Are Still So Awful!" manuscript on their hard drives just waiting to fill a few party leadership names when their agent tells them it's time to pull the uniforms out of the fire.

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