Wednesday, August 08, 2018

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Yourself an Op-Ed in The New York Times?


Asking for a friend who suspects that when The New York Times hands out a big slice of its op-ed page real estate to the proprietor of a wingnut welfare crack-house called the journal of America Greatness (no, I am not making them up) to publish some Conservative tone policing claptrap like this (from The New York Times today) --
Let’s Not Throw the Word Treason Around
By Christopher Buskirk  
Mr. Buskirk is editor and publisher of the journal American Greatness and a contributing opinion writer.

Democratic politicians should stop acting like internet trolls.

When they talk about President Trump, why are so many Democratic politicians talking about treason? Whatever they may truly believe, why are they letting their inflammatory rhetoric become decoupled from the facts?

By doing so, they are setting the country on a dangerous, unpredictable trajectory that could lead to a crisis of political legitimacy. And by indulging their own worst instincts, these Democrats are guilty of fomenting the extreme, intemperate rhetoric for which they have consistently criticized the president...
-- that maybe it isn't just out of Arthur Gregg "A.G." Sulzberger's deep commitment to journalistic integrity.

For a little context on the tone and subject matter to be found in this Teen Beat Breitbart, here are some recent articles from the (again, not making them up) journal of American Greatness:
Why smarty-pants elitists hate Real Murricans by the odious Victor Davis Hansen.

Just how far will the crazy, fascist Left go!?! Also by Victor Davis Hansen.

Two different articles on why banning plastic straws is the New Fascism!

Sarah Jeong's white-people hating racism is even worse than plastic straw fascism!

Dennis "20 years past his sell-by-date" Prager bellyaching about how the Pope sucks and is fucking up Catholicism.

Chicago is a black-crime hell-hole and Trump could turn it around if only the coloreds would put down their Obamaphones see how awesome his is!

"If The Left Wants War Give It To Them"
If you’re not ready to go to war, you’re not paying attention. The war is already on. It is escalating with or without your participation. Although it’s not a shooting war, more Americans are being caught in the crossfire as the stakes continue to rise.
Dissenting voices are systematically purged. All the while, cultural titans like the New York Timesactively recruit incorrigible racists into their ranks—an act that some “conservative” commentatorsnaïvely have defended. Censorship, however, is just one facet in the spectrum of war the Left is waging...
And so forth.

In their quest to carve out a homestead in the crowded wingnut welfare niche between Tomi Lahren's steam-of-semi-consciousness idiocy and Stephen Miller's stroke mags, this band of mentally under-clocking head cheeses have strayed very far from the herd indeed.  They are racist losers suffocating at the bottom of a very filthy barrel of their own making and so, with nothing left to say to anyone with more than a room-temperature IQ, they resort to trying to tone police their betters.

That much is clear.

What is much less clear is how exactly A.G. Sulzberger came to believe that it is the job of The New York Times to help them do it.

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Dave McCarthy said...


"But attacking the legitimacy of an election undermines the efficacy of the regime itself in a way that the president’s accusations never have."

Yeah, with the teeny tiny exception of when he did EXACTLY that for years as King of the Birthers.

Bazzer said...

The NYTimes seems to allow comments on some op-ed pages but not others. A lot of the wingnut ones, like this, do not allow comments. I guess we just to put our heads under the pillows and yell.

Andrew Johnston said...

I thought that the "Journal of American Greatness" sounded familiar - the NYT has hosted this asshole before. He was the guy who wrote the "red wave" piece on June 11. That was the thing that inspired me to write a drunken email to the NYT editorial board calling them idiots and demanding an op-ed slot that I knew I wouldn't get. I guess I'm writing to them again, huh?

Bob Broughton said...

I read Buskirk's article yesterday. My reactions were,
- Why did the _NY Times_ print this nonsense?
- Eat shit, Buskirk. If I want to talk about treason, I'll talk about treason.

Tom Shefchik said...

Like the the GOP is not already in "a crisis of political legitimacy". Thanks so much for reading all that crap so we don't have to.

Lawrence said...

I no platformed a man, just to watch him cry.

Spaceboy said...

Who can keep up!

Robt said...

I am not sure to price of purchasing space to run an Op Ed in the NYTs.

Although I have been made aware (lately) of the present market price of buying the silence of your paid hooker(s). Without the overhead of a Pimp.