Friday, July 20, 2018

Brian Stelter: America's Most Credulous Stenographer

"Inside Fox, there were real ethical concerns" because Flunky Brewster plays naked Crimean Red Rover in the copy room with the boss' idiot son.


And inside the Donner Party there were real concerns over which fork to use with the fish course.

Our media sucks so hard.

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AlbertEShort said...

I don't know if you followed any of the Paul Horner - Fake News - Fappy the Antimasturbation Dolphin stuff, but Stelt did a chop job on him. I was trying to popularize the style rule of referring to him as "chronic masturbator Brian Stelter (I do not know if he still holds any titles or even competes professionally any more)" among our band of pranksters. Alas, Paul left us far too soon.

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