Monday, June 25, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

How well I remember how the Allies beat the Nazis with hugs.

And Lincoln broke the Confederacy with kind words.

And the United Stated federal government finally ended Jim Crow by asking the Klan reeeeeeeal nice to stop terrorizing and murdering African American citizens for attempting to exercise their inalienable rights.

A reminder that these are not the musings of some maudlin old water-head drunk sitting in his own piss wildly misremembering the past to soften his present circumstance.

This is ABC New's chief political analyst.

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Andrew Johnston said...

Great moments from Dowd's Twitter feed:

1.) At least 9 RTs of people kissing his ass over this very comment;

2.) An RT of Ron Fournier, because of course there fucking is;

3.) A Bible quote he doesn't understand, followed by "Let us look at our own faults and police ourselves and our own tribes first. We each can be better." Yes, my adversaries are willfully destroying families in a cynical attempt to achieve a bigoted and ultimately futile end, but then again I did say "fuck" a lot last week;

4.) Comparing himself to Martin Luther King Jr., which triggered a comment pointing out just how civil King wasn't.

What a fuckface. Oops, there I go, coarsening the culture again.

Andrew Johnston said...

One other thing: Dowd himself is vague, but as best as I can glean from his commenters, this whole "don't fight hate with hate" that's he's been hitting all morning seems to stem from that restaurant that voted to kick out Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I guess they finally got tired of bitching about college students heckling Charles Murray and needed a new "bothsides destroy civility" moment.

trgahan said...

In my own politically aware existence, every single fucking time the America Right is totally and utterly in the moral wrong, whether on a specific issue or in general, the United States Media Civility Calvary (USMCC) rides out to hush liberals for their "incivility" of pointing the Right's atrocities out in public.

AND, on one specific issue, we all know if it had been a conservative restaurant owner tossing a member of the Obama administration, The USMCC would be lecturing liberals about Free Speech and the Founding Fathers intended Free Market virtue that is the We Can Refuse Service To Anyone doctrine.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

If a fence-sitter makes you sit on the fence, they win.

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

Ok, Let Dowd lead the way on his lecturing downward on the feeble masses from high atop his Arian perch from which he was given his immunity vaccines.

Let Dowd show the way forward by, a Unblocking all those he refuses to engage on his tweeter.......!

There is little sacrifice for Dowd to do this simple act.

It is just that Dowd likes to tell others how they should submit to others. And submit and submit.
The arrogance of those NFL players for being so defiant and in your face for using their status to "raise awareness" to be debated and scrutiny deserved for deaths by police in certain instances that too often are more than appearing to be race bias treatment.

Because when a life ( a black life) is taken by those sworn to serve and protect. they are above the law and above question. But only by those they deem should not question.

So Dowd, should have lunch ( spring for the bill) with David Duke. Never question his intent and agenda. Just submit to The Grand Bizzaire Dragons world view and get along.
I mean really, Dowd thinks he should be or is on some special plain to tell others no matter how they are harmed or threatened to be harmed. Just go with the flow.

So their is no need of the NRA's definition of the 2nd Amendment and no need to defend against government tyranny.
How is the right wing going to respond to that?
No matter, Dowd should just try and get along by waiving his own rights to exist.

So I dare Dowd,
Unblock all those you've banished from the conversation on your Tweet stick.......
Then again,
If he took his own advise, his abuse of the , "Both siderisms" becomes inane. Then what?

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