Monday, April 02, 2018

Ars Longa Fundraiser, Day Three: Respect

It is necessary but not sufficient to use whatever talents we have to hang a lantern on the Conservative monsters and quislings who are killing the country.

We are also called to support those who will stand with us against the monsters, even as we acknowledge their imperfections.  In the Liberal Blogosphere, respecting and supporting anyone who is not 100% Stein-Certified and Greenwald-Approved brings down the wrath of the Purity Angels, and over the last 13 years, this has cost me about half of my traffic.  Which, as one of the last single-shingle, non-ad-supported bloggers still standing, meant taking a serious hit.

Was it worth it?

Damn betcha.

For the record, I created this back in March of 2008.  Long before anyone else.  It's kinda like the expression "dumpster fire" in that way :-)

This is also from 2008, but found a different and more urgent meaning eight years later.

One of the very few mainstream media voices who has stood with us over the years is The Shrill One.  I figured he deserved his own sigil.  

Rachael Maddow has also stood in the breach with us...most of the time.  


And no one works harder for the cause than my own wife: a lively, libidinous foul-mouthed, vituperative blogger of the Left, who is, among many, many impressive things, a gifted artist and writer, my podcast partner and sound-editor, the mother of three amazing humans, a liturgist at our church, one of the pillars that keeps Crooks & Liars running, and a demon knitter-for-the-revolution.

Love you, darlin'.

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Robt said...

There are times when mercy is taken as weakness.

Lessons never learned inspire aggression and self righteousness.

There are very simple stories in the Bible which one would consider good direction. Don't get me wrong. The Bible is not the only book. It is a good one.
To bad all those folks on the right. Down in their dark coffins during the day. Will ever read the book they waive about in front of their recurring sins.
If the old saying of knowledge will set you free has merit. How does one inser more knowledge to more people in dire desparate need of it?

Fran / Blue Gal said...

I love you too. Libidinously.

Knight of Nothing said...

A fine tribute. I'll throw in with this rag-tag band of fighters.