Thursday, June 02, 2016

Hillary Clinton Carved Many a "Fuck You" Into Donocchio's Thin Skin This Day

Stipulating that the Democratic nomination process is still ongoing, and further stipulating that one speech does not change the race just as one swallow does not a summer make, it is nonetheless undeniably true that former Secretary of State Clinton smacked the shit out of Donald Trump today with a very effective flurry of policy wonk body blows and relentless, funny, mocking jabs at Trump's lumbering ego and invincible ignorance.

Like the meathead base that loves him, Trump is a braying dumbass who cannot endure to be mocked. And today And so Secretary Clinton called him a dumbass and mocked him without pity.
Clinton attacks Trump's foreign policy as 'dangerously incoherent'

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lambasted Donald Trump's foreign policy platform as "dangerously incoherent" in a speech on Thursday that cast her Republican rival as both a dangerous and laughable figure.

A former U.S. secretary of state, Clinton attacked Trump for his policies and his character, suggesting Trump might start a nuclear war if elected to the White House simply because "someone got under his very thin skin."

"Donald Trump's ideas are not just different, they are dangerously incoherent," she said to a room of supporters in San Diego, California. "They're not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies."

Clinton, the front-runner in the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee, delivered her speech as she seeks to shift her attention to the Nov. 8 election against likely rival Trump and away from Bernie Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, who is continuing his longshot bid for the nomination.

Trump, the Republicans' presumptive nominee, has said he would sit down with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to try to stop Pyongyang's nuclear program and has criticized the decades-old NATO alliance with mainly European nations as obsolete and too costly for the United States.

Clinton derided these and other positions, promising she would do a better job keeping the United States safe and standing in front of a backdrop of 19 large U.S. flags, an unusual abundance even by the standards of presidential campaign events.

Trump, a billionaire businessman who has never held elected office or worked in government before, says he has experience dealing with foreign governments through setting up hotels, resorts, golf courses and beauty pageants in foreign countries. Clinton, who is also a former U.S. senator and former first lady, mocked this.

"He says he has foreign policy experience because he ran the Miss Universe pageant in Russia," she said to loud laughter.
Keep pushing him just like this, every day, and one day soon Trump will go so full metal Capone in front of the cameras that no amount of Joe Scarborough massage oil or Hugh Hewitt albino killbot Email Conspiracy gibberish will make it go away:


bowtiejack said...

"Keep pushing him just like this, every day, and one day soon Trump will go so full metal Capone in front of the cameras that no amount of Joe Scarborough massage oil or Hugh Hewitt albino killbot Email Conspiracy gibberish will make it go away."
Nailed it. Absolutely nailed it.

Exactly what I was predicting to a "both sides" acquaintance of mine earlier today.
Not to be tedious about it, but one of the aspects of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (formerly known as "megalomania") is to go full mad bull crazy for any perceived slight or criticism. An example would be Bill O'Reilly who is now suing his ex (Bill lost bigtime in the divorce) for $12 million for "lying" to him or something equally awful.

RUKidding said...

It's conceivable that Trump will blow up/melt down in some spectacular way due either to Clinton or something else. Yet and still, I'm not sure if it'll matter. His fandom - and I've been stuck in a commuter train with a mob of them for over an hour, so I speak with some slight experience - don't seem capable of determining what it means in terms of actually, you know, serving as US President.

These people, by and large, are the dregs, albeit I do realize and know that there is a significant cohort who are well educated and should know better. But the dregs are flat-out moronic drongos, and they've been heavily propagandized into believing that their every moronic feeling, racist sentiment, sexist urge and homophobic leaning is the REAL WAY things ARE, have always been, and will ever be so.

As bowtiejack points out, Billo is suing his wife for millions because she allegedly (I think) had an affair after they separated (or something equally ridiculous). These drongos listen to Billo as if he's Moses handing down the Tablets.

If Trump melts down, they'll just blame it on that Uber Bitch Shrillery and use the episode as further evidence of how Clinton is utterly unsuited to office, whilst Trump - who had his fee-fees hurted - is the Masterful one.

I hope I'm proven mightily wrong, but let's just say that I'm not holding my breath that fricking anything will sway the mob away from their new Lord & Master. They are swooning at his grubby tiny feet, and he can do no wrong.

dinthebeast said...

How is "I have foreign policy experience because I ran a beauty pageant" better that "I can see Russia from my house"?
I believe you're on the right track here (and so is Hillary, who no sane human would want as an enemy). And that said, campaign attacks still seem like small potatoes to me compared to the actual presidency, where literally the most powerful people on the planet are gunning for you every day. I don't know what would be required of him to turn off very many of his pre-programmed followers, but something bad enough might get enough of us off of our asses and into the voting booth, and really, where he's concerned, that's all we'll need.

-Doug in Oakland

Green Eagle said...

I have a thought, although I have no positive evidence for it. I wonder if the Democrats haven't realized all along how vulnerable Trump is, how easy it will be to make him fall apart in a really spectacular way, but they have been holding off until he is nominated. The last thing that they may want is to destroy him while the Republicans still have a chance to pick someone else.

I'm not sure the Democratic party I have known all my life is capable of this degree of strategic thinking, but it has occurred to me that that is what they are up to, and why they are in no hurry to end their own primary contest. Any thoughts?

n1ck said...

Yes, this.

You don't necessarily need to punch a bully back. You can also smile and laugh at a bully.

Clinton wins by smiling and laughing, while Trump will lose his shit.

Unknown said...

Indeed, n1ck. I've long thought that the single most devastating thing Hillary can do to Trump may very well to be to laugh in his face at one of the debates. Wait patiently through one of his "I'm terrific, Crooked Hillary stinks blah blah blah"...and just...laugh. A sincere, hearty laugh. Trump is such an insecure narcissist, I don't think he could handle it. And then who the fuck knows what he'd do. But it wouldn't be good for his chances.

Robt said...

Trump's speech at his Calif rally after Clinton. Definitely rattled the Trump ego ID.
Trump ranted so limply, it made it very hard for his supporters to swallow such a large dry furrball LIE.

There is a pattern with conservative candidates of late.

*GW Bush and his AWOL service from protecting the skies of Texas from the Vietnamese.

*Dick (I had other things to do) Cheney. A 5 deferment vietnam war hero.

*Mittance (vulture) Romney. 5 religious deferment vietnam war hero. Recruiting mormon in France for the war effort.

*Paul (Munster) Ryan. Chose not to serve in a time of a voluntary military. But cut V.A. funding in favor of tax cuts during a time of 2 simultaneous wars returning many injured troops.

*Drumpf-f-f-f. 4 deferment vietnam war hero.

They will all listen to the generals. Well, at least like GW did.

Is there a pattern here?

ChicagoPat said...

Watch Trump during the 2012 (?) White House Correspondents Dinner, when Obama verbally pantsed him and spanked his flabby white ass in from of the world, and imagine if he'd had a chance to offer a rebuttal. That's what the debate would be like.

We don't need his dead enders, just the 20% of america that never pays attention, but still votes. If we can swing over a few Rs with some remanants of self respect and love for their country after BUsh, so much the better. I may be silly, but I think Utah could actually go blue this cycle (just because of Donald, I think 2020 will be same old, same old)

mainmata said...

RUKidding. An interesting question is whether the mouthbreathers and "dregs" that show up at Trump's "Nuremberg" style rallies will be disciplined enough to actually show up to vote for him in November. I'm betting that a lot of his followers are probably low information, unregistered voters that may simply not show up to vote at all. Of course, the regular GOP, including the Teahadists will show up to vote but they would even if the GOP candidate was literally a sack of rocks. That leaves an unknown percentage of lean-R voters who may be completely turned off by Trump and not vote.

RUKidding said...

mainmata: I don't know. It has posited that a certain cohort of swooning (and they do swoon) Trump fans may end up not voting, maybe didn't even vote in the primary, may not be registered even now, despite the high numbers who did. I simply don't know.

It does seem as if a cohort of traditional GOP voters are turned off enough that they'll either: a) stay home, b) vote libertarian, or c) a small group will cross party lines and vote for Hillary (likely the candidate).

I happened to hear a clip on the radio of Trump's arrival at his recent rally in Sacramento. I am so sheltered because I don't have a tv and listen to radio sparingly. I must confess that I was horrified and appalled by what was clearly a WWE style of introducing Trump to his shrieking adulating fans. Awful. Just awful what the GOP has created. Just dreadful. Shameful. I am going overseas later this year, and frankly it will be hard to face my friends. I don't know what to say. How can citizens be this depraved and, frankly, mind-numbingly stupid?? Thanks, GOP.

Of course, Trump claimed that there were something like 15,000 fans at the Sacramento rally, when there was really something around 2500. But even that number is sad.

I'm not a huge Hillary fan, but I've listened to parts of her San Diego speech. I agree with what she did and said there. Sanders, too, was voicing similar thoughts and concerns about Trump. Of course, Sanders gets far less attention, but a recent speech of his somewhat mirrors Clinton's. They both need to do this. It's appalling what is happening with Trump, and of course, the 1% owned rightwing media (eg, all of it, Katie) continues to provide Trump with endless hours of free air time and fawning subservient attention. Ugh.

Professor Fate said...

"Keep pushing him just like this, every day, and one day soon Trump will go so full metal Capone in front of the cameras that no amount of Joe Scarborough massage oil or Hugh Hewitt albino killbot Email Conspiracy gibberish will make it go away."

Oh I do hope so but I keep getting the sick feeling they will throw themselves upon grenade after grenade after grenade and that eventually the sheer number of incidents will breed a 'trump fatigue' in the press (Lord knows I was tired of him months ago) that will make anything other than Trump going after Hilary in a debate with a penknife will cause anything other than a shrug and someone saying what about Hillary and X. until the election.