Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Important Safety Tip

According to the National Sleep Foundation, noises that interrupt your sleep can adversely affect your overall health.

They have a few suggestions:
White noise may be used to mask jarring noises that could wake you up. It can be created by a white noise machine, a fan or air conditioner, for example.

If you live near a flight zone or a busy street, use white noise to minimize your chances of waking during the night.

Always turn the TV off when you go to bed. A television creates sounds that vary in tone and volume, which could interrupt sleep.
They don't mention it specifically, but if you have the financial wherewithal you also might want to consider the therapeutic value of buying your way into President Stupid's cabinet.

Because some of those guys can sleep like the dead.  From NY Mag:
Report: Trump Has Soured on Wilbur Ross, Who Can’t Stay Awake at Meetings

Ross reportedly has trouble staying awake during meetings, too, with a former administration official telling Axios that the 80-year-old is only “good until about 11 a.m.” That hasn’t gone over well, since showing signs of age would never be acceptable in this administration.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Playing Rollins during meetings might help keep people awake.