Saturday, March 31, 2018

13th Blogiversary Fundraiser: Day One

Conservatives when they are in power.

Conservatives when they are out of power.

I remain amused that anyone continues to pretend to be fooled by this.

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Anonymous said...

I'd you don't pretend to be fooled by this, you get put on the "journalism" blacklist.

Meremark said...

Here are worded ammunitions that can shoot holes in those white hoods lums.

 OPINION - 03/29/2018
Bad Ideas Aren’t Worth Debating

Noah Berlatsky -- Guest Writer

Mainstream magazines in the Donald Trump era have been scrambling to hire more right-leaning columnists to demonstrate their commitment to diversity of thought. These efforts have borne fruit, though not exactly in the manner intended. Instead of showing the value of vibrant debate, they’ve demonstrated that conservative ideas aren’t worth debating.

The Atlantic’s recent personnel choices are a case in point.

The left is constantly told that we’re shutting down debate and thereby threatening free speech. But no one is owed a platform at a mainstream publication. The record of conservative governance, and the record of conservative pundits, makes a strong case that conservative ideas have little to offer in response to our greatest problems now, if they ever did.

Yes, lots of people believe in conservatism, but lots of people believe in astrology, too. That doesn’t mean that mainstream publications should start running serious op-eds about what the arrangement of the stars says about the major political issues of our day. (Though admittedly astrology is a lot less harmful than conservatism.)


My favorite phrase is the punch line set up by pointing at election laws that force two parties on all ballots. It's like "affirmative action" for Republicans. Who are unelectable on the merits of their ideas or abilities.

Driftglass and Belantsky got a little bit of Marx and Engels going on.
Peace out.

btw, Easter is April Fool's.
No point in that, just that thinking those four words puts a canary-eating grin on my mug all day.

Lawrence said...

The first photo needs more galliform copulation.

Robt said...

Thanking billionaire Mercer family for uniting the misuse of perfectly good sheets with the folks that have to misuse ovens because a paper shredder is just not practical. Funneled into Breitbart and Storm Trooper. Stolen away from Red State and FOX. Even GOP hate central (the NRA) has been siphoned off.

Will they return to General Lee's statue? Wander into Hitler's lingering escaped war criminal survival camps? Can the NRA heard them back to the GOP?

A more concerning question;
Why is it the networks seem to only air republicans to admonish republicans?

Take the MSNBC Schmidt appearances. They allow him to verbally strike a liightning bolt at the robotic heart of the GOP. There ae many capable lefties that could articulate the rights devolving into the Putin Puppet regime.
I noticed, not one of these GOP consultants ever address how vial (one word to shorten the length description) of the GOP's dereliction of their duty over a SCOTUS vacancy. The GOP will to hold out their racism to deny the country's first black president's nominee for 14 months .

From my perspective, the GOP feeling and displaying their inner most white supremacist and superiority . By lynching publicly Americas first black resident's open SCOTUS seat nominee. Not just liberal denied the inferior races were. Gorsuch who represented in a degree that white supremacist power. By every republican Senator.

To this day, they boast and are so proud of their ugly moment in history. A dog whistle that humans can hear as well.

How the media portrays GOPers like Jeff Flake who announced his departure from the senate. Now out spoken of his party's president. As every vote and action he taken is in fact aligned with Trump. The man he condemns. The Senator GOP guy the media praises for speaking out on the Trump.

Example; Mitt Romney makes a strong condemning seech of Trump and the GOP. What a man, opposing Trump and his welcoming into the GOP as such a horrid thing that would deny every Mormon his magic religious underwear.

Romney meets with this evil to discuss taking a job with him. But not approved by the Trump.

That same Romney aims for Utah's senate seat and the media salivates how Romney will be opposing the unholy president David Dennison.

As everything points to Romney;s presence in the Senate will be much like Sen Jeff Flakes. But Romney will vote with Trump. Romney is not going to be speaking out like the Flake. Because he will be on the GOP team. Subservient to Trump.

Over all, the media slanders many liberals/ Democrats for either not speaking out strongly against Trump and not having any thing to campaign on. Other than Anti-Trump.

Do you hear the media repeatedly asking any GOPers about having nothing to run on in the election except for being for )everything) Trump???

dfgfg said...

Congrats on 13 years! Keep up the good work. It must be tiring, but you're not alone

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