Saturday, February 03, 2018

Devin Nunes: Super Crime Solving Guy

Devin Nunes knows where the WMD are.

Devin Nunes promises that the coup is in the mail.

Devin Nunes has located the "Whitey Tape".

Devin Nunes has compelling evidence (which he cannot share with you for reasons of national security) that Hillary Clinton hired Ted Cruz's father to kill Vince Foster.

Kenyan Birth Certificates?  Devin Nunes has a crate full of them.

Devin Nunes has finally translated the rest of the Whitewater documents.  It''s a cookbook!

Devin Nunes' discovery that Solyndra sold Death Panels will rock this country to its foundations.

Devin Nunes has an audio recording of Johnny Cash confessing that he shot a man in Reno.  And you'll never guess why!

Devin Nunes is the hero the Republican Party deserves.

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TeddyPartridge said...

Devin Nunes has discovered who fathered ALL the Palin grandchildren!

dinthebeast said...

Last time I used the Google, there were six Democrats announced as running in the 22ond district.
Issa isn't running anywhere but away.
Now if we can just turf out McCarthy, Hunter, Rohrabacher, and a few more of the goddamn Republicans in even up, +D, or <R+3 in this state that Hillary won by thirty points, we'll be a long way towards these fucks just being clowns in our news feeds again instead of actually running stuff.

-Doug in Oakland

VonWenk said...

Meanwhile, Trump's approval ratings have apparently risen for some reason. I'm beginning to think liberals spend too much time patting themselves on the back about how clever they are. Instead of fantasizing about blue waves and Mueller saving us, maybe we should spend more time strategising about how to overcome Russian interference and Republican voter-suppression efforts, and what we're going to do if the Republicans retain control of the legislative branch.

Robt said...

Buddy Devin was in om the Trump transition. After his midnight big mac run to the white house. That set off alarms of not just his credibility. But, his legal liabilities of dealing with Russians. From Espionage to bribery from a foreign unfriendly country.

Nunes is dirty. I mean wallowing in the hog trough mud dirty. The thing is, Ryan is no loyalist to Nunes nor the president. Ryan looks after only Himself, Ryan's donor masters, Ayn Rand and Ryan's family. In that order.

So why the speaker's patience with Nunes and how it reflects on Ryan?

With Ryan, forget the silly notion that Speaker of the House is supposed to be Speaker of the people of the nation in the House.

It may be suject drifting Bbbuuuttt,

We have got to stop republicans from using government to pass tax cuts to the wealthy so they do not have to donate their own money to the republican's campaign.

They outsourced the cash used for republican donations by using tax dollars.

Like how they pay their sex harassment settlements with tax dollars.

For an ideology that hates big government and its abuses. The lead and break all records in this criminal competion catogory.

Aurora Silvermane said...

How many of y’all live in Florida? It’s time to get out the vote and help the 300,000 displaced Puerto Ricans register to vote in the 2018 midterms. Start now, because even though they are American citizens, you can bet the Republicans are a scramblin’ already to disenfranchise the shit out of them.

Anonymous said...

Why do Liberals have to fight five times harder and be ten times cleaner, to beat the cheatin' Cons? Has it always been thus? It gets tiresome.

jim said...

He can keep fuckin' that chicken, but I don't think he's gonna sell many eggs.

Sessions may be a fascist but he seems strangely unwilling to completely bastardize the DOJ - as when he shrugged & put a quick clean headshot into UraniumGate - & he'll probably do the same to the Steaming Triple-Coiler Memo given the conspicuous lack of grounds for any charges. Problem is, Trump's lawyers have probably let him know that Jeffrey Beauregard more or less saved his fat ass by not quitting back when Trump was trying to terrorize him into stepping down - much less dangerous in the Administration than out of it, he's also a much more legally adept ally than whatever genetic also-ran Trump would replace him with, & he knows not to strike at Dems without a good pretext & some kind of contingency plan. There's a thin chance he may play along with MemoGhazi until the next shiny thing pops up, but it's pure DC Kabuki.

The trouble is, the Window-Licking Demographic seems to expect indictments of Obama, Clinton, Mueller - & Oprah, Jake Tapper & FDR for all I know - by this time next week, & for the Russia investigation to be shut down by last Tuesday. Unthinkable that they're getting played for chumps, so Wingnut Logic dictates that if this particular turkey fails to soar like a crying eagle it's PROOF POSITIVE that at least some of the DERP Reich are actually a Libtard Sleeper Cell who're an elite branch of the same NWO/Reptoid cabal that popped Obama out of a vat in Kenya fully formed circa 2004. Never mind rough primaries or lawyering up - the Vlad Caucus needs to be paying some folks to taste their food & start their cars for them from here on out.

tjan said...

And here I thought "The Memo" was a cookbook! Thank for the chuckle DG. said...

Because 1% of the population has roughly 50% of all the country's wealth & they want more of it. RW ideologies, including the current incoherent amalgamation of Ayn Rand, white supremacy, & Christianist Patriarchy is about defending & justifying the distribution of wealth & income & demonizing those who oppose it, no matter how mildly. (See James Watt's 1981 comment about Americans v. Liberals, who are by definition UnAmerican.

Unknown said...

Devin Nunes knows who shot the deputy.

Otto66 said...

Rather than use Rasmussen polls as your yard stick best wait for the dust to settle.

Otto66 said...

It will be revealed that Ryan took Russian money as did the NRA.

Robt said...

I agree Otto sixty six. I shall be revealed.

How did so many republicans get addicted To the orgasmic euphoria of the alien anal probe.????????????

Release the Area 51 memos !!!!!!!!!

Just to get the Soviet bots in on it. make it a #release the Ara 61 alien probe memos on republicans.

I think extra funding put into the Opioid addiction rehab bill (that will never get passed), Funding for Anal alien probe addiction recovery / rehab is needed. For those forgotten alien abducted republicans.

This could be from, Political Science fiction theater; episode one.

Republican are being controlled through abductions to use mind control via alien probing to take over the Earth.

Fatalysk Barnes said...

Devin Nunes knows who killed Nicole Simpson but you’ll have to wait for his memo on that.

e.a.f. said...

That was super funny! thanks for the laugh, the tip jar was a great idea.

Robt said...

Nunes gives right wing media an anal sex toy to play with for their audience.

Nunes to pay out harassment settlements over this with his congressional tax payer funded allowance.

As new memo released from area 51.
p Providing genetic evidence That the republican party are victims of overly interbreeding amongst themselves and farm animals.

That hannity and Gorka are closley related. Products of Roger Ailes, and wombat as well as Cheney and the common female billy goat it shows Gorka being a DNA offspring.

And come on, Really !!!!!
Republicans Run Actual Nazi (Aurther Jones) In IL-03 .

Have you not learned the Blues Bothers lesson?

What is it about those Illinois NAZIS ????????

What next, Trump fires Pence and replaces him with Natalia Veselnitskaya !