Thursday, February 08, 2018

Attention Matthew Dowd -- I Have Found Your Perfect Candidate

He's a Disruptor (tm) who's sick of the K'rupt Duopoly (tm).

Gotta love that!

A self-proclaimed American Patriot (tm) and Statesman who is Not Politically Correct (tm) and Not a Professional Politician (tm).  He is a Proud Christian (tm).  A Veteran (tm).  He hates The Media (tm).  He loves the Truth (tm).  He believes in America First (tm), No More Wars and More Jobs (tm).

Lordy. this guy checks all the boxes!

But most importantly, although he is running on the Republican ticket, he is, at heart, a true Independent (tm) who believes that Both Sides (tm) of our two-party system are equally craven and corrupt.

Perfect right?  And he's even stirred things up enough to score some free national media, so how about that!

Of course, the reason he despises the K'rupt Duopoly is that is it an "...accursed Two Party, Jew Party, Queer Party system!"

And he plays up his military service during Vietnam to contrast himself with "...all the Communist Jews who were in the street."

And, yeah, he believes the Holocaust is an "extortion racket" and will wave "documents" at you to "prove" it.

Because he's a fucking Nazi.

That is, he would be a Nazi if we still labeled things.

But we don't want to label things anymore because labeling things is wrong.

So very, very wrong.

If Arthur Jones happened to be a prominent member of the American Nazi Party years ago, well so what?  After all, Joe Scarborough was a prominent member of the Republican Party up until about ten minutes ago, but now that he is a newly-minted "independent" he is very vehement about having no connection to and taking no responsibility for what the Republican Party has become over the course of his entire adult life.  And I know that we are definitely not supposed to judge or label newly-minted "independent" Arthur Jones on the basis of his long history as an American Nazi for the same reason we are not supposed to judge or label Joe Scarborough or any of the thousands of newly-minted "independents" on the basis of their long history as Republicans.

Because ABC News' chief political analyst told me personally that it was wrong.

So very, very wrong.

And so given the fact that, according to ABC News' chief political analyst, it is very wrong to label anyone as anything, and very wrong to judge anyone by anything they have ever done before this exact moment in time we are left with no way to reach any decision about the character or intentions of Arthur Jones beyond the words that have most recently flown from his mouth.

Specifically, that he's a Disruptor (tm) who's sick of the K'rupt Duopoly (tm).
A self-proclaimed American Patriot (tm) and Statesman who is Not Politically Correct (tm).
He is Not a Professional Politician (tm).
He is a Proud Christian (tm).
A Veteran (tm).
Who hates The Media (tm).
Loves the Truth (tm).
And believes in America First (tm), No More Wars and More Jobs (tm).

In other words, the perfect No Labels, Centrist Project candidate.

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jim said...

Problem Solver Convention?
Is THAT what they call that nowadays?
One hopes they're at least polite enough to change hands after lunch.

Was just going to come here & wax pathetic re: the logically impending Arpaio-Jones 2020 (2019?) ticket, but you've beaten me to some far more delicious (rabbit) punch.

Great minds decay alike.

Robt said...

why don't you accept people for where they are in the present?

Difficulty with Dowd is that liberals do accept who they are in the present! We accept Gorka, Steve Miller, Bannon and Trump of who they tell us out right who they are.
When they say they are White Supremacists, White Nationalists, and have protests to maintain their statue icons of false pride.

I accept them and believe them not just when they Say it. Their actions and behaviors prove them out.

Accepting them does not equate to joining them or enabling them or even praising them. Not even letting Bigoted by-gones be racist by-gones and harming other people with who they say they are, their intention and accomplishments.

*If Dowd accepts them for who they are "Now". Why the pass? Hitler was bad in history but Hitler today needs to be left alone to be himself and fester.

*What the hell, Dowd?

Why is it, all the metal ill let out of the asylums by Reagan, the KKK, Anti Semites, NAZIS anti society hate filled violent criminals all drawn like a moth to the flame of the republican party Umbrella?

*Dowd, how many decent good racists do you know?

*Why can't Dowd just accept who Dylan Roof was? Who he hung with? Who he said he was in his speech at the Church?

**Apparently Dowd has accepted (he means embrace) the candidacy of Arthur Jones in IL.

If Dowd influences his news organization with this inane discourse of embellishing the degradation of the country with anything but in the direction of decency.

In Dowd's view, I just need to accept who Dowd is telling me who he is? Not the Dowd that doesn't speak fully of who he is?

Finally I must pose to Dowd,

Why cannot he, and the republican party as a whole, why can't the white Supremacists accept those other people of color or is different somehow?
Why is it Dowd or anyone else cannot accept HRC for who she is today and not who the GOP portrayed her as?

Obama for that sakes? pelosi? Schumer? Why can't Trump and republicans accept who Robert Meuller is today and what he is accomplishing?

But Dowd and his restrictive limilted communication, (set in such a way) to shield HM from any in depth conversation that includes too many details.

How does Dowd accept that Trump spewed racist discord loud and disgustingly of the Obama Birtherism and has never apologized.

Obama had to accept Trump and all (Dowd) included) acceptance of Trumpism's despicable assassination of another human being. Only They do it loud and publicly and use propaganda methods and measures to instill this hate for their political gain.

You think Dowd ever thought to cover how Obama the father had to explain to his 2 daughters that their are hateful people that are admired for doing despicable, harmful things to others and Matthew Dowd enables them because he accepts them?????

The Victim hood the GOP crusaded against. They embraced after their victory of the war on Christmas.
All the things Obama did to Trump, The Deep State, the Secret Society. Even BLM can't seem to forgive Trump for his racist policies or bringing in actual proud racists into the White House as advisers. I have accepted Trump's racist nature. have you? and if you do, what now?

Victim hood and political correctness is now the hollowed ground zero of the republican Brotherhoods nesting.

I have got to find a way to condense thought, details of debate into the realm of what Dowd might understand.
A one sentence Zinger............

dinthebeast said...

OK, someone has to say it:

"I hate Illinois Nazis."

-Doug in Oakland

wibble said...

@dinthebeast ~>XD

mu said...

Dowd finally blocked me on Twitter.

That you may judge whether I deserved to be blocked by him, here is every tweet I have ever sent to him (DG, don't post if u don't want all this shit on here):


IIRC, when Trump was elected, you said, 'don't blame the media.' that may well have been your worst tweet ever.

Matthew, you KNOW the GOP base celebrates disunity. PLEASE STOP LYING!

Are you trying to ingratiate yourself to Trump here? That SOOOOOO seems like you.

How about the values, temperament, and competence of Rush Limbaugh? Glenn Beck? Ann Coulter? Sean Hannity? How about McConnell or Issa or Gingrich? You don't think the constant BS is destroying our democracy? The truth shall set us free. Few can speak truth to power like you can.

Serious question: why do you, Matthew Dowd, Chief Political Analyst for ABC News, pretend that you don't know the answer to this question?

To be fair, I'm not sure an Einstein could last two hours trying to defend such a record of lies and incompetence.

Do you generally agree with this statement: "As a broadcaster, Rush Limbaugh is a disingenuous, manipulative propagandist who intentionally misleads his audience to serve hidden political agendas"? Or is this subject off-limits for someone in your position? Thanks.

Now you know how Bush critics felt (ehem) when we got called soldier-hating terrorist lovers for pointing out that Iraq didn't have WMDs and wasn't an al-Qaeda sponsor and that the war was being botched horribly. Strange world, isn't it?

Says the Disney employee. ;)

Here, let your former boss help you out:

I eagerly await your column on the role in this crisis of Rush Limbaugh's lies; Matt Drudge's lies; Wall Street Journal's lies; FNC's; Bush's; Cheney's; Rice's; Reagan's; Krauthammer's; Coulter's; Breitbart's; National Review's; Brooks's; Ryan's; McCain's; Romney's; Pailn's; etc.

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Jesus denouncing Both-Siderism?

'People like you are in what we call the reality-based community. You believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.'

'And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.'

how would you define "independent" in a way that applies to you but not the average 'democrat' or 'republican'?

Islam is an abstract concept and thus not capable of committing violence. Saying 'Islam killed people' is unhelpful.

83% of voters are angered both by rambunctious children and stupid statistical comparisons.

Such as deceiving America into the Iraq War?

in other words, much more clear and unambiguous words..???

propaganda & punditry poison politics.

MD, I am a Driftglass fan and I think he has your # pretty well, but I have always disagreed with his antipathy to Rep base. I like your msg

...of love, understanding, humility, self-examination, not blaming the victim etc. But u lean on leftist mistakes to justify right's, IMO.

Please tell us about your Mr Hyde...

lies corrode democracy. the truth shall set us free. please, matthew, you can make a difference, but only if you choose to.

ps yes, i understand the idea of lies serving the greater good, but they ALWAYS corrode democracy, at least temporarily.

The dishonorable nature of the cause is the greater indictment than the rebellion, IMO.

What if the USA had insisted upon ending segregation before battling the Nazis? We'd maybe all be speaking German right now.

mu said...


A Both Siderist masterpiece. You outright declare you will respond to every criticism of the GOP by reversing the criticism on the critic.

don't blame the media?

Are political pundits leaders?

"Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."

the truth shall set you free.

I for one am not so much angry with the dupes of the vast right wing conspiracy, as frustrated by them. The perps are the contemptible ones.

Ted Cruz is morally corrupt and a pathological liar.

So, Chief Political Analyst for ABC News, why do you think it is that we don't have enough of these types of leaders?

Not sure Trump much cares whether his presidency hurts or helps people. Millions of lives in the hands of someone who doesn't seem to care.

You are a professional both-siderist who will never admit that GOP is far more craven and dysfunctional than Dems. You thus serve the GOP.

Stop what? Calling it as I see it? Both-siderism is the MSM Big Lie that enables GOP to be so reckless. Anyway, thx for blessing.

Admit that GW Bush and crew lied about Iraqi WMD. Admit that and I might begin to trust you.

explains your bromance with fournier.

Just more trite BS meant to justify GOP's selection of Trump over Clinton.

Yes, truth is good. Speaking of truth, still pretending GWB made honest case for Iraq War 2?

Agree: GOP base is deranged cult fine-tuned to do bidding of megalomaniacal psychopaths, but I hold no intrinsic ill will towards them.

don't blame media says media pundit. news at 11.

When partisans employ nefarious means like dishonesty or mean-spiritedness because they want to win an election, this contributes to a loss

...of faith and a broken democracy. - Matthew Dowd, GOPropagandist

hmm, seems audience for this book is people who believe lying, manipulation and exploitation are politically justified. no wonder u like it.

(1) btw, between the two of you, if you ever actually chose to follow the advice of dowd's book, you know, to stop lying for a living, ...

(2) you might actually become even more famous and more wealthy and perhaps even find some ethical redemption. can u imagine u 2 actually...

(3) being honest w/ your audiences for once? Telling people insider insight on the MSM propaganda regime - what a sensation that could be!

(1) ps when you say "we" need to stop lying and brainwashing the ever-living-hell out of our fellow human beings in order to achieve our...

(2) political ends, you are LYING! because you very well know that not everyone is so deeply, deeply dishonest as certain people, ...

(3) ; u & urs r have brainwashed the ever-living hell out of GOP voters. u know it, but u'll never say it.

self-reflection worked for you? please! disingenuous pundits like you are the reason trump is president. you sowed the seeds.

Disingenuous, manipulative media propagandist argues media is not to blame. News at 11.

careful, your disingenuousness is showing.

Anonymous said...

"She's a good-hearted woman and she studies evil, every day."

ziply said...

AWESOME 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

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