Sunday, January 21, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person


Who the fuck is "us" you vantz?

Here is Mr. Heroically Shining Out In The Dark With Love a year ago.  Y'know, back in the days when some action in the general directions of not being a leader of the Don't Vote For Hillary Because K'rupt Duopoly circle-jerk might have made a tangible difference:

So no, Mr. Dowd, you and your ilk are not heroes of our epic American poem.  See you're the bad guys.  Minor ones, to be sure.  Mere gutless punks and henchmen-for-hire in the grand scheme of things, but definitely not on the side of the angels. 

On the other hand, while you will never, ever "shine the brightest", I guarantee you that we on the Left will most definitely never forget your name.

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Robt said...

Shining stars like you and me and what our lives can truly be.

As displayed, Dowd embodies the Paul Ryan responses when confronted with racism of the White House or his Republican members. "Well it isn't very helpful".
But refuses to take responsibility. When in majorities and fail or in minorities and obstruct.

Like Dowd's not voting stance.

If he was living during the run up to the Civil War. Would he pick a side?

If he saw james Booth fleeing his crime running right by his (Dowd). Would he try to stop Booth? Call for someone ? Just let him go by and not get involved?

We could ask Dowd,
If there were more like you in the run up to the Revolutionary war for independence of the colonies from Britain. Would he vote for Britain or the Colonies? From what he showed us with his "Neither" vote.
He would sit by, talk about the battles. Waiting for one side to win and suck up to that side.

I say like Senator Duckworth described, "5 deferment cadet bone spur" Who claims perfect health. So Dowd had bone spurs in his head when it came time to serve his country and VOTE.

Thanks for the planetarium star shining show.
Very encouraging.................................

dinthebeast said...

I bet he would shine even brighter if he was on fire...

-Doug in Oakland

Dave McCarthy said...

star that shines brightest = enabler, aider and abetter

jim said...

TRANSLATION: Surely this is the best of all possible aftermaths! Behold how I sparkle amid the bones & ashes of the clusterfuck I was paid richly to engineer! See how I twinkle in the warmth & quiet of my mink-lined privilege cocoon of blood money from state terrorism & graft! I am literally the bomb!

The (Sorcerers') Apprentice, 2018 Mix: "Mops & brooms were enchanted."

cvmbner said...

I bet Matthew & Bobo get together for $25 bison burgers all the fucking time, to discuss the Great Books and The Shining Centrism on the Hill that always lies just around the corner. When they get tired, they step over the homeless guy on the corner with disgust and dust off their bespoke trousers.

Bob Harrison said...

Ok this Dowd asshole has made my shitlist.

Potomacker said...

His vote is only relevant according to which state he is registered in. Would it make any difference if he had voted for Clinton and thus she would have still lost by garnering 3 million votes plus one?

Andrew Johnston said...

Mostly OT, but it looks like Bill Kristol is reaching for that centrist brass ring again:

With 2018 featuring a shutdown followed by further partisan squabbling and a nasty election campaign; and 2019 likely to see total war between a Democratic House and the Trump Administration—could conditions be better in 2020 for a possible independent, national unity candidacy?

Robt said...

And Ted Cruz claims he has never been for any sort of shutting down of Government.

As all the GOP government hating Billionaire Nick Nacks make their arguments over keeping Gov't open because it will harm society if Gov't is not in the way of rugged individualism..

We neeed to have a lottery where the winner gets a corporate news network show that gets to interview politicians (and its glitter).

Because, I can't win if I don't play.