Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Here Comes Mr. Wolf. Again.

As readers of this little blog are already aware, the Beltway media's most indispensable function in our fatally polluted political ecosystem is to make sure that the Republican Party is never, ever held responsible for the havoc they wreak on this country.

Everything else is yadda, yadda, yadda.  Weather, sports and water-skiing squirrels.

It doesn't matter how many different ways the Republicans fucked things up last time, or in how many different disguises they show up at the Fuck Everything Up Parade next time. When the last HUD house is shuttered and the last public school is sold off to golf course developers, our Beltway media will still be there, making sure the Republican Atrocity Memory Hole is open 24/7/365.  Making sure that the same gorgons and hobgoblins and cyborgs who helped midwife the previous Republican catastrophe are quietly shriven, re-upholstered and given another well-remunerated seat at Very Serious Media table in time to grease the skids of the next Republican catastrophe

Over and over again.  Around and around.  Wreck a government.  Build a lifeboat.  Sail in a circle. Come back to the scene of your old crime dressed in new threads.  Wreck the government again. Build another lifeboat.  

Mr. Wolf is always on the job. *

Which brings us to Ms. Kathleen Parker, who, for awhile seemed to have been so stunned with poison from the collective wingnut venom sac back she dared to suggest that the Scintilla from Wasilla was maybe not up to the job of vice president of the United States that it seems just barely possible Ms. Parker might stop being a reliable Republican-enabling Beltway Both Siderist stooge.

But mortgages must be paid, and wet bars must be restocked.  And actually breaking with the doctrine of the High and Holy Church of Both Sides Do It to ride off and tilt at wingnut windmills is still professional suicide.  And so, inevitably, Mr. Parker has shaken off her encounter with the nekkid Id of the GOP and gone back to what she does best:  being a reliable Beltway Both Siderist stooge.

And while her Friday headline was a good example of pissy Villager trolling (h/t Alert Reader WA for sending it my way) -- 
How Democrats won the presidency
-- and the article atop which it perches is as fine a slice of Republican Detachment Disorder as I have seen, it is her follow-on article from yesterday that is the real winner:
Can centrism be a movement?
It's so thick and rich with Both Siderist awful that it goes down...and then comes right back up an ipecac milkshake.

Here are a few of the gooier nuggets:
While Manhattan’s already snarled streets filled beyond capacity with limos toting dignitaries, a quieter, less-theatrical group of thinkers and leaders was meeting to discuss strategies for a rising new political center...

The Sunday event was the inaugural “Ideas Summit” of the New Center, the policy arm of No Labels, an organization dedicated to restoring bipartisanship and a centrist governing philosophy in Washington...”

And about 100 politicians, financial backers and others convened to hear former British prime minister Tony Blair in a conversation with Joe Lieberman,a former U.S. senator from Connecticut and a No Labels co-chair..

Contrary to early criticism of No Labels as a front for right-leaning 1-percenters, and its predicted failure, the group’s composition and much of what it proposes are very much in the middle of the muddle. Successful by most measures, the organization has about 15 staffers and, importantly, a group of committed financiers who can underwrite political campaigns in the absence of party support...
Because there will always, always, always be money in the banana shack for anyone who will boldly blame Both Sides for Republican perfidy and treason.

And, finally...
But, I asked, can centrism really become a movement? Does it need a party?

Said Lieberman: “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says we have to have a two-party system. We can do whatever we want.”

Indeed, we can.

In other words...

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* Fixed.  Thanks for the catch.


Andrew Johnston said...

Blair and Lieberman, huh? There's a pair for you.

Hey, you left out the best part of that earlier column:

Just last week, caucus members visited the White House to share ideas with President Trump, who recently has shown signs of cooperative behavior, notwithstanding his U.N. shout-out to “Rocket Man” (Kim Jong Un) and his open threat to destroy North Korea. (Emphasis added with gusto)

"Sure, his cognition has regressed to a point where we don't know what he's going to do from minute to minute, but he didn't hurl anything at us when we showed up so we're marking this one a win for America."

I also see that their big ideas involve relocating people for work (like North Dakota - remember how well that worked?), "equalizing" capital gains taxes and cutting corporate taxes and then using Laffer magic to pay for infrastructure. Gee, I can't imagine why anyone would think that these guys are "right-leaning 1-percenters." They draw their ideas from both sides - the right and the center-right.

...Seriously though, what kind of political org brags about having Tony Blair in their camp?

Andrew Johnston said...

Oh my God, I hit post too soon. One of the people in charge of the "New Center" is none other than Bloody Bill Kristol.

That's not a joke, but I believe it did just prove, for good and all, Drifty's long-standing point about the nature of Both Siderists...

Green Eagle said...

Joe Lieberman. JOE LIEBERMAN! "a conversation with Joe Lieberman"!!!!!

I rest my case.

Neo Tuxedo said...

We are watching a rabid wolf try to tear its own throat out and rape its own corpse.

eddie blake said...

...and i guess you haven't seen sully's last bit of blinded, bigoted balderdash laden with the trademark both-sideism.

i'm AMAZED at how little american history he actually knows and am eve MORE amazed at all the leftists who reblog him uncritically....

Unknown said...

The most accurate description of GOP and Mainslime Media I've ever read.

Jim Jones said...

Hey, your link in the line "Mr. Wolf is always on the job." is broken.


Robt said...

Two examples of both siderism.

Liberal 6 year old steals a candy bar and gets caught and punished for not knowing better.

3 armed adult republicans rob a liqueur store and kills the cashier so not to leave witnesses.

---See, It is the same.

Jimbo said...

Whining Joe: <“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says we have to have a two-party system. We can do whatever we want.”>i

Sure, we have a first past the post electoral system but, according to Joe, you can have all kinds of parties. True, but not if you're serious about winning elections. And this clown was actually a Senator once.

"No Labels" is just the 1950s GOP without the Birchers.

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