Thursday, August 03, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: Matthew Dowd

It's not the "T cult", Matthew.

It is "Republicans".  And it has been "Republicans" for a very, very long time.

And when you started to notice that, year after year after year, the last resort defection/alibi that every single one of them proffers every single time one of their lies blows up in their face is "Everyone does it", did you ever bother ask yourself where in the world these people all learned to mindlessly cop the same, identical, reprehensible plea?

Seriously, Matthew, didn't you ever wonder for a single second to how in the name of Phineas T. Barnum every one of these meatheads all glommed onto the same idea?   That "Both Sides Do It" is some kind of Magic Conjure Phrase that would always get them off the hook forever and ever no matter what?

Because I don't...


Jimbo said...

I'm increasingly of the belief that people like Dowd, DFB, Fournier, Chew Hewitt, Chuck Toddler and all the other bothsiderists know that they're lying but a) don't care because there's no incentive for them to tell the truth and b) no one except bloggers like you will hold them to account. The result is that the public conversation degrades still further but also that the GOP is able to drag the country further into ruin with impunity.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

No "c cult" for "centrists?" Or was that comeback too obvious?

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

To both sider it,

By this conservative standard, (beginning with the lie). Everyone would have called a stand down to murder 4 people in Benghazi. Everyone wanted those 4 people dead like HRC. As every general and diplomat would have called for the military to stand down so the 4 can be killed as they all watched?
* Then why do the point blame at HRC?

Everyone would have sent in $13 billion tax dollars into a war zone of a country we pre empted war on. Send that money to Paul Wolfowitz who is dubbed "Viceroy" in that war zone. Everyone would send that money in there. Except Obama didn't?

Like HRC, Trump, Sanders, the Pope (you name it) would all have opened up a child sex slave organization out of a basement of a Pizza/ping pong establishment. During her campaign bid for president of the U.S..
*So what was the big deal, everyone would have or everyone does it. Most of all, Both sides run child sex rings out of Pizza joint basements so what is the deal?

All presidents have settled out of court at the last minute over a Fraud crime they committed. Settling out of court to avoid a guilty verdict? Everyone gets that same latitude from the justice system.
I am sure AG Sessions crack down to lock up pot smoking evil people will be give the same chance as Trump when he paid off restitution in a settlement to avoid prison and a criminal record.

Sure they will, right?

Everyone who becomes president pledges allegiance to Russia and Putin of America.
I mean wouldn't you? As a father" A veteran? A mother?

Andrew Johnston said...

A large chunk of the political commentariat - bounded on one side by the sensible and well bred left, on the other by the "intellectual" right, with the Both Siderist cult in the middle - assumes that Donald Trump is the sole cause of everything that's happening now. They have to assume this because if Trump were a symptom, a consequence of thirty-odd years of dirty politics and deception targeting American voters, then they couldn't very well maintain that Both Sides Do It. Certainly Dowd can't admit that in the Venn diagram of American politics, the "T cult" circle and the Republican circle are nearly in eclipse.

It's easier this way. Once the bad man is gone and we've all agreed that Congressional Republicans aren't responsible for any of that awful shit they tried to do (and are no doubt planning for the coming months), we can hit that much-ballyhooed reset and return to enjoying our cushy jobs, confident in the knowledge that we won't have to put our popularity on the line until Republicans try to destroy the country again. And I think we all know that they won't do that for a long, long time.

RUKidding said...

All of the Trump voter fans that I know - anecdotal but upwards of at least 30 that I've had some sort of deeper convo with about Trump - are life-long Republican voters who would rather claw their eyes out with a rusted fork than vote Democratic.

These people aren't saying anything new to me that they haven't said about themselves, the GOP or any other GOP politician for the past 30+ years. They all deified Bush the Dumb@ss until they didn't. They all deify the GOP and hate, detest, despise and deplore the D party and D party voters with the intensity of a 1000 white hot suns.

The only thing that's changed is that - remarkably - Trump has proven to be the Dumbasses Dumbass of all times. Amazingly, Trump almost - almost!! - makes W look sort of smrt and kinda "presidentialish." Way to go, Orange Foolius.

So what I see is someone in the White House who is the predicted outcome of 40+ years of rightwing douchebag propaganda pumped out by the usual suspects on the giant Wurlitzer, including many "churches," combined with the deliberate and pre-meditated dumbing down of US citizens. There is no Trump "cult." There are simply GOP voters, who have been carefully taught to get their kicks from perceiving that Libtards are getting their @zzes kicked by a percieved "strongman" bully clueless dolt. That's it.

There is a smallish segment of traditional R voters who definitely do hate Trump and some of that group did not vote for him. That is a very tiny group, who, at this time, have little influence in the GOP.

The GOP is having to deal with the lowest of the low scum of their lovingly trained & encouraged white supremacist, Nazi, skin-head, bigoted, racist, scumbag, xenophobic, homophobic, nasty, fugly, sexist base.

Dowd likes to pretend to himself that he's somehow "better" than the white trailer trash who lurves 'em some Trump, but he's not. Dowd needs to grow a pair and admit to himself that he's no different - not one iota - from the rest of the GOP voter base.

You built this base, Dowd. You own it, and furthermore, you are in sync with it because it's all about Who. You. Really. Are.

Don't fool me. Dowd's just a hoity-toity racist, who tries to pretend that he's not. Yes, yes, you are. Just. The. Same.

MAGA, Dowd - that's you all over.

jim said...

"B-but, I vas only followink orders!"

Lalmani Tiwari said...

We need a more visionary means to understand the power of the Trump phenomenon and its global parallels, - in the words of American commentator Pankaj Mishra.

jim said...

It can quite educational, that irony:

Nuremburg MAGAmob scheduled adoration ritual out yonder in West Virginny & the link Combover Caligula Tweets for tickets to his taxpayer-subidized meat-based hugbox happens to be "" ... teh nerds are already launching the Roflcopters - because that link naturally takes me to ...

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If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."


Robt said...

Couldn't resist the both sides do it on this one.

On the American conservative side we have Trump (not necessary to elaborate).

Then the conservative over on the Israel side.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, police confirmed Thursday, according to Israeli media.

Sometimes it is just a matter of what are the sides. Whpo is on each side.

When it comes to both siderism.

Because during the GOP presidential primary

What Kellanne said about Trump while working for the Ted Cruz campaign and what Kellyanne said about Trump after Cruz bowed out and Kellyanne said about Trump when she went to work for Trump.

This isn't both siderism. Not sure what it is. Best guess is
"Sidewinder ism.
It is my best estimate that Kellyanne is a side-winder more so than a Bothsider.

Rob said...

I don't think anyone knows they are lying. that's the most amazing thing. have you ever defended something, reflexively? I think a lot of us do, mechanically. it's weird, but I don't think the both siderists are lying. they are just living in a different mental world.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I can't believe nobody did this yet:

did you ever bother ask yourself where in the world these people all learned to mindlessly cop the same, identical, reprehensible plea?

"Who taught them to do this stuff?"
"You, all right? They learned it by watching you!"

Pundits who blame Both Sides... have audiences who blame Both Sides.

trgahan said...

During recent health care repeal efforts, Republican strategist reported that Republican voter's SINGLE most important expectation of their congressional members was "Loyalty To Trump"...period, full stop.

Republicans ARE the T cult, the T cult is the Republican Party. This group is also wealthier and more educated than anyone wants to admit because to do so is to admit 60 million of our citizens are fascistic authoritarians willing to burn the nation down to get what they think want.

Our media "intellectuals" have long chosen to forget that approximately 30 percent of this nation either belonged to, or supported, the American Nazi Party that rose after FDR's victory in the 1930's and fell at the outbreak of WWII. But the 30 percent didn't go away. Instead they became the foundation of the post-WWII Republican Party.

Robt said...

As the conservative hate and fear movement has developed their form of progressiveness. As convoluted as it may be.
Examples" Republican revolution, Tea Party, morphing its images only Yet, purifying its hate and fear core.
Now they combined White supremacy, KKK, neo NAZI skin heads and even the old John Birchers and renamed them "White nationalists" Under a battle cry of, "PEPE".
It has always been heavily invested in hating other Americans (Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents, Socialist. Most curious, It used to hate communists (but continues to despise socialism.

In what they call their evolution, I call their morphing.

They The republicans now embrace Russian ideological influence in the world and their America. Not after using the "communist" title to demean their American political opponents. Democrats, The Far left Democrats, Libtards, Etc.

Take the proud republican story that republicans are the party of Lincoln. Who now embraces and pursues whie supremacy directions. A republican party president that puts in our White House the likes of, Steve Miller, Steve Bannon, Gorka, Sessions. It may startle the squeamish but even Kellyanne. Her Alt Facts in line with Alt Right.
So where is the person, the face of the Alt Right?? They put Pepe the Frog out there.

Fellow Americans that are not republicans are now the top enemy and the biggest threat to them and Russia is perceived as their ally and more American that those they been programmed to hate and fear.

I remember when this strain of the right wing demeaned long haired Hippies as "Commies". Dehumanize then fear and hate. This justifies any infringements of other peoples (their enemies) rights. From name calling, lying to, employing physical harm. As those that standby witnessing this harm and inside sympathy to the perpetrators and the harm they do in the name of their political ideology. They would not be violent themselves but they will applaud inside and enable the best they can for the cause.

Where are the no or small Government republicans with the GOP majorities growing Gov't and using Gov't to enforce GOP regulations?

Where are the republicans that waived their weapons at rallies against Obama as being under his tyrant as a dictator. As Trump fulfills their once hated gov't-Dictatorial tyranny in loud clear allegiances with a well known dictator from Russia.

I do not see many Billy Bobs, Steve Bannons, Newts or Charles Koch moving to Russia to live free. Do you?