Friday, August 04, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #400

"The big talent is persistence."
-- Octavia E. Butler, writer


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jim said...

#400 did indeed omit one epic whopper.
Grand juries have a deep instinctive appetite for blood & manifold means to satisfy it.

The LBJ analogy to "Sethgate" isn't just apt, it's probable - that was both the heyday of the CIA "Mighty Wurlitzer" & the last gasp of a relatively open White House, right before Nixon locked it down tight as a nun's cooter in Antarctica, whereupon abundant historical hilarity ensued. Ironically, Johnson's crazy train style wound up hiding his skeletons better than Der Nixonbunker at full paranoid lockdown.

Reliable narrators are a perennial terror in direct proportion to their depth of detail.
Cassandra wasn't cursed - she was terminally inconvenient.

IANAL but moving on Teh Hillary hard again smells a teensy bit like inviting charges of judicial malpractice &/or frivolous action with malice aforethought. They surely have peanuts from her turds indexed by year at this point & golly is that tired old wishing well fucking parched.

The elite corporate agitprop "moderates" heading for the usual "Magick O' The Marketplotz" lifeboats don't need them burned - that's RUDE ... making sure they vamoose in the ones held together with sugar nails will suffice. Primo infotainment & healthier sharks FTW!

John M. Hall said...

Driftglass and Blue Gal,

Congrats on #400! May many more follow! You guys are deserving of success and someday I hope you get the full attention you deserve for your hard work.

Extra happy that in a small way I can say I was part of #400. Thanks again for using my artwork as your brand logo.

Robt said...


I seen that movie. Fought valiantly. Withstood the massive onslaught by choosing the bottle neck to control the battlefield.

The media has many spears. Their archers are overwhelming. They will attack in hordes.
The shield of truth has proven to be a powerful offensive weapon as it is a defensive tool.

Long live the 400. Hail the path to 500 !

dinthebeast said...

The main problem with "bring me the head of Chris Cillizza" is that then you have the damn thing and the authorities will want to know how you got it.

Congratulations on 400 episodes, oh yeah, and thank you for 400 episodes. I think I've heard almost all of them... there was a while in 2013 when I didn't have any internet access, so I couldn't hear them when they came out, but even then Briana would download them at Cypress (where our friends live) and bring them back to me on a thumb drive. So I might have missed one or two, but that's all.

-Doug in Oakland

keith gargus said...

Congrats on 400!
As to Flake, his 'conversion' is nothing more than his pollster telling him that his path to re-election is replacing lost trumpanzee voters with blue dogs. Any state that keeps McCain in office will gladly send a hypocrite back too.

Jimbo said...

You guys are awesome. Keep on it from your Springfield. (I came from the original Springfield in MA.)