Saturday, August 12, 2017

I Think It Is Adorable That Matthew Dowd Blocked Me Over A Year Ago...

...for the high crime of pointing out over and over again that "Both Sides Do It" is a corrupt and ludicrous lie...

...but to this day Mr. Dowd will not block infamous professional wingnut trolls and hate mongers like Ann Coulter

or Dinesh D'Souza.

I genuinely do not care that Mr. Dowd blocks me, but it does provide a valuable object lesson in who gets to have a seat at the media table and who does not.

Being right doesn't matter.

Being a monster doesn't matter.

All that matters is having a national media profile.

And now watch as Both Sideism once again turns on one of its creators and bites him right in the ass:

You should have listened to me, Matt.

I was trying to save you.


Jimbo said...

D'Sousa is a convicted criminal and a really crappy commentator (mostly just trolling) so why does Dowd engage him? Simply because bothsiderist Dowd really isn't at all; he's just a David Brooks conservative disappointed by the "tone" of the right wing fanatics. He has no serious intellectual heft and so blocks liberals like you.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

FYI, even Captain America is pissed at President Many Sides over this...

Be seeing you.

Jim from MN said...

Pray tell, how was Mr. Dowd to know he would be maliciously bitten on both sides (many sides?) of his own ass?

Robt said...

This is just an example of individuals as Dowd. Who is given a upper position in the media even as he does on media to not just promote himself and that he can say he is in touch with "real" America.

He uses it to provide a platform to people and topics/ issues/ certain people "he wants to elevate.

Dowd is part of the problem. He might be better suited to work for FOX. Where he would have to live in the deification of which he is hired to tell us does not exist and doesn't smell.How

Give Dowd the "Pepe" and or pic the Frog in exchanges with him. See if he confronts.

Can Dowd see and report White Supremacy from GOX (right TV) to Rush (right radio) to Breitbart (internet) that are all funded by right wing billionaires to promote the GOP and recruit the White Supremacy vote?

All the GOP tax breaks will do is give rich republicans more free money to fund more of this extremism.

Did you ever hear a republican say, he wants to give George Soros a tax break because he works so hard?

Robt said...

Jake Tapper goes full DG Umpire. Calling balls and strikes from behind the plate.
It was sort of Biblical like the apostle "denialing" three times when called out. We know in baseball it is 3 strikes and yo--u-rrrrrr Ooo-uuut.

Trump is going to be bothered with his WH adviser caving to DG's Both sider call out.

Did I write DG's both Sider call out. I meant Jake Tapper's both Sider call out.I mean jake Tapper call out.

Striking out this badly should call for mediate ejection from the Trump game.

Sam Carter said...

You are a reminder of his complicity and he cannot abide this. Blocking you is a prerequisite for the maintenance of the fantasy world in which he is the hero. I truly cannot fathom what it must be like to be so arrogant and so far up my own ass that I needed to reshape reality to best please me. Behold the unending arrogance and hubris of the privileged white man as he frantically masturbates to his own self-importance while the real world burns down around him.