Thursday, July 27, 2017

You Tell 'Em I'm Coming! And a Sternly Worded Letter Is Coming With Me!

From NBC:
‘Holy Hell To Pay’: Graham Warns Trump on Firing Sessions

A prominent Republican senator warned President Donald Trump Thursday “there will be holy hell to pay” if he fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions and dared the commander-in-chief to “accept the consequences” if he made such a move.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., one of the many GOP lawmakers furious over Trump’s escalating attacks on Sessions, let the president know in no uncertain terms that cutting the former Alabama senator loose from his Cabinet would be met with repercussions.

"There will be no confirmation hearing for a new attorney general in 2017. If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay," said Graham, who has been critical of Trump...
Fake Butch Lindsey Graham --

-- is the funniest Lindsey Graham of all


tony in san diego said...

That's okay....Trump would be fine with no attorney general at all.

RUKidding said...

Agree with Tony, but... as long as Trump keeps tossing red meat to the base, Trump's in like Flynn, and he ain't a-goin' anywhere. Guaranteed.

Read elsewhere on 'net: Trump has finely honed the game of "Yer Bounden Werst Enimees iz da hurrid LIEbruls, and Ima here to scruw thim turble!1! Wheee."

As long as Trump is preceived - and in fact - as f*cking over Libruls, he's their GOLDEN BOY and can do no wrong.

Pay no attention to planned theatricals such as that displayed by Miss Lindsay. Miss Lindsay can clutch her pearls on the fainting couch with the vapors all day long whimpering "My stars. Bless your heart." Good Kabuki Show, and that's all it is.

bluicebank said...

"Why Lindsey Ringo, you look like someone just walked over your grave."

Robt said...

Lindsey would be well advised to prepared for harsh repercussions.

Donny may fire him. have trashing campaign gala's in his backyard.

Causing the GOP base to threaten ole Lindsey. Trump could give out Lindsey's phone number again or start writing Lindsey number on the Shit hose walls you know, "for a good time call".

The GOP senate pro forma the recesses to block Obama. This is all McConnell needs to do. There doesn't even have to be anyone in DC under McConnell's mystery make rules up as you go tradition.

If they do not pro forma the recess, then they want Trump to do what ever he wants.
They siad they could not trust Obama. So do they trust Trump?

wibble said...

...That really needs to be the whole clip, if only to hear Kurt's red-sash snarl:

trgahan said...

Trump knows the Republican voter base in behind HIM and only him.

Not other elected Republicans, not Republican appointees, and not even 4 star generals who haven't voted liberal since they voted for Nixon.

The 63 million re-programmable bigots, meatheads, pee pants scared minions that are the Republican base got their Strong Man to avenge having a liberal one of THOSE in the White House for 8 years.

As they ignore Trump handing the government right back to the people they lied in exit polls were the reason they voted for Trump in the first place, that is all they want...revenge against the 70+ million of their fellow citizens who FoxNews/Hannity/Rush/Etc. told them every day, 24 hours a day, betrayed them and deserve punishment.

So Sen. Graham...anyone that makes the Strong Man look weak is in the way and must be disposed of.

Pagan in repose said...

I imagine old Lindsey mumbles these old lyrics to himself:
"The Rebel-Johnny Yuma"

Johnny Yuma was a rebel
He roamed through the west
Did Johnny Yuma, the rebel
He wandered alone

He got fightin' mad
This rebel lad
He packed no star
As he wandered far
Where the only law
Was a hook and a draw
The rebel, Johnny Yuma

[Repeat 1st verse]

He searched the land
This restless lad
He was panther quick
And leather tough
If he figured that
He'd been pushed enough
The rebel, Johnny Yuma

[Repeat 1st verse]

Fightin' mad
This rebel lad
With a dream he'd hold
'Til his dyin' breath
He'd search his soul
And gamble with death
The rebel, Johnny Yuma

Just replace "Johnny Yuma" with "Yosemite Sam"...

Tom Shefchik said...

The photoshop of Lindsey made me LOL.

But Lindsey, goodness gracious me. The language! You meant, there will be heck to pay. Your mother will wash your mouth out with lye soap, you scalawag.