Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Both Siderist's Lament

Says a man who proudly pissed his vote away on a vanity candidate because he was just too fucking pure to sully himself by voting for the only candidate who could have actually stopped Trump.

So I just want to really know from all the Purity Angels including Mr. Dowd what could President Stupid or the White House do that would cause you to admit that you fucked up. Bigly.


Knight of Nothing said...


I have a running argument on social media with a purity "progressive" who can't stop bashing Democrats. It is so maddening that I had to sign out and walk away.

proverbialleadballoon said...

Supposedly-intelligent, 'above it all' Both-siders like Dowd, and 'wouldn't sully themselves to vote for that witch Clinton' Lefter-than-leftists mis-calculated when they thought that they could sit out and Clinton would still win. They remain pure, and the reality that ensued is Chaos. Dowd, give it up. There's no future in both sides when Trump and Trump Jr. try to escape in a blimp, pursued by an assemblage of police and federal forces a la the end of the Blues Brothers, with armfuls of manilla folders each, slipping out and papers scattering all over the place, Trump's hair finally blown up swirling in the wind like a banner; the whole world watching this scene as it is leaked as it is happening. Because that's where this is going, right? Maybe they are riding jetpacks, but that would make it harder to carry the manilla envelopes, marked Top Sekrut. This would be a lot funnier if it wasn't actually happening. I'd watch this movie, laughing at the calamity befalling America, because this is what we deserve. I'd come out of the movie theater, like 'they nailed it.' But this, this is ridiculous. And it is entertaining. This roller coaster ride in a hurricane is fun, dammit. But fuck, it's real. Like, did we enter an alternate reality when they turned on the large hadron collider. How do we know we didn't? This shit is making me ask 'crazy' questions.

Frank McCormick said...


I wish such a scenario could be our future. Unfortunately, I feel it will be much darker with Republicans bunkered in the White House and Capital, riots and flames in the streets, and the both-sider crowd crying "Nothing to see here!".

proverbialleadballoon said...

@Frank McCormick: True, I'm afraid you're right. This is when Republicans really dig in. This is a no-joke fight for the future of America, and Republicans aren't going to quit. There is going to be next-level awfulness coming from the Republican party now, Every fucking dirty trick possible. Out-in-the-open, even, they do not give a shit how it looks anymore. Hipocricy? Pfft. They straight up don't care about conspiring with the Russians now.

Unknown said...

The point has been elsewhere and I'm afraid there might be great truth to it: this is what the dark forces want in order to TRULY achieve their takeover of the US. They want a government in disarray, in shambles. It IS the Libertarian vision: chaos. The Kochs, following the "intellectual" teachings of their guru Buchanan, are poised to surreptitiously assume and to -be- the power the current vacuum abhors.

Trump may well end up being a mere distraction. Watch him on widescreen and pay close attention to what happens a hundred yards behind and around him. For that is where the action will be.

Oh, and Dowd is a moron. He hasn't even the faintest clue how much Koch he has been sucking to the great and general detriment of even his whored-out profession, much less the country in general. He is and always has been expendable, and that will be made very clear to him very soon.

- Life at 45 RPM

Robert said...

To answer Dowd's question: Give black people a leg up.

Robt said...

Give a leg up? How about giving them their legs back?
Now come on, Should Dowd really be held to any account as a grown adult, for falling prey to the con man. He only voted in purely self interest (in part) for those juicy tax cuts from the redistribution of money conservative greed style.
Trump promised him. And how he would punish all those minorities and non white supremacists that have suppressed all the good white people born to be superior.

If we add to the con of Dowd to seek a place to forgive him for his indifference with humanity and its condition. That he was taken in by Russian bots he thought were real American white patriots during the election that pointed him to the sin and corrosive ugliness of "emails" that haven't been seen by the entire world. The Russian bots never pointed Dowd away from emails to wonder about Tax Returns.

many were duped by the bots. Leading them to the bridge and jumping off. Because everyone else they thought, was jumping off.

So did Dowd tie a bungee to his ankle when following and jumping off.
It seems he wants some to think that.

dinthebeast said...

Matty Boy sounds a little like Joe Joey Joe Joe last night claiming he can't be a Republican any more, that now he has to be an independent.
Read that: "This toxic shit is getting too deep to wade through but I'm still way too poltroony to utter the words "liberals have been right all along."

-Doug in Oakland

boba said...

"So I just want to really know from all the Purity Angels including Mr. Dowd what could President Stupid or the White House do that would cause you to admit that you fucked up. Bigly."

Not exactly a "Purity Angel" but also I didn't vote for either candidate. (Haven't voted D / R for any office since 1996. Kind of dislike the idea of voting for gangsters and that's how I perceive the two parties, as criminal gangs, but I digress.) However, When asked I said the only candidate worse than DT was HRC. I believed and still believe that the presidency of DT will lead to the implosion of both political parties, which I hope brings about a new coalition of intelligent leadership.

So I guess the answer is, if the Gambino(R) and Genovese(D) families still have a stranglehold on the American Polity in 2020 then I guess it was all for naught.

ziply said...


David Pickering said...

The only way the Trumpistas will abandon him would be if he was caught in bed with two boys named Julio and Ahmed.

Marc McKenzie said...

@Boba: Whatever, dickhead. Take your bothersiderism bullshit and cram it where the sun don't shine. I'm fucking sick and tired of assholes like you and the nonsense you keep pulling--and then you fall back on "But, but politicians are all GANGSTERS!!" horseshit.

You're a purity angel, whether you want to admit it or not.

Mark Dobrowolski said...

Precendent is set. After Russia gets tired of its new toy (the USA) who is next? I can't wait till Qatar buys Congress/Republicans, moved here with their citizens (and brings the Palestinians with them), then imposes Sharia law here.

dinthebeast said...

But boba, only one of those crime families wants to take my health insurance away. And only one of them would (and did) hire Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos, Steve Mnuchin, Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry, and Steve the fuck Bannon to destroy the government.
Oh, but I forgot for a minute; destroying the government is what you want to happen, so we can "start from scratch" or some such horse shit.
I guess you must believe that whatever new crew in whatever new government you are masturbating to can come up with a far better system on the fly and in crisis mode, which is what they would be after the sort of event you are suggesting.
Funny, but that sounds a lot like the supporters of our current president. They are stupid, and you are stupid.

-Doug in Oakland