Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

As you might have noticed, Sundays are now pretty much a wasteland of snuffling and waffling and Both Siderist finger pointing,  all calibrates to make sure that no one mentions that we are at war with each other, and that one side is insane, and the other side is not.  Instead we must look halfway around the world to find a journalist who can sum up our ongoing national nightmare, sadly and succinctly.

Meanwhile back here in the Land of the Free, this hogwash is what passes for journalist these days at the Andy Lack's Peacock Network Fire Sale:  Shuck Todd setting a lie-spewing, Gish Galloping wingnut up against Tom Perez just so he can steer this puppet show right where it always goes: into the Both Siderist Safe Space where he and the rest of his species hide out from the swift and terrible judgement of history:

And until some brave guest on this show goes rogue, cuts up their Beltway insider  platinum card and starts saying things like, "The thing is, Chuck, she's lying.  And I know she's lying.  And you know she's lying  And the hell of it is, she knows it too.  In fact, everyone around this table every week knows that the GOP hacks you invite on this show are full of shit.  The only people who are not in on the scam you are running are the poor, dumb bastards out there in the Real America that you never set foot in: the rubes on the other side of the camera whose trust you ask for every week."

Yeah, but that'll never happen.  Never, ever, ever.

Also there was some modicum of kabuki theater entertainment value in watching Lindsey Graham --

-- once again threaten to hold his breathe until he turns a slightly lighter shade of Wingnut Umber and defenestrate himself from atop the highest fainting couch in all the land if the leader of his party won't stop making out with Vlad the Elector in public:
CHUCK TODD: Well, let me start with Russia and the president and this cyber-security statement he put out there. He wants to work with Vladimir Putin, claiming that this cyber-security unit will prevent future “election hacking & many other negative things, will be guarded.” What say you sir? 
SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: It’s not the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, but it’s pretty close. He gave a really good speech in Poland, President Trump did, and he had what I think is a disastrous meeting with President Putin. Two hours and fifteen minutes of meetings; Tillerson and Trump are ready to forgive and forget when it comes to cyber-attacks on the American election of 2016. Nobody’s saying, Mr. President, the Russians changed the outcome. You won fair and square. But they did try to attack our election system. They were successful in many ways and the more you do this, the more people are suspicious about you and Russia. He’s got a great national security team around him. He’s doing a good job in Afghanistan, North Korea and ISIL. But when it comes to Russia, he’s got a blind spot. And to forgive and forget when it comes to Putin regarding cyber-attacks is to empower Putin and that’s exactly what he’s doing.
Finally, over at NBC's little sister network -- Andy Lack's Sunk Cost Emporium -- the MSNBC website offers those of you who chose not to arise at oh-dark-thirty to catch Hugh Hewitt on video and join the "Hugh Hewitt community".

Oh boy!

But you know what?  No thanks.

I am already plenty familiar with that particular "community" --

 -- and have no wish whatsoever to join it.

Keeping it short this Sunday.  Our air conditioner finally gave up the ghost yesterday, joining the furnace (which pre-deceased it by several months) in Major Appliance Heaven.  And until we can get it replaced we're movin' slow and stayin' hydrated.

UPDATE:  And by Monday morning, President Stupid was back to status quo dumbassery

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Pablo in the Gazebo said...

Well gollly!
If Goober Graham isn't the funniest thing I've seen all weekend then I'm movin' in the cell with Otis 'cause I must be too drunk to tell what is.
That is an instant classic Drifty, I wish you and your major appliances well.

Mr XD said...

Yup, that Goober, he's a laff riot~~~

Jimbo said...

We got lambasted by the Great Derecho several years ago, which hit the end of June in very hot, sticky weather so I feel for you with your aircon down. The ABC (AU) take down of the Orange Monster was brilliant. We simply have no one in the MSM that comes even light years close to this, including Keith Olbermann who does come closer but doesn't have a big platform, frankly. The one area where a U.S. President has the greatest flexibility and initiative is foreign affairs and The Donald is a total sad sack of shit despised by nearly all. This is my field too and I can't help thinking about what could have been and, given the willingness of the GOP to violate any laws with impunity may, indeed, become the new norm dooming the country to a crumbling third world joke state. I hope not but we don't have more than 1 or at most 2 shots of turning around the coming disaster.

rhwombat said...

The ironic thing is that Chris Uhlmann is widely considered to be a right wing hack in Oz. Takes one to know one. You have our sympathies, but we reserve the right to sneer.