Friday, July 21, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #398

"I have impeached myself by resigning."
-- Richard Milhous Nixon


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mu said...

Hundreds of millions of lives in President Stupid's hands. :(

John Hall said...

The only thing that will get the Trump dead-enders to change their allegiance and turn on their dear leader:

1. Trump comes out as pro-choice.
2. Trump calls for gun control laws.
3. Trump actually kills one of their kin (ok, even that might not turn them...).

MRjonz54 said...

After reading the latest NYT raving mad interview with President Dim Don Ill, we are so screwed. I pity the poor Democrat who will be tasked with cleaning up after him.

Don P said...

John Hall let me add one more thing:
4. Trump says "Black Lives Matter"

dinthebeast said...

I think you guys ^^^ are underestimating the infinitely reprogrammable nature of these bozos. They get the new story uploaded into their place-where-the-brain-should-be daily, and don't give a happy monkey fuck what it is. They're bored by the details and already know who to blame when it all goes sideways like it always does.
That doesn't mean that they can't be made to pay for what they've done.
To the extent that we pay any attention to them at all, I feel that the more it's retribution based the better.

I particularly enjoyed the podcast this time. For all of us out here juggling fixed incomes with loved ones' dental bills and worn out brake pads we can no longer replace ourselves because of disabilities, it felt so damn good to hear these pricks called out for the gratuitously added stress in our lives we didn't need and according to the senate parliamentarian, did them no good anyway.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Correct on: "dumber than house-plants". I have many. They have names; Harold and Maude. Nelda. Babar. Sideshow Bob. Spike. Sago. And several young, not yet named. We have grand conversations and love each other's company. Yes, I am the Crazy Plant Lady.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Middle child crowdsources the naming of her "plant babies." You're in good company, liberalandlovingit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ever so much! Nice to know. They are terrific company- they don't take over the remote, or mess the place up. Just kidding.

(I'm rethinking my moniker- in the spirit of transparency and evolution.)