Friday, July 14, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #397

"I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it."
-- Edith Sitwell


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Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

About Mr. Trump's wall, two words...transparent aluminum...

Be seeing you.

keith gargus said...

Just so you know, I have a like new pair of Crocs sitting in my closet thanks to you.

Habitat Vic said...


I too have a hardly worn pair of Crocs. Actually, even worse, they are Croc clones. Off brand, knockoffs. I somehow got it in my head that I needed a really cheap pair of shoes in my car for - hell, I don't know what. An emergency? Suddenly mowing the lawn? Who knows, they remain buried under the jumper cables, gloves, tire inflator, and other detritus in the trunk.

Haven't seen the light of day since I put them there years ago. Pair of galoshes would make more sense, especially in rain or snow. And yes, they really are ugly.

Robt said...

Can this transparent Aluminum work so we can see out but they cannot see in?

Personally I like the Force field wall. The kind that lets you not only see them and not you. But allows us to fire our 2nd Amendment projectiles through the force field at them but theirs are stopped by the Force field wall.

Because, they do not have a 2nd Amendment and we do. This type of wall would create NRA type jobs.
many firing ranges would crop up along the order. On our side anyways. "Stand your ground legal passes can be sold at the ranges for daily use. You only need to fear the Fear itself.

Cirze said...

Lawn mowing pair of topsiders in mine - unused for over 10 years.

dinthebeast said...

Uh, a transparent fraud, maybe? Or as Rocky Mountain Mike said in "Mr. Tangerine Man":

Hey, Mr. Tangerine man, build a wall for me
I'm not that bright and don't know that you're not going to

On the subject of legal representation: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. My mother worked for criminal defense attorneys for most of her career, and because of that (and the small place where we lived) I was appointed very competent counsel when I was 18 and got caught up in a situation where I was charged with three felonies I wasn't guilty of. It had to do with my room mate having a Montgomery Ward charge card when we both worked for them and both of us getting accused by a new store manager of stealing from them, which my room mate had actually done, but not to the extent they said we did. Anyway, had I been plead out on charges of grand theft, embezzlement, and receiving stolen property at 18, my life probably would have been kinda different. I wasn't. As soon as the special store investigator found out I had a real honest-to-gawd lawyer and not the public defender my room mate had, he left the courtroom and never returned.
Now president four-year-old has some problems with his legal counsel. Some of those problems stem from his history, and some of them stem from his, uh. personality.
If you take even a cursory look at who he has hired to represent him over the years, it becomes clear that he has been trying to replace Roy Cohn. But the problem with that is that he isn't smart enough to understand what made Cohn almost as brilliant as he was evil, and so instead of those qualities, he looks for the qualities that did impress him about Cohn. So what he keeps getting is all of the attack dog style, but none of the shrewd legal brilliance. And since all of his previous legal problems could be paid to go away if they went sideways in court (as they often did) it didn't really matter to him. Their function was more scaring potential litigants into settling on his bullshit terms than actually winning anything in court.
Now he has a problem that he can't pay his way out of, and he doesn't really know how to pick someone who can really help him. I do hope he is getting some sound advice in that area, and doesn't try to rely on Kasowitz to run his defense team, especially since Kasowitz doesn't have and might not be able to get a security clearance.

Thank you again for the breath of fresh air that is your podcast.

-Doug in Oakland

Jim from MN said...

I only wear my Crocs when I put on my parachute pants. Can't touch this.

SamB said...

Respectfully disagreeing with you and dinthebeast (and Rachel Maddow) over whether Trump and his family should have the best legal representation. What difference will it make to any segment of the public if the Trumps' lawyers prove to be competent? Regardless of the lawyers, Fox News and the 38% will reject the legitimacy of any conviction. As for us in the 62%, the more the Trumps mess up, the better. As a long-time ACLU member -- like you -- I insist that everyone has the right to good legal representation. Trump has that right, and he has plenty of money to pay. If, even so, Trump can't find a good lawyer, it's his own fault. (dinthebeast says why.)