Monday, July 10, 2017

In Which I Live Rent-Free In Matthew Dowd's Head

It turns out that the chief political analyst for the mighty ABC News  is absolutely freaked out by a guy with a tiny blog living in a cornfield in the middle of Middle America.  

I know, right?

And here's the thing.  I don't level threats.  I don't traffic in wingnut fairy tales.  I don't click-bait-trash-for-cash.

What I do -- week after week, year after year with my wee little blog 'o the prairie using only my ancient laptop, my free version of Photoshop and the English language as twas taught to me by my sainted mother -- is demonstrate over and over again and beyond any doubt that the biggest and most toxic Big Lie in American politics and media is the Big Lie of Both Sides Do It.

There isn't even a close second.

And since that particular scam is Mr. Dowd's bread and the butter and mortgage payment -- and since the Rise of Trump has rendered Mr. Dowd's Both Siderist scam so incredibly fragile that any vagrant breeze from any direction threatens to blow it to atoms -- there is no way that ABC New's chief political analyst can risk facing off against some Liberal nobody with a little blog living in a cornfield in the middle of Middle America.

And that, boys and girls, is exactly how fucked up, hollow and wildly overcompensated our Beltway media has let itself become.

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bowtiejack said...


Increasingly I'm coming to think that when we look at Dowd, Trump and so many others in politics, the punditocracy, Trump's businesses, and the rest of it they're like balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade - they may seem enormous, but they're all form and no actual substance. The air could come out of them in a minute and there will be nothing left.

bill said...

It's the "lather, rinse, repeat and collective shrug" aspects of our politics and the high-paid shills in their media that I could never abide. They operate in their closed-loop. Nothing that happens, so far, seems to shake the inbreeding program. FREX, They talk of medicaid and health insurance as separate and distinct from one another when medicaid reflects those the insurance industry declines to cover. That's arithmetic.

We continue to play "shift, switch and shaft" with everything except military and prison money. Fool enough of the people just long enough to mount a new distraction. Knowing this and pointing it out, repeatedly is unlikely to ever become profitable.

We are Don Quixote!

Robt said...

Dowd admits he has visited your Bolg. Just not for some time. He must have tuned in and caught your Science Fiction Theater segment used to be a side line portion at the ends.
But his devotion to both sitderisms is a imagined fiction he willingly propagates to people seeking news of fact. In place provides words of Bothsider fiction.

Dowd's exaggerated fiction comment is evident when he contends both sides settle a fraud case perpetrated through fake university to not be found guilty of the crime of fraud.
Or does Dowd have a bothsider equivalent for former President Obama?

I challenge Dowd, remove the alien probe and reach in deep. Do your best to pull from the slimy smelly darkness your best cothsiderism on this.

For Dowd, do not fear the mighty little (beneath you) corn field blogos. You have nothing to fear but your bosses embarrassment if they found you inept with the chattel. If the bosses had to wea it, then it is time for you to fear. Fear looking for legitimate labor you are qualified for and actually provide something useful for your labor in exchange for the paycheck.

Knight of Nothing said...

"I don't read fiction."

Nope. You just write it.

Anyway, fuck that guy.

Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success!

Scott Ingram said...

Remember that one of his predecessors at ABC was Mark Halperin. He's just walking in the footprints of the master.

RUKidding said...

both status quo parties are broken.
OK. I can kinda sorta go with this (bear with me now).

Saying 1 is worse thanother isn't helpful
Aaaaaand here's fundamentally ridiculous Dowd being fundamentally ridiculous.
WHY is it "not helpful" to point out that the Republican party has totally jumped the shark, has absolutely NO interest in serving the needs of our nation as whole, are avarcious greedy sh*theads and/or crazed religulous Ayn Rand panty-sniffing nutballs, who are out wholly and solely for their own greedy selves and mean no good will ever to We, the People? Why not say that? What's holding ya back, hoss?

Yes, I can agree that there's loads of issues with the D party, but conflating that "both sides" are pretty much the same and "equally" messed up is, well, is FUNDAMENTALLY RIDICULOUS.

And that's why fundamentally ridiculous Dowd is highly compensated to be the lying sack of sh*t shill that he is. Because Dowd is doing absolutely nothing to really comment truthfully and factually on what's happening in our nation, as our assets are being stripped and sold off to the highest bidder by the Republican party. Because the pay's too good to tell the frickin' TRUTH.

I agree: Eff this guy. What a liar and a fundamentally ridiculous bastard.

And if Dowd doesn't read fiction, then he must never ever read his d*mn columns. Does he type it in blind and then hand it off to someone else to proof-read and edit? Because that's the only way he's not reading any fiction.

dinthebeast said...

"both status quo parties are broken.Saying 1 is worse thanother isn't helpful"

Tell that to the 24,000 people who will die each year if the Republicans get their BCRA passed, asshole.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

> do you ever get tired of always seeing the world in a biased way?

No, Matt, I don't. Do you ever get tired of having shit for brains?

Lit3Bolt said...

Matthew Dowd soon:

"Sure, Donald Trump and the Republicans may be the Treason Party. But remember, some random liberal in the 60's said nice things about the Viet-Cong, so therefore Both Sides.

rhwombat said...

Congratulations on your slaughter of Commodus Dowd.

Dannix said...

"Saying 1 is worse that the other is not helpful." If Dowd believes that (and he does), it explains everything. In his demented mind, everything is equal and opposite. Some enigmatic rule of physics. To believe otherwise -- to entertain the notion that Republicans might be more to blame than Democrats -- would hurl his world off its axis. Must be exhausting.

Anonymous said...

Ya, let's not look at the past- (and study those roots of Monsterism)- nothing to be learned there.


And, if you hafta say you- "love America"...?
Just became 'that guy in front of the whole universe".
Talking Point Conbot.

Anonymous said...

Bless you and your dear sainted mum, driftglass, and all of us too, for whatever light we can shine.