Friday, June 23, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #394

"What monstrosities would walk the streets were some people's faces as unfinished as their minds."
-- Eric Hoffer

  • "‘That White Boy ’Bout to Lose’: The Inescapable Racial Politics of the Ga. 6th Special Election” by Jason Johnson
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dinthebeast said...

I agree about Nancy Pelosi. She was maybe the best speaker of the house ever, certainly the best of my time, and she still has a part to play; wasting her experience and ability at this point would be the height of stupidity.
That said, we do need younger leadership if we want to win elections going forward, especially the state and local elections that are so crucial to rebuilding the party before the 2020 census and redistricting set the frame for how politics will look for the next decade.

By the way, I got called a "scabby seeming Hilbot" in the comment section of Crooks and Liars for making pretty much this same comment.

And again, thank you for the weekly breath of fresh air that is your podcast, it really does help.

-Doug in Oakland

Jim Butts said...

Younger leadership. I'd vote for Middle Child for pretty much anything.

Robt said...

Cheer up, smile. It gets a lot worse than this.
If I may,
As one who was baptized Catholic as a baby without consent to shield me from Lex Luther. Grew up a Heathen animal. Became a renegade Catholic gone Christian after many trials and tribulations (brought on by wild pagan), rebelliously abandoned that rebirth. Reaching a state of agnostic-leaning atheist.

Please, I can never be offended by ones faith if the heart is true. That the Faith of the GOD is not a blunt instrument to punish. A sword to cut down enemies. Jihad. Leaving this person as the grand wizard to be worshiped and obeyed.
It is not an equivalent of blasphemy (for me)to enjoy and rejoice at good deed through ones belief. It is absolute, expressions/ actions of beliefs which has a meaningful place in this world.
Even some of the wild Pagan-Heathen I live with to this day. A good sermon conjuring and engaging reason is exercise and food for fit mind.

Reading the scripture shouldn't scare anyone, unless you read from the Book of Frank Luntz. Or the reading of words of Exorcism to the demon possessed.
As you did not take to the point of when life begins, I did once prescribed to a part of the Bible where it speaks of a new born and "God blew the breath
of life into the child". It used to start there for me at one time. I have taken the more Heathen explanation from science. Probably not the comfort level for the podcast. You see, Still born aren't explained in the Zygote conception book of Jerry Falwell.
What I am driving around the forest here to say is. Your faith is good with this listener. You haven't condemned me for my agnostic / atheist leanings.
I do not feel you were talking specific to me. I just thought I would address it. Having faith in my fellow humans beings. OOps, a faith of humans with natures limitations. Corporate Fiduciary responsibility , anyone.

Then what is faith, I have faith in believing that Mitch McConnell will not represent all Americans with honor in duty of his office, that HHS Sec Tom Price who claims he is a doctor shall invalidate his hypocritical doctors oath of "do no harm". I believe he will because of the nature controls his ideology,his ideology controls his beliefs which controls any humanity.. There are many animals in the Kingdom that possess the ability to do harm. But not all will intentionally cause harm. Even a rattle snake warns you. But the Brown Recluse spider does not.
So bless your heart, Bible B.. Keep in mind, Good sermons are much better than bad ones.

I can see how one of a faith can look at an issue and derive in general as, "what would Jesus do".
As corny as it sounds. Where as a political ideology that has incorporated that religion and controls the faith to make subservient to the political ideology. He who controls the ideology, controls the faith, controls the person, ( how we come back to Exorcism).. In other biblical word, "lost soul" or "Possessed".. If only someone could send the demons inside McConnell into a pig that would run into the sea and drown.

You have not sounded preachy converting to me and I would be able to smell it. From Mosque leader in the middle east to Mormons at the door. If immunity exists, I have it. So I will thank you, for your insight s of faith.
I just thought you were sort of feeling like you imposed on us listeners and for one wanted to confirm that I do not and have not felt imposed on.
The second you go Pat Robertdon. I am debating you like a bat from hell...! So help me, your God.
So for this Agnosti-Athe let me just say. I hope what I live by outside of faith (let alone yours). Does not intrude on you expressing anything. Besides, Ask DG. It is your podcast. I am a grateful guest.