Thursday, June 01, 2017

Is It Funny Now?


Lit3Bolt said...

Thing is, this doesn't bother me because Trump is so incurably stupid and incompetent.

I mean, if we're going to leave NON-BINDING treaties just for political pandering now, we might as well start demolishing the UN building in NYC. Some kooks in Montana and 'Bama will cheer SO LOUD if you do that, Mr. Trump...

It's also grimly amusing to see conservative "pundits" debase themselves further and further having to carry water for this Failministration.

bluicebank said...

Stealing that. Will attribute.

Robt said...

When a female comic holds up the head of Trump. The feeling of hope that something bad is coming to and end.

When you upside down and inside out that photo with the GOP's greatest genius
(since GW Bush). The aura of eternal languish sets in. With the sense that I may end up eating cockroaches for dinner. But what he is going to do to those slobs that voted for him. The poor forgotten coal miner, the poor white supremacist of the Midwest, the persecuted KKK member of the south losing his Robert E Lee statue in Louisiana when Bobby Lee never set foot in the state.
The horrors the endured and slathering on top what Their idol savior Trump has in store for them.
It is the folks that praise Trump because they feel he will punish people they loathe and at the same time make billionaires out of them.

But forgive me father for I have sinned,
I had bad thoughts. Thoughts of finding the hit man Obama hired to take out Justice Scalia( the piloow was such a soft touch signature(. But then thought of the hit man that took out Roger Ailes before he could spend all that cash. Ted Nugent was out because his one track mind on Hillary.
but it got so hard and confusing I could not make a decision.

Exploring the outer realm of dark sarcasm has its uses. just don't homestead it.

Knight of Nothing said...

Not all that funny, and here's why--the source material isn't very good. Kathy Griffin isn't funny, and she never has been. There's a reason she's a D-Lister, and her stunt lays bare that she is nothing more than a desperate attention-seeker. So it's mostly sad.

But since she got booted from CNN, Zucker has room on the payroll to hire another calm, centrist voice of reason, like Ann Coulter! RIM SHOT!

Erik D said...

Forgive me if I am straying a bit off topic here but I was inspiration. This morning politico is reporting that "The White House is telling federal agencies to blow off Democratic lawmakers' oversight requests,".

An image then popped into my head of a driftglass-esque photoshop of the Presidential seal but the words E PLURIBUS UNUM replaced with SNITCHES GET STITCHES.

Gallows humor, yes, but it won't leave my head. Do with it as you want but please do share the thought with Bluegal if you got a chuckle out of it!

Thanks for everything you both do.

Robt said...

One thing for sure,
There is not much value in kathy's heady photo. Not much on Montana republican house representative campaigning being too unstable to control himself from answering a question he cannot just reply with a <"bless the lord" answer.

I am sure kathy did not take the photo to fight fire with fire. The photos of Obama being hung from a tree in effigy were pretty edgy and got a lot of play in conservative media and little outside of GOP airwaves.

The condemnation of left leaning counter hype needs to realize GOPers do not respond to reason on average. They abuse their free speech to the point where body slamming a reporter and declaring it is fine and legal because they perceive themselves as the arbitrators of who gets punished and why. That all you "OTHERS" are not American and deserve being treated less as a human. To make themselves feel better and elevated above the other frogs in the boiling pot of water.

For me, I won't condemn kathy's photo as beyond-beyond and TOO harsh on republicans.
Because issues like the free market advantage of a wealthy person that can purchase a company like the EpiPen. Knowing its consumers are in desperate life sustaining need. jack up prices as your GOP representative has no problem with his tax payer health care covering his/her every need.
That they will use government to protect and legalize that which is illegal as well as very immoral (from the believers). Give us unto the "free market of being taken"
We are cattle to to them. And they have the Willy Horton ad Et Al but kathy, she needs to be punished. Worse than a Dixie Chick in the free market of music and speech.