Thursday, June 29, 2017

At President Stupid's Pandemonium Carnival

Two years ago, here is what dirty Liberals like me were writing about the Rise of Trump

At Mr. Trump's Pandemonium Carnival

Once again our elite media is looking-with-alarm at the latest beast to lurch out of the GOP monster factory.

Once again they pretend to be appalled by the symptoms of the plague that is ravaging our democracy, and once again they dare not name the causes of a pestilence which they helped to engineer, opting instead to dab daintily at the open, suppurating pustules that cover our body politic with damp, Both Siderist towelettes...

It is now two years later.  The turd-clogged bottom quartile of the American gene pool has elected "Neutron Don" --

-- to the highest office in the land.

And this is how President Stupid now spends his mornings:


One Fly said...

Beyond bizarre!

proverbialleadballoon said...

The fucking President of the United States a) is on Twitter, and uses it to b) deflect from his scandals and disseminate propaganda, or like today, to c) attack members of the press. totally normal, nothing to see here.

Professor Fate said...

He does seem to have a bit of shall we say an issue with bleeding women. Not that this is his main psychosis, but is rather startling one.

And by the by Morning Joe how does that knife in the back feel? Considering you gave him all those phone interviews its got to sting just a bit. I suppose you feel a bit like Doctor Frankenstein as his creature runs amok and then tries to destroy you as well.

Robt said...

Not only did I call my 2 senators and House rat. I followed up with email and
notified my children and placed request in my will. For my kids (or Grands) to stay alert and vigilant for that response.

Response to the question:
"Please assure me that the government powers that be (even if it is the DEEP STATE). Please tell me you are providing the president with FAKE NUKE CODES !

For one fly above. If I may reverse build on your comment.

Bizarre, bizarre and beyond.

Spoken 2 times out of the side of your mouth while rubbing the genie lamp. Will release the genie and grant you a wish to make something go away.
Because that is just the sort of Genie he is.

Tweeter in Chief comments has a return volley from My great senator Sasse. Tweets,
Ben Sasse
Please just stop. This isn't normal and it's beneath the dignity of your office.
9:16 AM - 29 Jun 2017

Let me stroll down the ally of short term memory.

Sasse sits on Judiciary which he has very limited time to question Gorsuch in his confirmation hearing. Questions that could put to rest concerns of his presence on the SCOTUS. My senator, 1 of 100. With very limited time to publicly address Gorsuch in his confirmation hearing. Sasse is on his iPhone and gets a tweet back from his wife. In the middle of Sasse questioning (shoe shining), Gorsuch. Sasse on public TV stops, reads his wife's tweet so him out loud . She had a question for Gorsuch you see and Sasse found it vitally important to address it in the moment.
So he reads her tweet question,
" How does judge Gorsuch do it? How can he sit there in the hearing so long without having to pee??"________Conservative chuckling followed.

Yes, my senator 1 of a 100, 1 of the small number of senators on the judiciary committee with responsibility in hearing on confirmation to SCOTUS. Who I will be stuck with all my life until I pass on. Unless of course, as Alex Jones and Trump would suggest. If Obama hires gay liberal ninjas to assassinate with a feather pillow as done with Scalia.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Sexual Assaulter-in-Chief sure has a thing for women's blood...

RUKidding said...

I don't know why anyone on the R Team is so unhappy. I mean, seriously, this is just Trump tweeting with all of their inside voice. They all think this way; they speak this way often. Maybe it's just jealousy that they're just too cowardly and afraid to behave/speak/tweet like their bounden Hero, Mr. POTUS Trump? Something like that, frankly. Because from the R perspective, what's the matter?

They, themselves, had no such scruples most of the time when speaking about, oh say, Obama. I can recall numerous tweets, emails and similar where Republicans were caught saying such high class stuff like comparing Michelle O to an ape and similar for Obama. And then there was LOTS of back-peddaling and annoyance that anyone was upset and just "couldn't take a joke."

Where, oh where were all of their ersatz "scruples and concern" over that? Oh, it's "different" because Trump is POTUS? Why? What, really, is the difference?

I say: let Trump be Trump. He IS who the entire R-Team, their fanboyz 'n girlz, their media enablers (including Joe & Mika), their 1% backers all ARE.

Why shy away from it? What? Are you somehow "embarressed or ashamed" now? Why?

Seriously, I truly don't get it. Not snark. Frankly, I thought the entire R Team would be celebrating how they could all speak their minds with no filters. Aren't they all anti-PC??? What? Have they all decided that being PC is "better" or "what you should do"?? When did that Republican Rule change?? Did they send out a memo?

Again, don't get it. Doesn't make any sense to me. Cognitive dissonance, thy name be Republican/conservative.

John said...

Well, it would be to his credit that he not watch "Morning Joe." On the other hand, he's probably lying about that. I bet he remains obsessed with it.

Mike R said...

I share your pain Sasse is also my senator and that means with his counter part Deb Fischer we in Ne have returned to the glorious days of Roman Hruska(mediocre people deserve representation) and Carl Curtis.

crweaver said...

"Ha ha, bloody face!", says President Nelson Muntz.