Sunday, May 08, 2016


A political WMD designed to take out the Republican party, but leave their laptops and office space intact.


banker puppy said...

While I enjoy the current confusion within the GOP as much as any liberal, I know that Republicans have an uncanny knack to bounce back from adversity. Further, each time the party rebounds it does so in at a "lesser level" than before: less generous, less willing to compromise, less likely to be honest with the American public, less tolerant of diversity, etc.

So, if the pattern holds, 4-6 years from now the GOP may well be nightmare.

bowtiejack said...

I agree. I enjoy the predicted obituaries for the GOP as much as anybody, but the working metaphor of victory/defeat/annihilation may be a little over the top. Squeezing jelly around in a bag might be a more apt description. The oligarchy's patched-together-Frankenstein of evangelicals, racists, patriarchal misogynists, yadda, yadda may be dismembered post-election, but the parts could be assembled into an even scarier monster. The MSM's Style Manual forbids use of the "F word" (fascism) but post-election the Big Money will still be in just a few hands (as in 30's Germany) with the same strategic aims (and stupidity) as before.

On another note (but following our stupidity meme today), since 2001 more Americans have been killed and wounded by toddlers who got their hands on mommy's or daddy's gun than by terrorists. A lot more. Where are the billions for the War on Toddlers?

Mr XD said...

Even by your high standards, the graphic today is outstanding. It has the elegant simplicity of a classic Japanese woodblock, yet contains plenty of information. The !FLAGPIN! is reinforced by the colors of the clothing, the dirty gray mushroom cloud is freighted with associations, none of them good,and the twin microphones appear to be cables directly wired into the larynx, to mindlessly repeat a loop of paranoia, fear and hate.
The masterstroke is the HAND, it is tiny indeed when compared to the massive mushroom head.
Great work-thanks for all you do~

Robt said...

When will the republican Don meet with the T-Potter caucus?

Doesn't he require their annointment of baby oil rubbed all over the naked truth of their nominee?

RUKidding said...

Like the Phoenix (yes, think Sheriff Joe) arising from the ashes, so, too, shall the GOP arise from this fustercluck mushroom cloud of gasbagging grift and graft, and possibly meaner 'n a cut snake and twice as vicious. Watch out fer what bites us all onna azz come November 9.

Great graphic!

Paul Donahue said...

I see a face in the cloud. Does anybody else see a face in the cloud?

dinthebeast said...

I've been responding to the predictions of the destruction of the gop with a Frank Zappa lyric, from "Dumb All Over":

It won't blow up and disappear
It'll just look ugly for a thousand years.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

The way I see it lately, The GOP has a great chance of winning the White House.
Too many on the right, If you haven't forgotten are so filled with hate of the black president. He reminds them every day of their own self made dissatisfied life. How people on Obama Welfare are living the life of Warren Buffet and they have so little. Stinking Liberal Gov't making millionaires of of these loafers.
All the Bill Kristols and OReillys that cannot up their worth with a White House visit to bolster their worth to their viewers of how important they are.

But the real GOP owners, Wall Streeters like jamie Dimon, Bush family, Roger Ailes, langone,And the Koch Bros.. All the rest of the extreme capitalist rich that has the real control and stake in the front company called the GOP. The Davos crowd.
Memory serves me that after GW Bush the GOP was dead. But a well financed resuscitation and new improved contents labeling. Abracadabra. The GOP has majorities in the House and Senate., they have had a majority in the SCOTUS as well.

The so called collapsing GOP. The GOP that is losing its voters. The GOP that was led by the Bush/Cheney crime family. Lives on.
Newt.s John Kasich is Governor of Ohio. Rick Scot who is the biggest Medicare fraudster CEO is not in prison but Governor of Florida. Governor Hedge fund of Illinois, Ameritrade silver spooned Pete Ricketts of Nebraska.
The owners that George Carlin explained to us.

"Trump presidency will bring "on the change needed and collapse the remains of the GOP into a deep grave.
---Bullahit------------ Fairy tales.......
There is a well known phrase, "snatching victory from the jaws of defeat".

When Democratic minded, liberal leaning and independent folks looking for the best choice cannot unite. Racists, Bigots, crony capitalists, skin heads, extreme fundamental religious types will win. Why, Because their hate will unite them.

What unites the other side?

Is it Bernie or bust, Hillary PUMA"S?
I want all or nothing because incrementalism is losing?

Republicans are motivated and united by hate of the Kenyan President and any extension of his direction. Hillary or Bernie represents.

Anyone think republicans/conservative will become RINOS or liberals in time for the election?
I will say this, A Sanders Presidency has me so curious to see how it would play out. Set the goal high. If I don't reach that goal. I came closer than if I didn't aim for it.
Hillary moves me in the direction I am going. I suspect at a slower pace with some detours.

There is one prize the GOP and its oligarchy owners want this election more than most anything. To continue owning the law of the land. To re write any part of the Constitution for their benefit. The is the SCOTUS. Anything more is whip cream on top.
But if she has a Ruth Bader Ginsberg in her. Blessed be this atheist.