Monday, May 22, 2017

When You Forget To Pack Doctor Feelgood...

...bad shit comes at you fast:

And from the NY Post:
Exhaustion to blame for Trump’s ‘Islamic terror’ comment: aide
Couple of things.

First, not even a syringe of "proprietary energy serum" the size of the Chrysler Building can make President Stupid's bottomless well of public hypocrisy go away:

Second, none of this will matter to the Pig People who are hunkered down in their Fury Bunkers with this depraved asshole's incendiary ravings turned up to 11:


RUKidding said...

One can only imagine that Don the Con is truly exhausted. After all, he read a real speech on a TelePromptr and only made a few mistakes. That last sentence is offered in all seriousness. I truly believe it's very exhausting for him to do this and not just, you know, get up there and do his usual bullshitting waffling spin.

Maybe, too, he was a bit intimidated by those Ay-rabs in all their splendor and finery. And so many of them! All in one giant gaudy room! Who knows?

No Crazy Unca Liberty will never hear anything about this. Just like yesterday a Fox Guest lied about a prior Tweet of Trump's criticizing Michelle Obama for not wearing a head scarf when she visited Saudi Arabia. Instead, Fox presented this lie to their brainwashed viewers:

"The First Lady [Melania Trump] didn't cover her head. That is very noteworthy, because remember, the previous First Lady Michelle Obama did cover her head and President Trump really gave her a lot of grief over that a couple of years ago when that happened."

Bald faced lie courtesy of Fox. Yet it's we precious snowflakes on the left who are missing out for not exposing ourselves to these other "points of view."

Yeah, No.

Anonymous said...

Good one.

dinthebeast said...

His humanity and decency are both exhausted, if they ever existed in the first place.

-Doug in Oakland

Dave McCarthy said...

nothing to see here, folks...