Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

To my untrained eye, it appears that Jeff Zucker may had a conversation with Fareed Zakaria about his recent flirtations with pointing out that the Right is a shitpile of bigots, lunatics and con men who have come damn near to wrecking this country (Not Safe For Work.)

And so, like clockwork, CNN employee Fareed has scurried back to CNN's Both Sides Do It fortress to pule about Intolerant Liberals.
Yeah, just because they've been right about the Right all along (while Beltway media throw-pillows like Fareed Zakaria got it consistently and horribly wrong) those god damn Liberals think they're sooooo damn smart.

Well cable teevee knows just how to fix that kind of hubris!

Step One:  Never put any Liberals who might actually spill the beans about being right about the Right all along anywhere near a camera.

Step Two:  Instead, round up a handful of Conservative media hacks who created this disaster and have them sit around, scratching their heads and wondering how in the name of Sisyphus things ever got so bad!

CHUCK TODD: Welcome back, panel is here, Charlie Sykes, of course, long-time Wisconsin conservative radio guy and MSNBC political analyst, Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report, Joy Reid, host of AM Joy on MSNBC and Kimberley Strassel, columnist for the Wall Street Journal.
CHARLIE SYKES:  And the body-slamming itself I think was not a significant as the reaction to the body-slamming. The way in which so many conservatives, so many Republicans felt that the tribal loyalty demanded that they rationalize this. And what's been happening is this, you know, whether you want to call Donald Trump the role model-in-chief, the fact is you have so many now Republicans and conservatives, and I am one of them, you know, who now model their behavior after this. You know, this thin-skinned nastiness that mimics confidence...

CHARLIE SYKES:   Words have consequences. Words have meaning. Ideas have consequences. And it's one thing to I think be upset with the bias of the news media. But, again, we've moved the line now to just pure, raw loathing. And he has stoked those fires...
" Republicans and conservatives,"

" model their behavior after this."

" to just pure, raw loathing."

Conservative media slugs and their Beltway collaborators media prospered during the Bush Administration by pretending the Clinton Administration never happened.

"Words have consequences."

Then they spent the Obama Administration pretending the Bush Administration never happened.

"Words have meaning."

Now they are working very hard to survive the Stupid Administration by pretending the Obama Administration never happened.

"Ideas have consequences."

Yes, words and ideas do indeed have consequences.  In fact, that is exactly what scares the living daylights out of Conservative media slugs and their Beltway collaborators.

And this (from the Wall Street Journal [h/t to Alert Reader chris3rd summers bro]) --
Civil Discourse in Decline: Where Does it End?
The shift away from politeness, decorum and respect is real—and its consequences visible every day. 
A Republican congressional candidate body slams a reporter. A Democratic party state chairman hurls obscenities at both the president and dissidents in his own party at a public meeting...
-- is how they circle their wagons:


Robt said...

I think the reporter of the Guardian was fairly tolerant in Montana.

But what political party does he belong? I know what is assumed.

Stereo typing "all" (other than republican) as Liberals is the first mistake.

Then blanket covering Liberals are all "supposed" to act tolerant is the 2nd mistake.

Talk about Fake news verses poor writing vs non journalism vs alternative facts.
No matter a man or woman's political notions and leanings. Our tolerance (like any human being) ends when someone trespasses and infringes on that persons individual freedom. There are lines.
Normally one could assume that those that speak so loudly of liberty, freedoms, Constitution, Government out of the way, personal responsibility and the abiding the LAW.
Would adhere to it......................No longer the case if it ever was.

proverbialleadballoon said...

College students totally have the equivalent power as national Congressmen. Obviously. Why, I recall that Separate But Equal was struck down by college freshman in line for the keg, so this must be true.

dinthebeast said...

Civil discourse? Uh, you do remember Gopac, right? And how long has it been since the the author of that document was invited onto the teevee machine? Yesterday? So don't give me any of that "Gopac was a long time ago" horseshit.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

Now exactly when was the discourse EVER polite and respectful let along conducted on a level playing field?

For example, take a look at any major newspaper's archives from the 1900 to 1929.

You will lose count of all the overt and tacit Liberals are the Real Danger themed stories. Only out done by stories of the misdeeds (some real, but mostly imagined) of the non-white (as defined at that particular time) population.

lockswriter said...

As I type these words, a county sheriff on my Facebook wall is trying to muster public opinion to get some guy fired from IHOP for having once made an angry tweet about cops.

IHOP. Not even a position of power. A position of pancakes.

But yes, let's hear more about those intolerant liberal students turning and walking away.

Robt said...

You know, if ISIS wasn't so damn intolerant of hearing differing ideas. If ISIS would just let Ann Coulter in to lecture ISIS members on how to act and be a good republican. They might find they have much in common if they would only sit still long enough to be told by Ann.
But were the real disagreement would arise is, How much does Ann get paid?

Like the Princess of tolerance & listing to opposing views *or just facts). Haven't seen Ann or here republican brotherhood even get close to listening tolerantly without interrupting, filibustering and (like a parrot) regurgitating up GOP talking points.

Don P said...

Dear Fareed,
In the last year:
-13 states passed anti-protester laws
-12 restricted reproductive rights
-6 restricted voting
-4 banned sanctuary cities/campuses

Now shut the hell up and go get your shinebox.

Jason said...

F-ck you Fareed. Your little screed sounds an awful lot like intolerance to me. Intolerance against my right to have an informed, well reasoned opinion about things that allow me to make educated choices about how to behave and act when faced with liars and those that make a living off of misinforming the public and stirring up hatred. You see Fareed you seem to be confused about the definition of the word intolerance. While it's widely understood to mean an unwillingness to accept views, beliefs and behaviors that differ from one's own, the thing that's really missing in your definition of intolerance is education. See, if I read right wing literature and listen to republican flame throwing radio hosts and fox news commentators and have lived under several republican presidents over the last 40 years and I process the information I receive from these sources through a filter that combines sober and clear minded study and consideration of said ideas, ethical and moral standards imbedded in me by my upbringing and come to the conclusion that these people are not only amoral, narcissistic and greedy but their ideas would do more harm than good and don't move this country towards the better, can you honestly say I'm being intolerant? I guess I've just had it with fuckwit both siderists such as yourself pretending to appeal to reason and social norms and healthy discourse. If you still believe that 'both sides do it' and that we can all be better people by rising above it, they you're really a stupid motherfucker or a true corporate tool. I hope you got plenty paid to sacrifice your intellectual capital because between your hard on for Trump's missile launch and now this, you've got none left to offer.

gmoke said...

Charlie Sykes took his mea culpa tour to Harvard and the Nieman Foundation. I suspect a fellowship could be on its way. Harvard lurves its Conservatives.

Robt said...

I would be willing to engage Fareed if he would accomplish one simple thing.

Get Trump on his show and provide a full unabashed apology to Obama for all of Trump's lying, slimming, fake newsery, consistent lying to cover the other lie.
"I have top investigators in Hawaii and you would be surprised of what they are finding", unquote (Trump).

Fareed, both sides do not burn slave effigies of the first black president.
Liberals, progressives or Democrats do not hang effigies of black presidents and stand beside it in the photo like he just bagged a deer.

Fareed, the Russia investigations are not a liberal pouty thing.

I will remember you lecturing me as Trump is having you deported to an ISIS strong hold. Because "Fareed" sounds more ISIS'y than American. It is not up to me, it is up to your guy Trump.
And people like Fareed got up in the media and told the German people to stop being so mean to Adolf. That Adolf doesn't really mean what he says about the Jews. So just sit there and do nothing.
May Fareed enjoy his Memorial Day that was provided to him by others.