Friday, May 12, 2017

Still, a Man Hears What He Wants to Hear...

...and disregards the rest.

Never forget that Don the Con is now President Stupid only because 63 million of our colleagues, family members and neighbors went to polls in November to proudly vote to build a magic wall, magically bring coal jobs back, bomb Iraq and "take the oil" and screw tens of million of Americans out of their health care.

And those brainwashed, re-programmanble, Fox News/Hate Radio meatheads -- the same brainwashed, re-programmanble, Fox News/Hate Radio meatheads who believed that Vince Foster was murders...who worshiped George W. Bush to the bitter end...who believed that Barack Obama was a Kenyan Usurper who wanted to murder your white grandma and deliver America, bound and helpless, into the hands of  ISIS --  still absolutely love their demented, racist fire demon and believe every single fucking word the he says.

They have squandered their resistance -- ove and over again -- for a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises.

Promises from the same liars who lied to them last time.

And the time before that.

And the time before that.

Year after year after year.

Like President Stupid, they not capable of learning or changing.  They have dug themselves an ideological grave that is so deep and dark that it's no longer possible for them climb out of it.

Which is why they just get crazier and meaner and more desperate the more Reality closes in on them.

Which is why they are now making war on Reality itself.

They are the problem.  And they will go right on being the problem until we start pointing at them and talking about them as the problem.

Loudly and in public.


HarpoSnarx said...

"They are the problem. And they will go right on being the problem until we start pointing at them and talking about them as the problem."

And they KNOW it too. Everyday with each new executive and legislative atrocity; with each indecency spat into a mic by some disgrace with an R (or a T) after their names, they, not the hardcore assholes, but the quiet sneaky ones remain quiet. A lot of the bumper stickers are disappearing.

They are the problem. I can see a campaign to self-relieve themselves of responsibility - it's minor but telling. On youtube there's an ad running with lefty twitter bites proclaiming exactly what you've said, and the actor is some sort of conservative victim pussy aching about HE is NOT any of those thing spat at him mean LIBRULS! These people NEVER take any responsibility for anything. The lack of introspection is pathetic. They're only going to get madder and madder because "everyone won't shut up!" FUCK EM.

They are the problem. The loud ones, the aggressive ones, but the stealth ones are the worse. In past empires, when the social bloodletting came, these were the main actors, enablers and perps. I now see how close we're getting to that point.

jim said...

Some of us are even radical enough extremists to openly advocate giving them just a bit more than pointing & talking.