Friday, May 19, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #389

"Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance." 
-- Sun Tzu


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bowtiejack said...

Love your work as always.
But the Trump story is a lot simpler than it's made out to be.
Trump is just another rich punk who's gotten away with shit all his life because of his family's money. End of story. [Oh, and he's fucked up every real deal he's ever been in which is why his Russian "financiers" now own his balls.]
But this entitled protected rich punk is now going to encounter the Peter Principle. And it's going to destroy him. And the Kushners. And the rest of the Clampetts.

Robt said...

Trump is the spoiled inheritance child as was GW Bush. We are being ruled. Ruled by the royalty of the wealthy brat offspring.

People like Trump can live wherever they please. If they dislike it here and want lower taxes. They can move to and live like the royal kings they think they are. Like in Somalia. Trump could move to Russia and make Russia great like America.

One thing Trump did by obstructing with the Comey firing. He procrastinated some and it is going to be less public with the investigation from the independent council.
And less distraction perhaps. We shall see.
Think Trump fires the independent council at some point?

You know, for bragging rights to the Ruskies. It is going to be a more of a problem to lift those sanctions off Russia that Putin went and Exxon God Damn want.

jim said...

"Trump's tax attorneys say he shouldn't have agreed to the terms of the financial disclosure agreement he signed."

This is all ye know, & all ye need ever know.

David Pickering said...

Some appropriate music to accompany the story about the torch carrying wingnut protestors in Charlottesville.

banker puppy said...

I'm confused about BG's reference to a "statue built in 1965."

The pro-Confederate statue protests I heard about this week were in Charlottesville, VA (the tiki torch protest) and in New Orleans. The statues/monuments in question were all erected before 1925. Was there a protest in another city over a more recent statue that I missed?? I'm trying to document this stuff. Thanks.

Egads, if all the Charlottesville protesters were carrying citronella torches, the odor/smoke would have been gagging. (it would serve them right, imo)

Robt said...

David Pickering said... Tiki Torches

Great music for southern republican brotherhood Luaus.

I can see it now in a Alabama state sponsored Chamber of Commerce travel to our state and spend tourist dollars here thingy.

Come and dine at our finest fried chicken diners. Enjoy the cross burning outings. mingle with the local White Supremacists. Take home all the righteous memories of superiority.

Take part in a Tiki mid-nite vigil of white pride (White hoods and sheets not included in the package deal).
With the song already for the promotion.

Batman 54 said...

A fine eulogy for Roger Ailes -

dinthebeast said...

I just want to say that I agree that healthcare is our real issue. Trump Russia, while very interesting, could shake out any number of ways, and the better the results are for us, the more persecuted president four-year-old and his crew will seem to the pig-people.
The only way to get past the goddamn gerrymander is with the brute force of the Republicans caught-in-the-act of trying to kill the very poor people whose votes they require to get elected.
It has to be pointed out that not only can it happen to them, even though they are white, but it just did, and these are the Republicans who did it.
It has to be personal, that's the only thing that ever works with these folks, and even that isn't a sure thing, but I see it as the best shot we have.
Thanks again for the breath of fresh air that is your podcast, and I finally got a picture of the cat and sent it to you today for IKOTW consideration.

-Doug in Oakland

Richard Luken said...

I would just like to note that the older monuments to traitors are from a time when the KKK was at its height, an earlier period when "Birth of a Nation" was viewed as history.

I'm sorry that I'm in a bit of pain and feeling lazy, but Brother C P Piece a few weeks or perhaps months ago featured in his Friday roundup a Pathe News Real clip of a huge KKK march in Washington from the time in question. American Racism spans the years. All of it deserves rooting out.