Wednesday, May 17, 2017

For Your Throw Pillow Quote Collection


dinthebeast said...

Did you say "throw up pillow"?

-Doug in Oakland

Rusty White said...

Damn. Dowd really believes that easily disprovable tripe as some type of profound wisdom and unfortunately a lot of his lobotomized fanboys do as well. Sigh

Bigtoe said...

Oh for fuck sake, Dowd, let me make this simple for you---

The rise of Sanders....."hey there's a real live progressive candidate espousing real live progressive ideas"

The rise of Trump....."republicans/conservatives regressing even further towards troglodytesville"

You gettin' it?

D. said...

Re-e-e-e-a-cchhh-ing with that "Trump & Sanders" thing, isn't he?

Not even remotely equivalent.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

Douche says what?

Robt said...

Dowd displys his own sickness by combining Sanders with Trump in his bothsideristic fantasy to get clicks.

Desperate for attention to say the least.

Now, he wants to bottle Ted Nugent and Trump. Trump and Ted Cruz.
Richard Spencer, Ted Cruz and Trump. Bill O'Teilly Roger Ailes and Trump.

Typhoid Mary and Trump.
These might be more fitting. But dragging Sanders into the cesspool Returns to his Ann Coulter desperation for attention.
The thing is, in doing so, he undermines any legitimacy of basic credibility to plead for that attention.

What next from Dowd?
Picking up the Obama birth certificate investigation in Hawaii Trump let go of?

*To be clear to Dowd. How about comparing Dowd and Alex Jones in the same toilet?
When Trump was elected. He had a RICO court case he lost over his thefts from his fake school which he was able to settle (as wealthy people do) to stay out of prison.
And Dowd lazily and intentionally demeans Sanders like that.

maybe Dowd should get together with Beck and OReilly on the blaze if he needs a venting mechanism for his stupid.

Kyle Sparks said...

Why not just embroider "K'rupt duopoly"?

It'd be quicker and, let's be honest, it's really the essence of Dowd, Fournier, Sullivan, and all the rest of the both-siderist goblins.

Ian said...

Well he is not wrong that the rise of BS and DT reflect a serious problem for the health of our constitutional democracy, and the rise of these two candidates show that the two parties are institutionally weaker than needed to be for the sake of said constitutional democracy, but I do not think that these are the conclusions he is drawing from the situation.

Potomacker said...

It's certainly not a well thought out comment but there's truth in the fact that the GOP failed to nominate a candidate from within its own ranks and the Dems failed by insisting on nominating one who had surpassed her own expiration date.
That BS platitude about the health of our constitutional democracy is just a villager insider whistling past the graveyard.

lostnacfgop said...

mmmmm . . . more soft serve bullshit from Matty's no-go fro-yo palace . .

Clif M. said...

I sent one tweet to Dowd challenging his both sides all the time narrative and was instantly blocked. ABC News should be ashamed

Unknown said...

He thinks the rise of trump is healthy.

Nothing more needs to be said.