Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Quality of Tax Cuts Are Not Strained

They droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. 
They are twice blest; They blesseth him that dies for them and him that gains a marginal increase in income from them...

I suppose from one perspective, repealing the Affordable Care Act is, in a way, a "mercy".
Paul Ryan: Health care reform is 'act of mercy'
Because after 25 years of letting Fox News and Hate Radio take a dump in their skulls, the only honest way to describe the dead-eyed halfwits who make up the base of the Party of Trump is "politically comatose".   Poor dears who shamble through what's left of their lives in a persistent vegetative state, brains rotten from Rovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, barely aware of anything going on around them, haunted by an endless flickering nightmare of an unstoppable Kenyan Usurper named Barack and a murderous criminal mastermind named Hillary who still scheme endlessly in the shadows of the Deep State to use emails and TelePrompTers to confiscate their guns and make their children gay.

And letting them go on living like this is just plain cruel.

Now I'm just a dirty Libtard from the middle of Middle America, so I genuinely believe that health care should be the right of every America, no matter how racist or sexist or just fucked-in-the-head stupid they are.  

But I'm not in charge of anything.  My party is not in charge of anything. Paul Ryan's party is in charge of everything now.

And I'm quite sure that hardwired into Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand killbot mind is the deep belief that, for the sake of ending a 3.8% Investment Income Tax and a Health Insurer Tax and a 0.9%  High Income Surtax, it is a far, far better thing that millions of the party faithful fulfill their final duty to God and Reagan by decreasing the surplus population while dreaming glorious dreams about Freedumb and Liberty.

That they hurry up and expire quickly and get planted in the dirty ground in their stupid little MAGA duffer caps and winding cloths of "Lock Her Up" bumper-stickers than continuing to waste the valuable tax dollars of billionaires extending their useless little lives.

This is the Republican Party's notion of "mercy".

And it always has been.

We told you.

We told you.  


Dr. Faustus of said...

"Rovine Spongiform Encephalopathy." That's good. That's very good.

Unknown said...

This lowering of the taxes bill on the 1% masquerading as a health care bill is truly craven. Especially the part going after medicaid recipients winning the lottery!!! Yeah lets go after those people too!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, his "health care reform" is as much an act of mercy as his "washing of the pots' photo op at that Youngstown soup kitchen was an act of charity.

bluicebank said...

"I genuinely believe that health care should be the right of every America, no matter how racist or sexist or just fucked-in-the-head stupid they are."

Agreed. Paraphrasing a philosopher whose name escapes me, one does not rise by tearing down an opponent. Tactically, it can work in warfare, but in most other circumstances, it is a short game at best. Involving societal health, the blowback is vicious. Disease in not political, nor does it care about social status. The temptation to see your enemies hoisted upon their own petard should be tempered by the understanding that we're all in the same boat.

Robt said...

Come on, has anyone ever hearing a a single instance of the sacred Job Creator. Actually using his own money to create jobs>

They first need a tax cut, Then a blow joob, stiff drink and some snort.
After that they wait tirelessly ( cruising on their yachts) for the moon to align with the other planets in our solar system. Just the right moment where they can loan money to the right person that will give them big returns.. Oh, and they can create a job, maybe two.But I admit, Trump just created the fifth straight job at Goldman Sachs.

He appointed another Sachs executive to a government position. Opening another private sector job.

What is wrong here is these Wall Streeters hate Government. make much more at Goldmans and have no one watching over their shoulder at Goldman.
So they take a job with the Government?

Better bury your kids in the backyard underground shelter so they can't steal them from you.

Mole said...

Maybe the general plan of the democratic party is to allow Obamacare to die.. and when people start dying from this.. they can simply point their fingers at republicans and slip into power while maybe offering in between obamacare and what the republicans are offering.

The biggest reason why republicans are in control is because there's no true opposition to their policy. At this very moment, people like Nancy Pelosi is hinting that the best way to resist.. is treat Trump like the bad boy where you have to hint that they're bad and let the girlfriend figure it out all themselves.

We already know republicans are incompetent.. but me as an individual...need to scream at normal people to vote for a party.. that can't even whisper what the republicans party is doing is.. wrong and evil... while that exact same party abandon us to win young republicans votes and ignore the abuse the republicans party placed on them.

Unknown said...

Obama tried to give healthcare to the deplorables and they detest him. Trump is taking it away and the deplorables will blame Obama. I'll never understand Republican voters.

Robt said...

John Taylor said...

" I'll never understand Republican voters."

To the contrary John. In one single sentence you were able to describe republican(s) behavior quite clearly.

I can conclude from the assumption that it is, "what do you do about it", that eludes most of us.

mcfrank said...

"Rovine Spongiform Encephalopathy" -- nicely done Mr. Glass!

Ed said...

Stop Misusing the Term "Health Care"

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