Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Putin With a Whip

Due to various complications caused by the fact that our political process is only mostly dead, the chronic lying and plagiarism of Fox News succubus, Monica Crowley, made it impossible for her to be confirmed as the NSA spokesperson for Vladmir Putin's American-surrogate, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Fortunately, the rules covering Americans selling out to foreign governments via the private sector are slightly less stringent, which has cleared the way for chronic lying, plagiarist and Fox News succubus, Monica Crowley, to rent herself out to Vladmir Putin's Ukrainian-surrogate, Mr. Victor Pinchuk.

From The Daily Beast:
Monica Crowley Lost White House Job, Now She’s Got One With Pro-Russian Oligarch

Plagiarism disqualified her from joining the U.S. National Security Council, but a Fox News contributor just registered as a lobbyist for a Ukrainian billionaire.

A would-be Trump White House appointee who withdrew in the face of plagiarism allegations is now lobbying on behalf of a Ukrainian oligarch who has recently advocated greater concessions to the Russian government, according to newly filed documents.

Monica Crowley told the Justice Department's National Security Division that she will represent billionaire Victor Pinchuk in discussions with U.S. government officials “and other policy makers” regarding “issues of concern to Mr. Pinchuk.”

Crowley, a Fox News contributor, was in line for a senior post at the White House National Security Council until reports from CNN and Politico reported that she had plagiarized large portions of her 2012 book What the (Bleep) Just Happened and her Columbia University Ph.D. dissertation.

Crowley dismissed the plagiarism allegations in her first public remarks on the controversy last week. “What happened to me was a despicable straight-up political hit job,” she said during an appearance on the Fox News show Hannity. “It’s been debunked, my editor has completely supported me and backed me up.” (It has not been debunked.)...

And as long as the check clears, Ms. Crowley clearly doesn't much care which wretched, antidemocratic stalking horse is paying for the use of her mouth,

It's called freedom people!

And like the hourly rental on Ms. Crowley mouth, it ain't free.


247mruzik said...

Am I detecting an MST3K vibe in your recent posts?

247mruzik said...

Am I detecting a MST3K vibe to your recent posts?

freshsideofhell said...

Mr. trump would gaze into the eyes of his mentor and say,Someday I want to be just like you. Now all he has to do Iz get rid of a few rights and the Press,he will be.

Robt said...

Hey, look at it this way.
Republicans have been completely exhausted from Investigating (hunting) Obama, HRC, the use of IRS to attack "conservative only" funded 501C 4. Susan Rices statement, and the life's energy out of the GOP over Benghazi.

They are in desperate need of a private Koch funded brothel stay.

They need a rest. A sabbatical to store up emery when they need to go back to the big hunt of liberals.
Because you just know deep down that when GOP is finished with Immigrants (off white people). Their need for an enemy to hate and persecute will be directed at white democrats, Bernie Socialists, Liberals and progressive sympathizers.
Depot, Detain and execute.
Give the freedom back to the people. Like Putin does.