Thursday, March 02, 2017

Hugh Hewitt Has One Job

And here is he doing it.

Fact: "Benghazi was largely ignored by MSM" was not the first staggeringly ridiculous lie that valued NBC employee and political analyst, Hugh Hewitt, has told the public while collecting a check from Comcast, but probably closer to the one-hundred-and-first. The lies are not a bug with Hewitt; they're a feature.

Conclusion: NBC executives obviously condone Hewitt's lying.  And his NBC colleagues are clearly constrained by those executives from calling his out for his lying.  Which makes me wonder what other terrible truths are they forbidden to speak aloud.

Meanwhile, just down the dial, valued CNN employee and political analyst, Rick "Frothy Discharge" Santorum is appalled that the simple, noble words of one as humble and righteous as Jefferson Beauregard Sessions would be so brutally twisted by us Libtards to fit our nefarious agenda!

Every day in Trumpland the skies open up and a whole new cataract of ludicrous lies and Benghaaazis come pouring down so hard and fast they almost bury the torrent of ludicrous lies and Watergates that came pouring down yesterday.

And yet every day on cable news, people like Hewitt and Santorum are trotted out to look into a camera tell their bizarre and incompetent lies to millions of Americans.

Conclusion:  You cannot trust what you see on cable news.


BW said...

It's more than unnerving to see Santorum AND Hewitt mentioned in the same post - either one alone is far more than too many - but in this case, the only people more soulless and empty are the mofo's who employ them.

Unknown said...

Benghazi wasn't covered by the MSM.

I mean. I can't even. What the. Wait what?

Jesus f'ing Crackers. Obama is gone, Hugh. Hillary lost to a mentally ill narcissist because she used an email address housed on an utterly inconsequential email server. You don't need to keep trying to turn bullshit nothingburgers into real scandals anymore. Juuuuuuust enough of the bullshit stuck to swing the election by 80k votes in three states and make your dream of destroying the world come true. Isn't that enough?

Just shut the fuck up and go away, you twit.

tony in san diego said...

How do you take "No." out of context?

bluicebank said...

I'm starting my second novel, and I'm stealing from all of them, Katie.

"It was a dark and stormy news day.

"There was a DC wind blowing, a SoCal blaster. It was one of those George Santayanas, hot and kindling-dry that came down through the NSA servers to engorge CIA and FBI deskers to spill their loads. On days like that, devils in green eyeshades pulled bottles from their drawers. Meek reporters felt the point of their writing pen and thought of Nixon. Journalism could happen. You could even get an anonymous source from a bathroom gin joint."

Neo Tuxedo said...

Juuuuuuust enough of the bullshit stuck to swing the election by 80k votes in three states and fulfill the goal of destroying America for which your cyborg ass was sent back from the future. Isn't that enough?

Fixed that for you, Unknown.

(Logrolling in our time: I did two entire tweets in reply to Blue Blewitt, in one of which I attempted to name-check our gracious host with a tip o'the Hatlo hat.)

stratocruiser said...

Bluiceblank. A most excellent rewrite of the best opening paragraph ever written. :Red Wind" by Raymond Chandler

trgahan said...

Hillary not being in a federal Supermax Prison right now is all the proof 63 million vengeful, no nothing, bigots need to agree Benghazi was ignored by the MSM.

The same people have been yearning for someone like Sessions to make the DOJ focus on, wink, voter fraud, wink, and dropping Law and Order on large groups made up of a combination of young, female, brown, non-Christian, and not straight whenever they get uppity and forget their place.

Unknown said...

If Benghazi had been ignored by the MSM, then he wouldn't be able to tweet the sentence "Benghazi was ignored by the MSM" because nobody would have the slightest idea what he was talking about.